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    Grant Grant Grant Received our grant few minutes ago. Date applied: 09/09/2018 First contact: 04/12/2018 _CO:Sophorn (Requested further proof on spouse’s language ability even though we provided them when we applied) Complaint 1: 17/04/2020 (replied ‘this is a request, not a complaint’) Complaint 2: 21/04/2020 (complaint again without using the word “request” & said I’m complaining) Grant: 27/04/2020 - CO: Sophorn Thank you so much for all the lovely people in this forum. I wouldn’t have complained if it wasn’t for this forum. Thanks so much again & I hope everyone will get their grant soon. Cheers ‘to you all.
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    One of my friends got direct grant just now....applied on Feb 14, 2019
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    Two more grants in WhatsApp 14 Feb and something else
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    we need 10 grant so then march will open
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    It’s very quiet. I hope the quiet is before the storm of grants...
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    Received Grant on 24 March 2020 (Family of 3) Applied on 3rd September 2018 First Contact 3rd December 2019 (Asking Transcript from Uni for Secondary Applicant ) CO - Rajani
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    First I submitted a letter explaining that we already provided proof in the first place along with all the certificates and letter from the institute. But to be on the safe side, we took the English test & submitted the results sheet. 
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    U will automatically be on bridging visa BVA. u are not allowed to travel overseas under BVA if u want to travel overseas u have to apply for Bridging visa B BVB.
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    https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Guidelines_for_Contacting_Senators_and_Members/How_to_address_Senators_and_Members Check this out :)
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    Morning guys, Some COs are working today, hope they will keep processing at the same pace
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    Last Monday was the best, hope today will be even better and all COs are working.
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    plenty feb grant recently issued
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    Good vibes guys!! I applied my 887 on 12th of February 2019 and I got it yesterday. I think they are clearing the files who applied on feb.good luck everyone. I saw that on a Facebook group Please add this one on tracker
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    one whatsapp guy got contacted yesterday he applied 10th feb 2019 and they required overseas police certificate as he visited Pakistan recently... and be positive not everyone on forum ...cheers
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    Big News Guys.. Welcome to 2019. Grant Grant Grant... Applied 2 Jan 2019. Direct Grant: 21 April 2020. Just now.. Family of 4. CO: Nikhila Thank you every one..Wish you all the best for All..
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    GRANT GRANT GRANT!!!!!!!!!!! So chuffed and happy that we received the direct grant less than 5 minutes ago. We are a family of 4 in NSW Mid-North coast Applied 10 December 2018 CO was Vineetha, never saw her name before Never complained before, was going to do it tonight!!!
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    Grant! Grant! Grant! Grant! Applied: 8/06/2018 First Contact: 19/09/2019 (CO Paul requested newborn medical) Grant: 20/04/2020 (CO Karen) TODAY!!! Family of 5 waited for 20 months and 14 days. In case, anyone is wondering .... screenshot attached
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    Unbelievable! I finally received my grant! Applied 11/05/2018 Single applicant First contact 09/2019 requesting AFP with Alias name CO Wilson (yes it’s him) Complaints 4 times and last complaint was through IMMI account last week. Having nightmares everyday in the last two years. Waking everybody up in this forum with my post, praying for everyone, finally, someone must have listened. I love this forum, it’s like a family, I really hope everyone will get it and enjoy lives.
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    Tomorrow we complete 4 years on our 489 visa. So what next ? we applied in August 29th 2018.
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    COs must be sleeping till now.
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    i am cheking it every five minutes form last monday... Apllied 24/07/18 dont know why they jump the que???
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