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    Guys i cannot believe I am writing this message. Yes you are right Yes its i have received my golden email. I have got my visa 887. Its a direct grant. This is the first time we have been contacted and its a direct grant. I cannot express the feeling at the moment. It has been a painful wait. Good luck to each and everyone here.. this has been an amazing forum. Applied on 10tb feb Direct grant today.
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    Thanks to all group members for regular updates, just to share with all of you that after a LONG WAIT OF 15months, got GOLDEN MAIL today by SOPHORN CO... Thanks to almighty and all friends...
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    We have finally got our PR! Applied :27 Jan 2018 CO contacted :3 September 2018 for additional documents PR granted: 7 March 2019 Thanks all of you for your help and support. This forum has been amazing and helped us a lot! Special mention to @Russki who gave me some really valuable tips for strengthening my application. I wish you all the best and hope you and everyone else get their grants soon!
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    Okay guys, Wife and I got our 887 visa . Applied :12th Feb 2018 Direct grant : 09th March 2019 Co: sophorn Thanks very much for everything , I've followed this forum a while now, it is really helpful. Thank you for being so positive and supportive to each other . It really helps. All the best guys ,
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    I have following this forum form the outside and I found great interest into the information share here. Wonderful people. Just to let you know that I have got my grant today by Sopbron Applied 28/01/2018 First request: 03/09/2018 (Adam) Asked about address and employment and VP. I lived in a shared house so I just get a statutory declaration from my landlords (learned about stat declaration from this forum) and added up my invoices from medical and studies I did. I didn't apply for medicare as it does not affect me (doing fine from work) . I reattached my bank statement with highlights on the salaries, and attached permanent employment contract(no issue here because I have a permanent job since 2015). I travelled overseas for 6 weeks (no worry about travelling as lons as u don't exceed 3 months). I advise each one of you here to renew you VP when it reaches 11 months (much safer). I have always taken this process easy as my understanding is that as long as we haven't committed a crime, this visa is going to be granted later or sooner. So please everyone relax and focus on building your future. I know many have plans (like buying houses). But again take it easy please. Thanks you all of you here and all the best. @Ruski the legend of the forum I will celebrate the day u will get the grant. I hope it is very soon.
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    granted today 13 months later.
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    Finally the wait is over after nearly 14 months of frustrating, depressing wait of visa. Applied 23.1.18. 1st co: 20.08.18. Grant: 6.3.19
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    And over and above today is my Wedding Anniversary and got this beautiful gift from Australian Government... Thanks to almighty... Timeline was 15 months. Sent email two times... And, I hadn’t updated any AFP/PCC etc.
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    Hi Guys, Received an email from Sophorn requesting more docs (at-least they have opened my file) 01. AFP (Me & my wife) as the previous one is expired 02. Newly added baby's medical Time line - Applied on 10th Feb 2018 Newborn - 14th June 2018 489 for new born - 20th Sept 2018 More Docs - 26th Feb 2019
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    Guys, I decided to liven up our petition a little with some quotes from this forum to show our hardship. I will seek out the quotes about difficulties with purchasing house, sending older kids to university for a huge fee, mental strain of waiting for months for PR, etc. I will not show any usernames if I use your quotes in our petition, don't worry. Please post on here if you would like me to include a short quote about your situation, for example: "I cannot get a promotion with a pay rise at work because I am still on bridging visa, waiting for my 887 PR."
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    Hi, JoelAM, I submitted receipt of 2nd VAC for my wife for 887visa. But, it was paid, when I apply for 489 visa (nearly two and half years). Is it ok? or do I pay again for 2nd VAC? Pls if someone knows, help me. Thanks . Sorry for the late post i got got my golden emails.  Granting Co sophorn. Applied :03/11/2017  first CO- dat -9/04/2018 second co - 9/08/2018 requested for AFP finally received golden e mail yesterday at 10:55 am . Thanks to all friends. Good luck to all to get their grants soon .
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    One of my mates just got the grant Applied on 21st january Was contacted before this..
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    Dear Friends, Case Officer today contacted on my file and requested for below details : Primary Applicant : Updated Australian Federal Police Certificate (as old one is expired) Secondary Applicant : Updated Australian Federal Police Certificate (as old one is expired) and A full transcript and Award certificate for Diploma (Earlier I just uploaded the Functional English Certificate stating that the education was in English but I believe CO is asking for Marksheets and Degree also) New Born Baby : Medical Examination for New Born Baby born on 07th August 2018 My Timeline is as below : 11/02/2018 : Applied Visa 887 30/10/2018 : Visa 489 and Bridging Visa A was granted for Newborn Baby. 05/03/2019 : Case Officer requested for additional details.
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    Throw stones at me, if you dont like the bitter truth.. The truth is... Some people from countries like mine don't deserve to migrate. Australians allow us to come in, build our churches and temples. They accept the way of our living. Its us who are racist, and think some are better than the others. I say: Dont fix the Excel for a 2 - 3 weeks let them have the "Win" they want.
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    It's not humanitarian, through we are trying to keep positive. We have to be honest to ourselves, long time waiting is not good for health. I'll be collecting all information and see what else could do. Liberal now are having mounted pressure and will probably be gone soon. More voices need to be passed onto government!!!!
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    Hello guys, i am a silent follower - It is been 15 Months and 7 days already since applied 887 and still No reply but got the following email from the department about the waiting time period. Hope the below helps. Processing times – Subclass 887 visa – updated 26 February 2019 Decisions regarding the priority given to the allocation of each General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa subclass is made in accordance with visa planning levels and the delivery of the migration program. Applications for GSM visas within the same subclass will generally be allocated in date of lodgement order. The Department is currently allocating subclass 887 visa applications that were lodged up to February 2018 for assessment. 75% of 887 visa applications are currently taking 440 calendar days to finalise; 90% of 887 visa applications are currently taking 541 calendar days to finalise.
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    Thanks everyone.. thank you so much..really appreciate.. i will be waiting to check everyone's grant here.. especially @Russki @Don Family and all other who are waiting since long.. To answer everyone's questions.. Applied - 10th feb CO - SOPHORN No kids as of yet..so no HAP ID n stuff was requested.. n yes i did file a complaint and i am not sure if this is related to that or what.. One thing is when I called them couple of times they did open my file and said looks like evrything is done nd just finalisation is pending. After that i did put in a complaint and yeah got the grant today.. No I did not apply through an agent and did not certify any documents.. i was away for 6 weeks in these 2 years and did not make up that time.. If there is something left pls reply.. Thanks again and good luck!!
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    In my opinion writing to Peter Dutton is a waste of time as he is very much against immigrants and their plight, he is probably the reason the wait times are so long. The minister for Immigration and Citizenship, David Coleman, is more reasonable and the correct minister to approach. Otherwise labour opposition MPs such as Tony Burke and Julian Hill are the strongest advocates for immigrants and approaching them may be a good thing to pursue leading up to the elections. They have both made a lot of noise against the government long wait times for citizenship which seems to have led to some action. Also consider your local member who is suppose to listen to your requests. Media outlets such as SBS also get a lot of traction
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    Hi all, I have complained 887 visa process time is delayed too long to my local MP, if everyone do it, I think it will work, Immigration will short the process time.
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    Hello All - i am following this forum for sometime and have to lodge my 887 in few days; we decided (as family) to see MARA consultant for the same as somehow don't want to miss out on any documentation resulting in any further delay as my daughter is in year 12th and i am hoping that i get PR before she starts her university next year. Though most of you would be aware of appended information but i still thought of sharing the same which i got after having a detailed discussion with my consultant and as per him: 1. Time frame to get visa is 9-12 months 2. 887 is not priority as we are already onshore 3. Background check etc. is increased as there have been few cases of giving wrong information to authorities mostly for singles and little less for family. DIBP will definitely check that are you an actual family or fake one so give strong and lots of documentation to support that 4. Lot of changes within immigration department as they are moving staff and one file will not be checked by only one CO. Your file will be checked by various COs to ensure full compliance within the system 5. Finally as long as you haven given correct and complete documentation you will get your visa :). All the best!
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    I think, I can translate it for you into "human" language: Global feedback guys told case officers that you'd complained. They also consider this complaint closed and will not look into it any more. "Just wait" is their answer, your visa will come in its own time.
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    Though we dont' know which party could win on May, but through both party's facebook, they are seen to boost their polices and initiaves for each's favour. Leave comments, listen the voices here! We are patient enough!!!!! We are skilled migrants with good documentary, and we had been waiting for 489 for several months before 887's application. It's evident that we have been living as honest human beings in regional areas for more than two years!!! There's less concern than new applicants !!!!! Less complex circumstances around us!!! Only achievements made!!!!! We do what we could do already. It's not a shame to be accepted------ this is kind of recognization, also is an commitment!!!!! Or otherwise why would they send out 489s? ??? We don't like this game!!! Even new subclass visa is going to take place, but it's not the reason doing nothing with queuing applicants. Really wasting tax payer's money! !!!
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    As soon as we reach a milestone, the website sets a new one immediately. Yes, kind of a game. But with each milestone our decision-makers get a reminder in the email about us. So they get a chance to revisit the petition and potentially make a decision to reduce the processing time! Hahaha! This is how it works. PS: I just sent an email with the petition to my local MP.
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    Any grants or any golden emails we have got this morning.. just being hopeful
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