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    Guys, good morning! Our petition is going ok, we have 1028 supporters now. The nominated decision-makers have been emailed by Change.org to remind them about our petition. They are being emailed every time the petition reaches a milestone (5 signatures, 50, 100, 500, 1000, ...). Please keep spreading the word: https://www.change.org/p/david-coleman-reduce-processing-time-for-887-pr-visa-to-7-months
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    Moving on to a less stressful topic... Powerball jackpot is at $80 million guys! Go grab yourself a ticket.
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    I wish and pray and hope that they start processing applications for 887 from today.
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    I don’t think I get it automatically when I come back in the country. It just says ‘ Requirement to return to Australia. I wish to advise that assessment of your application for a Skilled (Residence) (class VB) visa is nearing completion. At the time a decision is made on this application, all visa applicants must be in Australia at the same time for a visa to be granted.’
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    Hi guys. I received my Pre-grant today as I’m still out of the country. Does anyone know how long it will take now until I get my grant? Argh!!! Why couldn’t they just wait til I got back in 2 days!!! the annoying thing is, I called immigration before I left. The guy on he phone told me there was no such thing as a pre grant for the 887, he also said I didn’t need to notify the dept I was leaving the country as my 489 doesn’t expire until Oct 2019. I asked him to notify Adelaide team just in case and he said he sent through an email letting them know I would be out of the country from dec1st until Jan 11th. But in my pre grant notification, it said that the department wasn’t notified of my departure from Australia. Applied 10/01/2018 first contact 30/7/2018 CO Dat pre-grant 9/01/2019 CO Kimberly
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    Guys, this is an important message regarding police clearances and other time sensitive documents, like IELTS certificates. I have spoken to immi again this morning regarding this. The customer service guy told me that it is PREFERABLE that all police certificates and IELTS tests are still valid when the applicant's file gets picked up for assessment/decision. He said however that it depends on the CO - some will ask for updated AFP and NPCC, some won't! So if you decide not to update expired police clearances, it is a risk. Basically, it is not compulsory to update certificates, but it is best to update them, as you never know what is in your CO's head. Very wishy-washy and frustrating conversation. I also asked a very straight question: what is happening with immigration department? Why nothing is moving? He was very cagey and kept saying "I don't have access to this information, I can only give you information about your application status". He kept repeating it over and over. I just couldn't get anything else out of him. So there you go guys! Something is up, but we are kept in the dark!
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    I wish all get their grant in this new year. Happy New year and Good Luck to all of us
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    Hello guys i applied visa on 30/10/17 nd got the grant in 10 months. I lived in adelaide for my living requirements. Stright after getting my grants i started applying in melbourne. And soon after i got the job nearly 60k. My wife who could never found job in adelaide, got job here in melbourne in few weeks. So my point of telling all that is those guys who are waiting for their grants plz be passions cz good time now is few steps away only. I always pray for russki he have been waiting from ages. Guys i also thought i ll never have good time in life. I was stressed same as you. But now i take those days as a memory. Since i have my PR i feel more confident even employer value me differently. Russki buddy hope u get ur grants very soon. Tc everyone. Goodluck.
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    ... and to help them speed up the process I think they should recruit and employ us because of our relevant experience, knowledge and skills on this ordeal
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    They start working today..but dont know when they would pick up the files
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    Hello Everyone. Please start posting some grants now
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    Wtf... have they slept again.. i was expecting 6 7 grants today
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    Congrats looks like immigration wake up after vacation.
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    OMG!!!!! Things are starting to move?! Congratulations @Applied 10/01
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    Guys, I am back in Aus with my family. Hope you all have enjoyed well x`max/new year holidays. I wish they will grant my PR soon . I got pre grant on 28/11/18. Congratulations @Applied 10/01 . 1 more step to go. Cheers
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    "Operating normally" my a*se!!!!! What is normal these days in their eyes?!
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    Thank you so much for your wonderful post @Khan901! It is very refreshing to have a lovely message of hope from someone who was in our shoes once and knows how it feels. Pop-in more often! ...and happy for you and the wife for getting good jobs and regaining peace after getting PR!!!
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    I think its time we all pay a visit to immigration department..
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    Hi Russki, Thanks for reply. I applied in March. My overseas police clearance will be expired on feb due to this lengthy processing time. Anyway I will wait for them like you said. I don't want to waste the money for applying these unnecessary. I will test my luck.
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    There are almost no grant from last month. Immi team should start processing for 887. Hi friends, please keep sharing grant or CO contact in the group. As its long time to see congrats post in the group.
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    Sure they start working today. The question is.... ON WHAT?
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    Here's from one in limbo to another wishing you a Merry Christmas and praying, hoping for a successful New Year (887 Visa grant).
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    Morning !!!! Happy Friday Best Of luck everyone
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    It may only be required for a newborn or if an applicant is applying for an 887 via another route other than a 489. There were other visas, I think sc476 (older visas not currently offered), etc that may not have had an initial medical. For 489 visa holders there is no further medical required.
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    You can request them to see your case on compassionate grounds when you inform them. Your case near for taking the decision again.
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