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    Hello All… Finally Got my citizenship ceremony invitation, which is in November 2021. I applied in May 2021,Test and approval in July 2021 and finally ceremony November 2021. I hope all of you waiting also get theirs soon and reach the finish line after so much of hard work and patience.
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    After a long long path and wait finally received date for citizenship ceremony on 4 Nov, 2021. Thanks to forum like these which kept us going. Landed in Australia on 489 - March 8, 2017 Got PR - May 2020 Citizenship - Ceremony on Nov 4, 2021
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    No sorry, should have mentioned it…South Australia…
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    Applied citizenship 11 Aug 2021 Interview and test: 24 Sept 2021 Approved immediately for me and my spouse. Awaiting Ceremony. Council: Salisbury SA Ceremony dates on their website: 25 Nov 2021 If we miss this date then they are done for the year and next day could be Australia Day 26 Jan 2022 Wish me luck that I get an invite for 25 Nov
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    Just an update on the timeline. Application date : 01 June 2021 Test Date: 30 July 2021 (got cancelled due to snap lockdown in Adl) Test date: 13 August 2021 Passed the test with100% and uploaded the birth certificate in original language the same day. Spouse's application approved: 13 September 2021 I wrote an email to immigration requesting update on my application: 17 September 2021 Received the standard reply: 21 September 2021 Application approved: 29 September 2021
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    Good thing, wy wife's one was approved after 2 days>>:)
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    Did you submit any complaints or feedbacks ??
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    That is gr8 Dee .. we had similar time line as yours.. we came in March 2017 .. PR in July 2020 .. We haven't received any update till date on Citizenship .. waitingggggggggg
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    Interview and test: Oct 5 Passed and Application got approved on the same day. my wife also had her test last week and got approved right away. Officer confirmed our applications are linked. Now waiting for ceremony date. Anyone from Holdfast Bay council here? I wonder if they will still hold one this year or push it to next year Australia day.
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    Hello All, my citizenship was approved on 16/07/2021 and I am still waiting for my ceremony. My friends who applied way later than me got their ceremonies. Any reason why is mine delayed. I am in Adelaide. Is there anything I can do to get it done quickly. thank you
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    Hello Team, I have quick query about 887 Application. I will be submitting 887 application in couple of weeks. My query is regarding sharing Residence proof of 2 years for same. I have Lease Agreement and Receipts for first Year Jan 2020 - Dec 2020 ( Place X) and also will be having Lease Agreement and Receipt for Second Year from Jan 2021 - Dec 2021 ( Place Y) for my Regional Stay Proof in Adelaide. As I will be Primary Applicant for 887 with one Dependent. But Since I had one casual Job in other area just outside Adelaide ( Place Z) . I had Rented place from Aug 2020 - Oct 2020 ( Place Z) so I don't have to travel to my primary address everyday. Also this temporary accommodation i had taken on my Spouse name who will be just Dependent in my 887 visa application. So in This situation , Do I need to show that Temporary accommodation Proof in 887 Application which i use for Casual / Need basis only. ( considering I have all Proof of Place X) Thanks cheers,
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    Don’t worry. As long as you uploaded it it should be ok. All the best and keep checking the immiaccount for updates.
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