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    Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, was a silent follower of this forum visa granted today (direct grant ) applied 16/11/2018 granted 14/02/2020 family of two Be patient , don’t stress , try to keep your mind away from this good luck comrades
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    Grant late post got grant on 11/2/20 @6:52 pm applied 6/8/18- 2 applicant no kid first contact 29/10/19 alot complaints but didn’t work...no point making complaints if your processing time is not expired(above current processing time), i mean if it is under current processing time. good luck all
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    Congrats! Hope you're not a case officer posting jokes here
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    Its seems like a risky issue. Submitting an IELTS result may just avoid delays. Whether the CO's are right or wrong, the process of demonstrating this may delay your grant.
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    Thanks for your reply. I think it is safer option to comeback Australia before 489 visa expires in June.
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    Happy Valentines day! Love you all, and I hope Wilson will not forget my valentines gift
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    Goon on ya. After a so long we have been waiting for this grant. Hopefully they will keep it rolling. November applicant please make some noise. Sent from my CPH1871 using Tapatalk
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    One of the applicant must meet primary criteria(2yrs living and 1 yr full time work). if your spouse is not the main applicant to fulfilling primary criteria and living overseas for valid reason, there shouldn’t be any issues
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    I am dying, they couldn't care less about us.
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    Some information regarding spouse English 1) 4.5 each band with overall 4.5 2) if you have submitted valid English(ielts/pte/other) at the time of application— you are ok, no need to stress 3) if you submitted English evidence after application, test given after application, if you just have 4.5 each with overall and if that test report is more than one year when co looks your application - they will ask new English test/evidence. in such situation give another test and be ready do not mix up the things and blame co, they look legislations and legislation says - either at the time of application or at the time of processing your English must be valid if you don’t take action, it’s your fault. i am about to complete my migraition agent course and I have learned it from there. my husband was sick that’s why i paid $4895 as 2nd vac instead of ielts/pte to speed up process. it is purely upto you guys good luck
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    Yes you can complete the IELTS test after the 887 application, as long as the results are within 1 year of the application, either way
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    Congrats mate, enjoy. I am sure you meant application date to read 6/8/18 instead of 6/8/20
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    Hi guys, got the grant today after nearly 2 Years of wait. Applied on the 23rd February 2018. Did a complaint yesterday. Long wait. Relief. Thanks
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    No grants for applicants within the timeline, clearly they stopped processing new applications, it is so disrespectful . My colleague got 190 in 3 days, we are still suffering by satisfying all the conditions
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