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    2000 year ago, when I joined this forum. It was a happy time where people got there Direct grant in 5 -6 months. The closer I get to my dates, farther it goes. I completed my 5 months and it was at 7 months average. I complete my 6 months now its at 8 months. When I complete my 8 months it'll be at 12 months... I have a dream, some day... some day... when im with my grand children. When my grand children are married stick around me on my wheelchair. An old man would knock on my door. and he would say. Hi toot, My name is Adam and im from DIBP.... heres you grant.
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    GUYS! just got my grant 11:40am [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3] CO Adam thank you for this forum really helped a lot [emoji18] I’ll still be around fixing the spreadsheet from time to time. Patience is a virtue! Goodluck for all the rest waiting [emoji4][emoji1316]
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    Hi Guys, I just woke up from my bed, brushed my teeth.. Sipping ginger tea with some biscuits and watching some news... Just checking my mobile for the time to get ready for my office.. The time clocks 8:29 AM. I saw there are 3 emails showing under the notifications of my mobile.. I was astonished to see who is going to send 3 emails at this early morning... Opened my email on my mobile... There are 3 wonderful emails from the Immigration at 8:23 AM with the GRANT NOTIFICATION as the subject... WOW ? What an amazing feelings... My mind says its the time to celebrate.. Thanks guys for all your support especially to Russki, TPSK, DarDec and all other who i have missed their names.. Sorry guys i have bad memory... Ladies and Gentlemen, Finally i got my PR... Here are my details.. Applied : 22-Dec-2017 1st CO Requested : 28-June-2018 - New AFP with my full name 2nd CO : 25-Sep-2018 - GRANTED
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    Hi All, With the blessings of God, I just got my Grant..! CO is ADAM. remaining everything in my signature and sheets... Gud luck to all of you and Hope you guys get your grants soon..!
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    Hi friends .....Good news from my side .....we got our golden email one hour ago.....Thank you so much for your support ????we save our house as well ...Awwww Thank you so much God
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    Gud mrng all, Today we got our grant and im on ninth cloud. May u giys get it soon as well. Gud luck to all spacial Thnx to ruski and tpsek.....Luv u all gud luck
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    Guys !!! We got our PR !!! Just checked the immi after the call from my agent ! Will be back shortly with our doc list. We applied on 11/01 Thank you guys for all the support in the 6 months waiting Have faith we will all be there !!!
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    Alhamdulliah By the grace of almighty allah I have just got the australian residency.Thank you everyone for the help.
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    Hi Guys we just got our Grant letter so so happy thanks everyone this forum is really helpful. Appplied 13th Nov : 1st Co 8th May: 2nd CO 29th June: Granted Today CO Kimberly.
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    Grant grant garnt, Thank you my god. Yes finally 887 visa granted for me, my wife and newborn daughter after 12 months and 3 days. Apply 22 sep 2017 First CO - new born 489 visa ( 02 Feb 2018) Second CO - new born add in applications (25 may 2018) I did call for adding newborn to my file was taken too much time. Third CO - newborn medical (26 June) Fourth CO - grant today .i called yesterday too. Look like I called each time. Thank you everyone for your kind support and informations.I pray god for Russki, sk 10 , Hsk and Rickey got grant very soon who already over 12 months now. And best of luck everyone. Thanks
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    Hey guys, Good news! Finally got the golden email today. We received our grant today by CO Adam. Feeling really happy, thank you all for your help. This forum really helped me a lot in keeping track of applications. Hope others get their grants soon especially @Russki and the others stuck from September. Cheers to all.
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    Guys. I got My PR today applied 10 dec co 1st lucy 2nd adam thankyou all ..you all are angels ? goodluck
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    Hi guys have applied in 16 jan2018 and has been direct granted co dat
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    Thankyou god, at last my visa has been approved by co adam Applied: 13/11/2017 co 1: 28-4-18 co2: 28 -6-18 co3: 15-10-18 approved. my prayers, are with all applicants who are waiting from long time.
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    Hey all. I wrote to David Coleman, the Immigration Minister today. Minister@homeaffairs.gov.au Hi David, I heard you on SBS today. I thought I should contact you. I, like many others, migrated to Australia on regional migration visa 489 in 2016. I had to stay in regional Australia for 2 years and work full time for 1 year. After fulfilling my obligation, I would be granted Subclass 887 Permanent Residency visa. I want to make you aware of delays in the processing. We are looking at 10-11 months, which can be nightmare if we were planning for another baby or hoping to join University for further education, or get a job which specifically requires Australian Permanent Residents for the job. I love regional Australia (Toowoomba in South-East Queensland where I live) and its got exactly I needed as far jobs, lifestyle, and kids education goes. I believe I have fulfilled my obligations to Regional Australia, paid taxes, contributed to the system, became part of the Australian fabric, but these delays are holding me from achieving much more. I believe you will look into this issue and address this timely manner by hiring more staff to process 489 to 887 transfers in expedite manner. Thank you. Sincerely,
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    I am now pretending to be sick in office so i can go out and party now...?
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    Guys I have some good news, a friend of us who applied on the 3rd Feb got his visa yesterday, Seems like they started Feb too [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my TRT-LX2 using Tapatalk
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    With gods grace got the good news today wish west of luck to everyone
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    Hahaha! True! If I win 70 million I will buy the Department of Immigration and run it myself! ? ? ? ?
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    direct visa granted 887 today 11/07/2018 applied 04/01/2018
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    Dear All, It is a direct grant (CO: Adam) which I never expect with my heavily poisoned AFP. Special thanks must go to @Russki who helped while I am de-railing my path with makeup documentation. Thank you all for valuable inputs. I will list out my document list tonight as busy like hell at office today. Cheers.
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    Hi Russki, Do you know why people like you very much? Caz you always talk about positive things. That makes us comfort this transitional period. Few members without much knowledge share negative info which makes other people scared. Bye, the way I like you so much. Regards Nelakash
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    Hey guys I am so shocked .. unexpectedly my visa has been granted today .. applied on 9th November and direct grant 11th may .. what a day to start with ..good luck to all those waiting .. ???
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    Hi ?, I have got direct visa grant just now. Applied on 8/11/2017 Direct Grant 26/4/2018 Waiting Time 5 months 18days CO Sophorn I have uploaded all the required documents along with form 80 and form 1221 This forum is a great asset to its members. Personally it helped me a lot in lodging my application successfully. Not only that, but also the members in this forum are friendly. Their encouragement is a huge strength as waiting period is too stressful with current long processing time. I wish Good Luck to all of my friends. Thank you ?
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    Alright guys, good news.. Granted by adam I asked my lawyer to contact adam on sep 6 as it had been 3 months after his last contact. Adam called my lawyer yesterday, saying he hasnt received the last documents (which is weird). Lawyer said she had evidence thet she submitted. He asked us to send the documents again and wallah, 11.30 this morning received the grant Peace
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