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    Hi All, I am new in this forum . However I am admin for Facebook Group -https://www.facebook.com/groups/691292167731003/?ref=share We have shared people to sign the petition. i will post again today in the group to sign more people . please advise me if I can be anymore help .
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    He want to 1000 signs on petition.
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    Guys did you guys listen Mark most of his session about 887 processing time. He admit to help behalf of us volunteer just want to 1000 signs on petition and he will be write down email to every one including media 7 news, 9 news, all ministers, oppositions as well . This is a good opportunity for us now.
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    Guys watch Mark live (Migration solution) on Facebook he will be talking about 887 processing time at 4:30 pm Melbourne time follow his page I contacted with him just few minute ago.
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    Another day, another 489 visa holders and 887 visa applicants in news. This time from Tasmania. https://www.examiner.com.au/story/6711482/tasmanian-skilled-migrants-facing-job-losses-but-no-centrelink/
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    Yea guys share the story to all the media, put pressure on them. Don’t trust the bullshit excuse about covid19 slowing 887 down. COs can still working from home and process visas, 189 and 190 are never affected by anything. We work together and hope the situation changes
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    Come on guys share it I got my friend to sign the petition 4 have signed share with your friends
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    I can not change it. It was 19-22 when I applied
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    Please can everyone also get family / friends to sign!! It doesn't only need to be signed by people who have applied. Anyone it may affect should sign!! https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_list?id=EN1378
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    Plz share petition link on messenger to (Migration solution) and share your story. Thanks
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    That be a good idea I recommend in Facebook massenger search (Migration solution) and share that link. I contacted him on massenger before. If everyone send him definitely makes difference. Don’t forget to share your story regarding 887 who is waiting nearly 2 years. He already promised us to help out get through this situation in the live event contact everyone possible he can do.
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    Hi ................... you might also want to watch out Facebook Live event today at 4pm Adelaide time (4.30pm in Melbourne) I will be able to talk about the processing times for 887 applications. The Departments website says 24-28 months. This is absolutely unacceptable in my opinion. Congratulations on the little one and the addition to your family... All the best, Mark.. This is earlier I got from him before that session
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    I only listen the last 5 mins because of work, if he can help us to send email to those ministers and media that would be awesome, he definitely has more influence than us
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    Here is the link to the Facebook Live @Ricky is talking about. 887 PROCESSING TIME INFO Around 6:25minutes. I haven't yet watched the whole video - but good info so far.
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    Hi Ricky, Can you post the link or more info? I can't find how even on his Facebook. Thanks
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    Good morning guys, hope it will be a good week for 887 (less likely)
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    I have been watching ABC news every day, just now ( 4 pm 06/04/2020 )ABC NEWS interviewed Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge, nothing about 489/887. All about international students again, especially talking about the 1 st year students, then casual workers, then backpackers, none of 489/887 visa holders. And, definitely, Alan Tudge is just an acting role, he can't and he wouldn't do anything with us.
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