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    I am really surprise that you came to Aus without reading about your conditions. Yes you can go to any regional area. If you want to play safe take a release letter or inform your RDA office that you are going to another regional area.
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    Msged you check pls. There is nothing much can be done, if you have signed a commitment letter, you have to honour it and make a genuine effort.
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    follow visa condition 8539.
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    Yes. My Wife and I got the same. One email for more information and the other for the interview/Test. Both are independent of each other. After you pass the test your application will only be approved after all the pending documents are provided.
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    If you are overseas by the time the visa is granted, you will be given "pre-grant", which doesn't have a deadline. The Permanent residency will be activated by the time you land in Australia. So don't worry. It doesn't matter whether you are the main applicant or/and dependent.
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    yup was pretty quick. Did not expect it to be so fast. The required documents is pretty standard except for the Identity Declaration form 1195 . The form needs to be signed by someone who knows you at least for a year and work in one of the listed occupations on the form (Remember you need to get your photo endorsed as well with the same person). I think this is something you need to get started on as soon as you can. The Police clearance is not required if you haven't spent more than 3 months overseas after you were granted PR.
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    An update of my Citizenship journey: Location: Adelaide Application date: 30 September 2020 (Me+daughter), July 30 2020 (My Wife) Test: 12th December 2020 (Wife), 27th January 2021 (Me) Approval date: December 16 2020 (Wife), February 12 2021 (Me) Ceremony invite: 4th March Ceremony date: March 18th
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