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    Grant! Grant! Grant! Grant! Grant! Guys got direct today. Applied on 24th February, 2019 Family of 3 Country: Bangladesh Thanks guys for your kind support and good luck to all.
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  3. 23 points
    Alhamdulillah got my PR today. Applied September 2018 1st contact: December 2019 asking for updated pcc for overseas. Though it's not needed as I didn't visit overseas. Submitted: 25th December updated pcc. Complained 17April 2020. Grant 06 may Family of 3. Thanks everyone for the forum.
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    Finalised & Granted!! Applied on 27th Feb 19 (please update in spreadsheet as it says 28th Feb) Family members of 2 Direct grant Just updated AFP yesterday ,it took long time to receive due to post delivery delay. Applied for Indian PCC but haven’t received yet Co Lisa Thank you all for entire support and good luck to everyone!!
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    Finally Guys MARCH I really thanks to the form members. It gave a lot of information. Thanks lot. Applied : 09/03/2019 Grant : yet/to/be/known CO : coming/soon. All the best my friends.
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    Grant Grant Grant !!!!!!! Applied 30th Dec 2018 First Contact 27th April 2020 Submitted requested documents 29th April 2020. Grant 04 May 2020. CO - Kate Good luck those who are waiting !! Charitha.
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    Thanks to ALMIGHTY ALLAH what is this... i just wished someone 5 minutes ago and now i got my GRANT just now...Unbelievable I applied on 01/01/2019 Direct Grant today 01/05/2020 (exactly 16 months) complained once last week CO -Nikhila Hope everyone gets there visa sooner rather than later....Thanks to this forum and everyone for every encouraging word ever been said
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    Just got my PR few minutes ago ... Applied 15th Feb 2019 Updated all documents. Payslips, Tax Notice, Super Annuation statement, bank statement showing salary and rent, utilities bills, landlord statement, etc. PCC and AFP PCC. I visited India once for a week after PCC expired but CO didn't ask for new PCC. AFP PCC i uploaded new one proactively after expiry of previous one. CO Marea Let me know if you want any other information. Stay strong ... !!!
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    Hey guys. I’ve been following this forum for the past 18 months but not actually been a member. Just wanted to say hang in there, my 887was granted this morning exactly 22 months after I made my application. Application submitted 7th July 2018 Further information requested September 2019 Granted 5th May 2020 Case officer Sophorn I wish you all the best for the future!!
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    Here we guys: Grant Applied: 26.02.2019 Family of 3 direct Grant Country India Applied my self going to check the CO name, not checked yet... AFP updated 10 days ago PCC applied but not received the updated one... I had visited India for 20 days in Feb'20.
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    hi,,, GOT It JUst now Application date: 24/07/2018 Grant Date : 11/05/2020
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    887 Granted today! From Tasmania, Family of 2 Applied : 25 Feb 2019 Granted: 12 May 2020 Direct Grant CO: Nikhila Thank You
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    Glory To God! Received The Golden Email moments ago. Applied - Early Sept 2018 1st Contact - End November 2019 Sent a complaint via email on 03.05.20 Sent another complaint via immi on 08.05.20 Grant Received on 12.05.20 CO Rajani Thanks Everyone. You all have been very helpful and supportive. Please continue to hope and pray..
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    grant grant grant got my golden email today Family of 4 applied on 23/2/2019 grant @5pm 11/5/2019 applied by myself Thank you very much to all, especially admin of the page and active members
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    Hi all Thanks everyone in this forum here. I got my grant this morning. applied on 04/10/2018 first contact on 19/12/2019 Grant on today 06/05/2020 After 19 months to wait. Last, I would to ask who already got his/her PR. I currently hold blue ( interim card) Medicare card. Now I got my PR, do I need to go to Centerlink to update my details to got green Medicare card ? Or it will be automatic to isssue green Medicare card to me
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    ********************Good News ****************** I got Pre-Grant Email today because my family is stuck offshore due to Covid-19 and this is the very first contact Department has made to me regarding this case. Application applied 1st September 2018 family of Four everything was up to date like PCC and everything Last complaint was on Five days ago. Thank You and best of luck to all of you for your Files.
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    A friend got his PR approved today. Direct Grant Applied on 18th Feb 2019 CO: Belly
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    Finally We got our residency today applied- May 2018 Family of 3 cheers guys thanks everyone for help
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    Finally it’s all over got my grant today applied 8 July 2018 first contact sept 2019 grant 4 may 2020 family of 2 co SOPHORN agent complained 3 times
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    Hi everyone. Just to let everyone know that I have got my PR today. Thank you all senior members to keep this wonderfull page running. I have been silently following you guys for quite sometime. Applied - 27th Dec 2018 Finalised - 1st of may 2020 (Direct grant) Complained - once 3 days ago, I did not complain to be honest, I sent a feedback. But I was confirmed by a reply email that my concern will be passed on to the immigration ASAP. Not really sure whether it worked or not. I believe no harm to complain. applicant number - 2 CO- Nikhila Best of luck to all awaited applicants. InsaAllah We all will get it sooner or later. Just an advise - "DO NOT WAIT FOR THE CASE OFFICER TO ASK YOU FOR ANY DOCUMENTS, ALWAYS KEEP THEM UPDATED INCLUDING PAYSLIPS, RESIDENTIAL PROOFS"
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  22. 12 points
    Hi Guys , I have finally got my Grant as well applied 28th Feb 2019. Thank you for all the wonderful and grateful advises that you guys have given and also the support and care for us ppl who are in waiting. Good luck to everyone who are still in waiting and do not lose hope.
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    Grant applied on 2-2-2019 first contact 23-4-2020 requesting police check Grant @5pm 11/5/2020 Good luck, everyone
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  25. 12 points
    Silent follower Couple Grant Grant Grant applied 07/18 first contact 09/19- CO-Rajani Complained 3 times. generic reply only. Grant Date : 04/05/20- CO-Rajani Received golden email today when we were least expecting. Good Luck to all. Please dont loose hope. god bless
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