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    At last got my 887 granted. Applied -26-Feb-2018 Granted-07-May-2019 I have fulfilled the minimum requirement only for work requirement ie., one year fulltime. But recommended not to take chance.Also,never changed parent name in the application. Previous comment English ability for spouse( attached letter from university that the medium of instruction was English). CO Nicci.
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    Hi, I am a silent follower of this forum, But I want to share my good news with you. I got my PR granted this afternoon 4:45pm. I think you guys did amazing job to make immigration officers working harder. I won't be so lucky with your support. I wish all of you get PR sooner. All the Best Roy Applied through Agent: 04/03/2018 Direct Granted: 02/05/2019 Waiting period: 14 months Co: Katherine
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    Hi Folks, THE WAIT IS OVERRRRRRRRRRRR FOR ME AND MY FAMILY. At 2 PM today i got THE Golden Mail. APPLIED ON 20TH FEB 2018 DIRECT GRANT ON 29TH APRIL 2019 Its me signing out of this killing wait. Uploaded all the document from day one. CO NICCI
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    Hi All, Revisiting this group after a long painful wait to share my happy news. Finally we got our golden email today! Date of Application: 07/02/18 1st CO Contact: 20/11/18 by CO Kimberley Date of Grant: 01/05/19 by CO Kimberley.= (approx. 15 months) I'm praying for everyone to get their well deserved visas soon Hopefully in a few years we'll meet again in another group Thanks everyone and God Bless Us all. Sreeja (Sree in Excel sheet).
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    Good Evening All, I am a silent follower of this forum. I have got the PR today (887 granted). Applied -20-March-2018 Granted-07-May-2019 Thanks all for keeping everyone updated. Direct grant wont be possible without your help and assistance. Good Luck
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    Hi Guys Sorry for the late outcome. I was a silent follower for months. Finally got our PR. Direct grant. Applied- 02/03/2018 Granted- 03/05/2019 Waiting time exactly 14 months. All the best and good luck.
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    Applied:26/02/018 Direct Grant:30/04/019 Got our Golden email toady at 12pm. CO:Michael All the best to everyone who are waiting for their Grant and thanq to all the members for the guidance throughout this long and tough journey.
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    Hi there, My husband and I are silent follower. We just received PR granted today in the morning. We applied on 01 March 2018 and direct granted. We resubmitted police check after one year. My wife is also attached her new police check from overseas. We went to visit her family last December. Hope you guys get a good news soon. Cheers, M & N
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    Guys!!! This is mind-blowing! Huge congratulations to ALL of you who got grants today and yesterday!!! And all the best for the new stage of life in Australia.
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    Hey guys got golden email today applied 21 feb 2018 grant 30 April 2019 this direct grant was not possible without advice given by you all... I just updated my AFP as adviced in this forum on 24th April 2019... thanks a lot for your advice guys... you all have been soo helpful i wish all the very best for everyone..hope u all get grant soon... ones again thanks a lot guys
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    Hi Good Morning, Dear Members i got my PR yesterday 29/04/2019.I applied on 25th February 2018.Thanks to all the members of the forum for sharing their experience.Have patience and wait for the golden day that we are looking after.Best of luck.
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    Applied 28/1/18 1st Contact 17 Sep Baby Medical (did 24sep) 2nd Contact 20 March AFP (submitted 1st April) Grand Final 30 April Good Luck Everyone!!!
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    Hi Guys, Just got email "IMMI Grant Notification" from legend Sophorn, confirming my indefinite stay in Australia. 887 granted. Applied 30-06-2017; Rejected 30-11-2017 due to non completion 2 years. Reapplied 06/02/2018, 1st contact 13-11-2018 CO Dat Requirements : 1 Year Employment & Australian Federal Police (AFP) clearance National Police Check for Primary Applicant with alias names and Evidence of your English language ability & Australian Federal Police (AFP) clearance National Police Check with alias names for secondary applicant. Updated new Passport for Primary Applicant on 01/03/2019 887 granted on 29/04/2019 - Sophorn Thanks everyone for all the support and best of luck to all.
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    Hi All, Applied through Agent: 22/10/2017 1- Contact: 24/03/18 by CO Adam 2- Contact: 24/06/18 by CO Adam 3- Contact: 21/11/18 by CO Dat 4- Granted: 01/05/2019 by CO Kimberley Waiting period: +18 months My advice: lodge you application by yourself, otherwise be careful if you want to use the services of a migration Agent. Please guys don’t forget to pray to 2017 applicants who still waiting to finalise their application soon. All best to all.
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    Hello everyone!! Finally the wait is over for us.. Date Applied: 06/02/18 asked more Doc 13/11/18 : baby’s medical and Partners English. Submitted 30/11/2018 CO: Dat Grant: 30/04/19 CO: Sophorn Thanks for not making us feel alone.. Good luck everyone
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    Hi all wait is over for me apolied 15th feb 2018 1st contact for new AFP 01/04/2019 co sophorn visa granted 30th april 2019 co sophorn u guys are awesome... pray for Ruskki.. you r the best..
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    I think there is a case officer working undercover here. He has blacklisted all the big mouth whining members like us.
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    Hi, I have got my P.R. today. Applied on 15.02.18. C.O. asked docs on 25.03.19. Submitted on 09.04.19. Granted today. Thanks, everyone in this blog specially to @Russki
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    PR Visa Granted today 30th April 2019 CO Sophorn THANKS to all and to this group, particularly to @Russki for making this journey less lonely.
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    Hi all, applied 23/2/2018 and just got granted today. Thanks and wish everyone all the best
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    GREAT NEWS I GOT THE GOLDEN EMAIL .I AM FAMILY SPONSORED 489 LIVING WITH WIFE AND BABY. APPLY DATE: 12/12/2017 FIRST ROUND CONTACT: 01/06/2018 -DO SUBMIT EACH AND EVERY ADDITIONAL WORK REQ. DOCS; payg, superannuation, income tax statement, BAS, bank statements of salary or payments. (obtain all of them from your MyGov login and ATO.) DO SUBMIT EACH AND EVERY EVIDENT IN RESIDENCY REQ. DOCS; if you share house, use bank statements, add spouse's and kids names to the bond, do not misplace docs, upload all bills, letters and other docs with residential address. try to include spouse's name to bills and other docs. DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT ALL AFP AND PCC WHEN LODGE. DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT CORRECTLY FILLED FORM 80 CHARACTER REQ. DO NOT BELIEVE IN BLOODY AGENTS, I WAS ADVISE WRONGLY IN ONE QES. IN 80. From my experience and being in this forum i would like to advice you that, if you do not submit acceptable WORK, RESIDENCY, AFP , PCC OR FORM 80 YOU WOULD DEFINITELY PUT TO THE SECOND ROUND WHICH IS ABOUT 5-6 MONTHS LONG WAIT.It is not like missing spouse's IELTS and baby's medical. SECOND ROUND CONTACT: 01/12/2018- DO NOT BELIEVE IN YOUR AGENTS OR THEIR STAFF; they haven't submitted the correctly filled form 80 of my spouse instead they have uploaded the wrong one again. YOU CAN LOGIN TO YOUR IMMI ACCOUNT BY USING TRN and Different email address although you are using an blooddy agent.check and monitor . DO NOT FORGET TO SUBMIT ALL WORK RELATED IDS: work id , LICENSES such as forklift, white card , taxi accreditation , hire car license etc., UPDATE TAX RELATED DOCUMENTS IN IMMIACCOUNT. THIRD ROUND CONTACT: 02/05/2019 - GOLDEN EMAIL. I FEEL IF YOU ARE FAMILY SPONSORED AND LIVE IN A METROPOLITAN AREA YOU ARE MOST PROBABLY ASK TO WAIT LONG FOR EACH ROUND. THEREROE FRIENDS DO NOT DO MISTAKES. I WISH YOU ALL TO RECEIVE THE GOLDEN EMAIL AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. special thanks to Russki, for all updates and being in this forum all the time to share our stress and wish you all best too.
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    I have never in my life been looking forward to Mondays so much!!!!
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    I love the silent members, when they come and give us their Grant news!
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    Hi Everyone, good day. My file was opened today with document request. Following are my details: Applied : 18-Feb-2018 CO assigned: 03-May-2019 CO Name: Michael Document requested: Health undertaking by filling up Form 815. I have never heard any CO asking for such a document. I just filled up and forwarded to my agent. Let's keep fingers crossed. Hi Russki, could you please update my details in the tracker ? Thanks.
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    Hi all, Applied 23/02/2018 PCC request 29/04/2019 CO : Joann
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