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    FINALLY, Got GOLDEN E-MAIL, CO Peter MADE MY DAY after 17 months 26 days. Applied 2nd feb 2018, First contacted 2 Oct 2018, Co Kimberley Second contacted 2 April 2019, Co Sophorn AND GRANT TODAY AT 12.25 ,PM Co Peter I made a complain on 25th July and Co Peter repose that complain today with seperate email Thank you so much everyone, now your turn , wish you for the best
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    Hey there I've been a grateful silent follower. Just got my grant this morning!! Applied: 7 May 2018. Granted: 3 June 2019. Direct Grant - still said "Received" yesterday! No contact from anyone at Immigration before the email came through. Case Officer - Joan. I am single, no kids - and applied for the visa without the help of an agent. Thank you for all the advice and guidance on this forum - as I went along I added the documents you recommended. I felt less lonely and desperate knowing there were many of us in the same boat. Hoping you all get your golden email very-very-very soon.
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    After long wait we got our PR today applied 21/10/17 first contact. March 2018 2. March 2019 3. June 2019. Request AFP submitted in June 2019 case officer Sophorn i wish for everyone you will get your golden email soon Thanks for ur support BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE
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    Hi all, Finally, i receive golden email of 887 visa grant. Applied 8.2.2018 First complain on 17th june 2019 Peter replied that, my AFP missed alias name I upload new AFP on last thursday and made another complian and did follow up call on complain cell yesterday. Today i got grant. CO : Peter Thanks to all in this forum and complain really work. Good luck to all
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    Hi guys, I got my precious 887 visa granted little while ago. Actually I cried for the happiness. I was impatiently waiting for that. Other thing is today is my Birthday Lodged on 13-02-2018 First CO contacted on 16-03-19 PR granted - 17-07-19 Wish you all the very best for those who are waiting !!
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    Good afternoon Just now I got my Grant. applied 22/4/2018- first contact on 4/6/19- I also updated my AFP. Co: kimberley. all the best for every one and hope every one get it soon
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    Hello everyone... Grant Grant Grant....🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 finally the most awaited email received today.. PR granted.. can’t believe it... thank you all for support.. special thanks to Ruskki... applied on 07/12/2017 granted on 20/06/2019 CO peter i made complain on 16/06/2019 and granted today..love it Hope everyone get their PR soon
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    Applied 23/4/2018 Direct Grant 31/05/2019 Give you guys more details later!! more grants coming today, watch this space!!
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    So finally got grant today Applied 26th June 2018 First contact requesting birth certificates and employment letter 2nd contact require more payslips and criminal record stat Dec Complained 2 times. Co Peter
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    Well we did it..... “GRANT ! “ Finally our golden email today! 18 months and 4 days later..
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    Granted PR Applied 03april 2018 First contact 17 may Documents requested: polio certificate Final grant: today CO: Joan May Allah bless you all. You guys are much much helping and Russki, you are such a lovely gem. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 11 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 7/5/2018 First CO Katherine contact for baby medical on 26/6/2019. Baby medical submitted to department on 2/7/2019. Also done baby photo stat dec on 5/8/2019. Granted : 13/8/2019. CO: Rajani. I’m over the moon! Can’t express the happiness and really grateful for this forum friends, Special Thanks to @Bern83, @Russki, @peace_at_heart And @Honey @Bern83 I wish you will get your grant with in this week too. Note: I did a polite request to grant my visa on comment and complain online as per this forum.
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    Grant ! finally got the Golden email today.... CO-grant made feedback on telephone 6th aug, to my experience if you are exceeding stipulated time frame just provide them a polite feedback. cheers !!!! best of luck to All " I believe I can fly" " I believe I can touch the sky"
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    Guys, Finally, received Grant from CO Peter just now at 09:21on 08 July 2019 morning. The minute my eldest daughter returned to Australia on 6 July morning, I sent an email to gsm.business.support@border.gov.au applying for finalization based on pre-grant. Apparently CO kindly responded. Thank God’s arrangement! My family consists of 5 applicants, my wife, me and 3 kids of 13, 2 and newborn. This is why it cost me so long. No more to be continued... Good luck to all!
  15. 21 points
    I am a silent follower of this forum I received my 887 visa on 13/6/2019 it was a direct grant applied date- 03/06/2018 I have recently renewed my AFP which was expired on last month My application consists of three members myself, my wife and kid (4years old) CO:Ashish Thank you every one for the great support and Good Luck to all who are waiting for their Grants.
  16. 21 points
    omg!!!!!! 29-May PR Granted!!!!!!! thanks everyone! I will provide more information later thanks
  17. 21 points
    Grant Grant Grant... !! At last... Got our grant just half an hour ago. Applied : 11-02-2018 Baby born on 06-03-2019 Co asked for documents : 09-03-2019 Document submit on 18-03-2019 New born bridging visa : 24-05-2019 Grant : 31-05-2019 Thank you sooooooo much everyone .. you guys were of so much help. Hope everyone got their grant soon..
  18. 21 points
    Hi guys Finally I got my grant. Direct Grant. Applied on 17- Apr - 2018. CO Ashish
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    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 10 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 29/06/2018 Granted : 13/8/2019.(direct grant ) Thank you everyone. Hope everyone will get pr soon.
  20. 20 points
    Hi everyone, I finally received golden emails from CO Peter, just about 5 minutes ago, Submitted on 4/7/2018 First CO Sophorn: 23/5/2018 for AFP Granted today Co Peter 25/7/2018 I, my wife and my newborn baby had PR at the same time. My baby medical had done before when I submitted Passport and Birth Certificate for her back in June. Thank you very much everyone. More importantly, I lodged complains last week, got reply on Monday and today visa granted.
  21. 20 points
    Hello everyone wait is over applied date 27/06/18 just got an email from my agent for the direct grant. CO - Sophorn thanks everyone, hope everyone get their grant soon. Applied as couple ( me and my wife) update our afp last month.
  22. 20 points
    Hi everyone Finally we received our grant today Applied 28 march 2018 Grant 3 july 2019 co kimberly Thanks everyone
  23. 20 points
    GRANT GRANT GRANT Finally got visa after 16 months.. Applied Date : 10/02/2018 First Contact : 14/03/2019 CO : Sophorn asked certified copies of work related documents and daughter medical. GRANT Date : 27/06/2019 CO : Peter Great support from group members..
  24. 20 points
    Finally I can say the wait is over!!! We received our golden e-mails!!! Applied 22/01/2018 First contact Aug 2018 Second contact March 2019 (updated AFP) Grant 13/06/2019 - CO Sophorn Family of 3....My son is 4 years old We are from Argentina and we live in Gold Coast. Thank you and good luck to everyone!!!
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    Got a PR.....! Applied Date: 08/05/2018 Direct Grant: 06/06/2019 CO: Wilson Visa: 489 (Family Sponsor-Melbourne) to 887::: 2 Adults + 1 Child (6yrs.) Documents Submitted: a) Main Applicant: > Work Experience: Superannuation statement, payslip (full for 2 years.), Group Certi, Tax assessment. All Salary slip were stamped by company with manager signature (Because earlier my manager was paying in cash) > Address: Bank statement (Full for 2 years), Lease Agreement, Rent Receipts, Utility bills-Water. > Form - 956 (appointed agent on behalf of me) > Travel Document: Passport > Relation with spouse: Marriage Certi > Form 80 and Form 1221 > PCC: Indian (April 2018 and further on March 2019 - did not travel, however submitted), UK PCC (attache in November 2018), AFP (Attached in November 2018) b) Child : (my child was with me during 489 visa. so that time medical has already done) > Passport: old passport, old passport was expiring on July 2019; so renewal done on January 2019 and submitted new passport. > Form 929 : due to change in passport details > Birth Certificate c) Spouse: > Passport > Form 80 and Form 1221 > PCC: Indian (old + new), UK PCC (attache in November 2018), AFP (Attached in November 2018) > Language: VAC2 invoice and receipt //////Thank you very much to get idea from this forum and members who support each other. Best of Luck to all..!//////// On excel sheet my name has changed. Mike is mentioned, however original is MARK_PP and applied date is 08/05/2018 and not 04/05/2019. Please any one can change for me will be good.
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