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    Alhamdulillah direct grant, applied on 4th November 2019, grant received on 22nd June, CO Jamie. May Allah bless us all. All the best to all of u.
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    Forwarded From telegram Application date: 13 may 2019 Ist Contact: 1 Jun 2020 Granted today.
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    Seen a trend with the grants between 9 to 2 they will clear the back logs and from 2 to 5 they will start processing new applications hope they will finish Nov applicants by end of this week. Good luck
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    looks like they are clearing backlogs now. already saw three previous cases granted.
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    Patience pays rich dividends and I have received one today No complaints, provided what was asked for almost a month back and today received the grant. Its done ! Thank you everyone who been part of this wonderful journey. @Stellajane @Megrand1 @Jessi @nudgee @Dee and so many others over here, this forum has travelled a long way from last year where it all started. It is a great forum, helping out each other without knowing each other .. Keep up the good work everyone. Stay blessed Stay humble.
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    Same here waiting from March 2019
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    Seems good day for backlogs .. Good luck all [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Seems like the writer deleted this post.
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    wait n watch and hope for the best
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    I believe all correspondence to be via agent/lawyer if you have appointed them.
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    We all have different reasons for moving. I don’t appreciate the tone though.
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    **Received an email with Pre grant for 887 as I stuck overseas ** applied: 09/10/18, 1st contact 30/12/19 asked for AFP, submitted on 10/01/20. 2nd contact 19/05/20 asked for PCC, submitted on 08/06/20. pre-grant today with CO Vely. *waiting for lift the travel ban as all my life is on hold. thank you one and all for your support. all the best
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    Hi Dee you must comply with Away from Australia for no more than 12 months in total in the past 4 years, including no more than 90 days in total in the past 12 months
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    Hi All happy to made into this forum after getting 887.
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    Sharing my big news guys...Got my Direct Grant (one full year earlier than I expected and I cannot describe my happiness) Application Date: 06/08/2019 Grat Date: 09/06/2020 Country: Sri Lanka No of Applicants: 3 (Baby born after 489) CO - Rajani Office: GSM Adelaide Special notes for your benefit: I was an offshore 489 applicant and sponsored by QLD. We have never stepped foot on QLD, directly came to Melbourne and then to Geelong. No release letter or no clarifications provided in my Cover Letter. But Geelong was in the postcodes list in the 489 Grant letter. after landing in Melbourne, I stayed for 2 months with my cousin sister in a metropolitan area, also worked 1.5 months in Melb metropolitan till it become 3 months from the day we land. I have provided these details in my cover letter. I knew from somewhere that there's sort of a 3 months grace period to settle in a regional area. but this is not in writing. Then we were blessed with a son, and was in the initial application. based on @olaade's and @bornil's comments here in the thread, last Friday I went to my GP and got a letter and the Immunisation History for my son and attached. I have done an ICT bachelor's in Sri Lanka, no studies in Australia. Only provided the Degree Certificate and Transcript. Based on the comms I have requested a letter from my Uni being the Primary applicant, but haven't got it yet. looks like it wasn't an issue. My transcript clearly says the medium is English. I have also uploaded a couple of payslips after the application and some bills to prove residency after the application, not sure whether they were helpful. Did the same for my wife as well. Finally, you guys have been amazing. all the advice from you guys specially @DANISH RAZA, @nudgee, @Stellajane @Doman @Skaur lead to this outcome. Thanks heaps. I'll be here for a few months, to see all of you getting your grants very soon and that's my ultimate wish. Also to answer your questions if that's gonna help. Love ya
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    Cant stop checking every break i get at work only to be disappointed. Hopefully they find us this week and we can finally move on
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