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    My friend,If you still hold 489 visa ,as immigration policy stated ,you are not allowed to stay in metro city and can only stay and work in regional ,that's rule of 489,I know some people they have rejected after they moved to big city as this action has broken condition of 489.So please stay in the regional,I don't know which metro city you are going to,like Melbourne,you can stay in Geelong or Pakham,a place nearby.but not metro city,like gold coast,you could go to Carrara,Please check regional list for 489 ,there are always a regional place nearby a metro city on the list.but please remember you can't work in big city even you stay in regional place,it will break the rule.everyone had hard time to fulfill the 489 in the regional,Do you really want to give up?887 once get rejected,you can't apply it again.I understand 21-26 months processing time is tough for every single applicant,but things could be change better in the future,As you mentioned your partner is PR and you can apply partner visa ,then move to big city.Partner visa have no such condition like 489.Hope this can solve your issues All the best to 887 applicant and wish you guys direct grant soon. Please check this link,More than 200 people got rejection in 10 months. https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/foi/files/2020/fa-201101008-document-released.PDF?fbclid=IwAR0JNKOUEQa5zt_l82-Plydlp01ecTm1gJfgtucOd-9iFHc_e4pTEhm9io4 regional list for 489 holder and 887 applicant https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887/regional-postcodes
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    No. As your current visa has some restrictions, still you need to follow the conditions. If your visa 887 is not granted before expiring of your current visa, you would be on bridging visa without restrictions. Then you can move to a mega cities.
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    That is totally fine, 4 weeks per year is acceptable. I was out of Australia for 26 days and wasn't offset before applying.
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    By law, Superannuation has to be paid at least every 3 months, into the employee's nominated account.
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    Hello all, sorry for late update..., 27 months of long waiting was ended..., got our grant on 05/01/2021. applied: 09/10/2018, CO 1st contact : 12/2019, submitted AFP and waiting..., we have to visit IND on emergency in March 14 and stuck with travel ban till November. CO 2nd contact: 07/05/2020 asked for Indian PCC, in India there was a lockdown between so many struggles got PCC and submitted. 18/06/2020 received Pre-grant notification, as we know temporary residents not allowed unless we have exemption and valid visa. So, I applied for exemption with Pre grant and received exemption in first attempt in August first week but by that time my 489 visa got expired in last week of July again I have to apply for visitors visa and with the help of pre grant and exemption got visitors visa in 10 days. by end of August we have valid visa and pre grant and exemption but can’t secure flight tickets till November 07 in Vande Bharat mission. at last we ( me & my wife) are back but again have to wait all November, December and till January 05 to get grant from Pre grant. In addition, while we stuck in india our rental property lease got ended in August and owner wants to renovate that property so my friends helped to vacate it put our belongings in there houses, after we completed quarantine on 23/11/2020 till date am searching for rentals and still we didn’t secure any lease coz we lost our jobs too. because of COVID-19 it took another 10 months for our grant otherwise I would be getting my grant when first CO contacted us. this is our long and sad story ended in 27 months. Once again am so sorry for late update as am busy in searching rental property and job. this forum helped me a lot with updates about 887. thank you all. Ramu.
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