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    Hello everyone... Grant Grant Grant....🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 finally the most awaited email received today.. PR granted.. can’t believe it... thank you all for support.. special thanks to Ruskki... applied on 07/12/2017 granted on 20/06/2019 CO peter i made complain on 16/06/2019 and granted today..love it Hope everyone get their PR soon
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    Never felt lonely in this long journey because of this group.Thank you so much for the information guys. Finally got my PR today. Applied:22/05/2018 Granted: 17/06/2019 Direct grant from Case Officer Grant. Didn’t update new police clearance and other documents. Thanks
  3. 18 points
    Heaps of thanks to every single person here, i just receive a call from lawyer for my granted,after long time 17 months, crying for my grandma who always praying for me that leave us in between this process,happy,relax applied- 24 January 2018 1st c/o - adam 30 sep 2nd c/o - sophorn 7 march 2019 granted - 20 june 19 after long time 12 years finally i m permanent resident,the first day in Australia 4 jan 2017 thanks everyone and pray for grant
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    Good day everyone, Finally we got our much awaited email notification. Yessss, PR granted today. Applied on 29/03/2017 First Contact: 18/05/2018 Documents required: Proof of addresses in regional area Visa Grant: 19/06/2019 CO: Grant( Grant Granted the visa) Good luck to everyone waiting, and thanks for your support whenever needed.
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    Received finally Applied 12/06/2018 Granted 18/06/2019 Direct grant CO Wilson Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I am a silent follower. Applied 6/20/2018. Granted today. 12 months direct grant. No AFP updated though I did renew and hadn’t uploaded. 2 years old kid born during 489 no request for medical check but we submitted GP certificates and photo declare. CO William. Queensland scheme. Thank you for all the information! Good luck everyone!
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    Hello guys, i am a silent follower of this group and i got my golden email today in the morning. date of application: 04/04/2018 co assigned: 21/05/19 visa grant: today guys i wana give one suggestion, please update your documents once you cross 12 months.Thankyou for your help. its party time today
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    Hello Everyone, I am so so glad to announce my permanent step In Australia after long wait of 10 years. got my residency. Heaps of thanks to each and every person of this lovely group , I must say, it is not easy to sit at home without hearing anything but it is very comfortable feeling to hear others golden emails , in hope , we are next. So Thanks again all friends over here. applied 3-4-18 first contact- 17 may 2019 Granted 19-6-2019 Co---Divithotawela included couple with baby
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    Applied : 12 june, 2018 Granted: 17 june 2019 Hello friends, im the silent follower here since long time. Today finally the wait is over. Thanks for your information, it was really helpful and goodluck. (y)
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    Hi Guys! i got the golden email today at 11.00 a.m applied 24/01/2018 first co 30/08/18 second co 07/03/19 granted 17/06/19 I feel like a free bird now. Enjoying the freedom. All the others who are awaiting for their PR, don’t worry, u will get it, it’s just a matter of time. wish u all the best Guys! please update me in the excel, I am not from India. I am a Sri Lankan.
  11. 13 points
    Hello All, I am happy to share, I got my 887 grant this afternoon. Just few minutes before. Date applied : 19-june-2018 Date Grant : 17-june-2019 CO : Grant , Direct Grant The wait is over now. I pray and wish you all good luck for those waiting just few miles away. Thanks everyone.
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    Guys, just received pre-grant from co Joan requesting my eldest daughter to be back timeline: applied - 9 March 2018, had newborn daughter- April 2019 first contacted by co Regina requesting my AFP - 15 May 2019, sent daughter’s birth certificate and form1022 to gsm.business.support@border.gov.au - 16 May 2019, got my daughter’s 489 and bva- 20 May 2019, Submitted new AFP, all newborn daughter’s documents - 21 May 2019, sent email to apply for eMedical form- 3 June 2019, got eMedical form- 5 June 2019, Submitted GP’s letter and eMedical consent form - 7 June 2019, got pre-grant - 20 June 2019 from co Joan have already arranged my daughter’s flight in early July, then wait again... good luck to all !
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    Hi Everyone Just Received our grant notification Applied 29/03/2018 1st contact 15/05/2019 More evidence of living and working in the regional area. CO Grant CO in grant letter Nicci Im really thankful to all for every help.
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    Hi guys, A very quiet follower here. I applied my visa 30/04/2018, visa granted 4/06/2019. The case officer phoned in the morning to ask a couple of questions and then i got my visa shortly after. I really appreciate the update and encouragement received in this forum, thanks guys! For those who are still waiting, keep up the hope guys the golden date is going to come! Sending love and best wishes to you all! Hailey
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    Just received my grant this morning. Applied 05th April 2018 co contact 21 May 2019 requesting AFP clearance. Uploaded 19 June 2019. Granted this morning 22 June 2019. Best of luck!
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    Finally mine is granted! CO Grant. Applied on 9.5.19, Could someone please update the tracker. Thanks!
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    Hi Everyone I had been a silent follower from last 14 Months,Finally got the most awaited Email Today. Applied -1/4/2018 First Contact-16/5/19 Granted-20/6/2019 CO-Manuel Really appreciate all of u guys Time for Recent Updated.This forum had been very helpful throughout the whole Process.Keep it alive Guys. Thanks
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    Hey guys posting on behalf of my friend applied date 27th of June 2018 Grant Date 17th of June 2019 direct grant and he didn’t upload new AFP yet he waiting for it to arrive by post but got direct grant Co name Grant thanks
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    Just got my grant. Applied 22nd march 2018 first contact Co Micheal requester proof of sole custody for my 2 kids on the 21st of May. Uploaded all documents 22nd a Granted today by Co Divithotawela. Thank you everyone for all the posts and prompts that resulted in a speedy grant.
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    Hi one of my friend got direct grant today. applied : 6 june 18 Grant: 17 june 19 Co shopon
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    I can't express my happiness today. Got grant this Moring at 08:06 by case officer Wilson. And my friend alos gor grant today. What an amazing day today.
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  23. 8 points
    Hiii Applied 21/10/2017 Today CO sophorn requested new AFP
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    I believe it wasn't a system glitch this morning but they were actually working on our files. Good luck everyone.
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    Hello friends i got the PR on 14/6/2019 Applied on 6/5/2018 sorry got late in posting this earlier as was busy with my newborn baby. wanted to ask what do I need to do now as my son was born on 10/6/2019 and before I could add him in the file I got the long waited email of PR.pls suggest what should be my next step.Can my wife get any centreline benefit for my wife’s maternity leave in my situation. thanks heaps
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