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    GRANT!!!! GRANT!!!! GRANT!!!!! Guys, this blissful day has finally arrived for my family!!!! Applied: 25 September 2017 07/02/18 - CO Dat, PCC from Russia; questions about my schooling, travelling etc. 12/04/18 - CO Dat, address of ex-husband from 15 years ago. 16/01/19 - CO Peter, parental consent verbal confirmation for my kid. 09/05/19 - CO Sophorn, asked for updated AFP, when it was already submitted in February 2019. Grant: 17 May 2019, CO Peter I am laughing and crying and I think will be very drunk tonight. Love you all!
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    Finally, Received Golden email. Yes I got PR today 10 mins ago. Thank you everyone for their support. Very very special thanks to @Russki for helping me. Good Luck everyone. Applie 26rh feb 2018 CO Nicci asked for functional english for inder on 18th april 2019. GOT PR : 15 May 2019 [CO : peter] I complain on Thursday and got a response on Monday that they have passed my request to the department.
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    Guys good news We finally got it. Applied on 14th Feb First contact 19th May Grant today 22nd May 2019 Case office Peter Sent from my SM-J530Y using Tapatalk
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    Hey there I've been a grateful silent follower. Just got my grant this morning!! Applied: 7 May 2018. Granted: 3 June 2019. Direct Grant - still said "Received" yesterday! No contact from anyone at Immigration before the email came through. Case Officer - Joan. I am single, no kids - and applied for the visa without the help of an agent. Thank you for all the advice and guidance on this forum - as I went along I added the documents you recommended. I felt less lonely and desperate knowing there were many of us in the same boat. Hoping you all get your golden email very-very-very soon.
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    GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe I’m posting this after 466 days after lodging my application. Thank you everyone in this forum who helped me to get this without any issues with the documentations. Specially @Russki & @Honey Details are as follows, Date Applied – 10.02.2018 New Born Added – July 2018 489 for New born baby – 20th Sep 2018 01st CO contact (Sophorn) – 26th Feb 2019 (Baby medical & AFP for me & my wife) 02nd CO contact (Sophorn) – 16th April 2019 (Stat dec for baby medical) GRANT – 22nd May 2019 (CO – Peter) I Wish & pray that everyone will get their grants very soon
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    After 400 days, reading 600+ pages of this Forum and congratulating around 100+ applicants it's time to be on the receiving side. Yes, champion Sophorn did it 10 mins back. Came from holidays and banged three mails in my inbox saying "Go n enjoy your PR".
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    Good afternoon Just now I got my Grant. applied 22/4/2018- first contact on 4/6/19- I also updated my AFP. Co: kimberley. all the best for every one and hope every one get it soon
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    Hello everyone... Grant Grant Grant....🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 finally the most awaited email received today.. PR granted.. can’t believe it... thank you all for support.. special thanks to Ruskki... applied on 07/12/2017 granted on 20/06/2019 CO peter i made complain on 16/06/2019 and granted today..love it Hope everyone get their PR soon
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    Gone across the River A small family from Nowhere, told the rest of the voyagers Thank you for the support, Enormous love and the Dear conversations CO : Ashish
  10. 25 points
    HI Guys, Finally got our Grants!!!! really cant afford the mixed feelings !!!!!!!!!!!! Applied 12 Feb 18 First contact 14March 19 requested AFP & PCC - CO Sophorn Granted today 22 May 19 CO; Peter Good luck allll, wish you all the best
  11. 25 points
    Hi Guys, I'm a silent follower of this forum, I applied 887 visa on 09/04/2018, and got Direct Grant today 21/05/2019!! (AFP is renewed 2 months ago) This is such a big and warm FAMILY!!! Thank you everyone for sharing useful information, cheering up each other and being with me for last 12 months. Wish you all a quick direct grant! (Please update me in the forum) GOOOOOOOD LUCKKKKKKKK guys!!
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    Applied 23/4/2018 Direct Grant 31/05/2019 Give you guys more details later!! more grants coming today, watch this space!!
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    Guys, Just received my Grant. Feeling so happy and relaxed. Applied : 16 Feb 2018 1st Contact : 8 Apr 2019 (AFP with Alias requested) Grant : 30 May 2019 CO: Rajani Thank you every one to support all the time. I wish every one else will receive their grant soon.
  14. 24 points
    Me (Anonymous2017): Applied 21/09/17 22/03/18: CO Adam - Child's medical 3/7/18: CO Dat - my original police clearance by post and a stat dec with my daughter's pics saying that the child presented for medical and the child in passport are same 17/10/18: CO Adam - Hardcopies of two overseas police certificates required for myself. 01/03/19: Provided new overseas pcc for myself 30/04/19: CO Sophorn - Provide new AFPs as previous ones have expired 13/05/19:CO Peter - Provide new overseas pcc fo wife as previous one expired, uploaded 27/05/19 28/05/19: CO Peter - GRANT!!
  15. 24 points
    The flood gate has opened for the new week. Applied: 15-Apr-2018. Direct grant : 27-5- 19. Thanks to everyone for the very useful information and updates on this forum . Wishing us all speedy grants and success in our endeavors. Family of 6 including a baby born in Australia.
  16. 24 points
    Good morning all, Another exciting news from a silent follower. We recived our golden email @ 10.30 this morning. It was a direct grant. 887 visa applied 5/04/2018 Granted 22/05/2019 CO Regina, Please keep updating your profile, and upload any available document you think they might request or useful, and this helped us to get a direct grant. Wish you all the very best. Also, I must say this lovely community and its members are doing amazing job, guys this information you'll are share here worth thousands, so please keep up the good work.
  17. 23 points
    Hello everyone , Got the golden email today 22/5/2019 Applied 887 on 15/4/2018 Direct Grant on 22/5/2019 CO : Wilson. Thanks Everyone and @Russki for the timely updates
  18. 22 points
    Granted PR Applied 03april 2018 First contact 17 may Documents requested: polio certificate Final grant: today CO: Joan May Allah bless you all. You guys are much much helping and Russki, you are such a lovely gem. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
  19. 22 points
    Dear Guys I am Silent follower of this forum Sorry for Late Post Direct Grant On Sat Morning Applied: 10-Apr-2018. Direct grant : 24-5-2019 Thanks to everyone for the very useful information No Kids in application CO: Joan @sajitha @Russki Specifically
  20. 22 points
    ####GRANT#### applied 11 April 2018 DIRECT grant today: 22 May 2019 GodSpeed!!!!!
  21. 22 points
    Finally Grant Today and I am not silent follower applied 13 feb 2018 first CO 19 March 2019 requested medical for baby and AFP grant today: 22 May 2019 CO: Peter good luck to everyone
  22. 22 points
    Guys i cannot believe I am writing this message. Yes you are right Yes its i have received my golden email. I have got my visa 887. Its a direct grant. This is the first time we have been contacted and its a direct grant. I cannot express the feeling at the moment. It has been a painful wait. Good luck to each and everyone here.. this has been an amazing forum. Applied on 10tb feb Direct grant today.
  23. 21 points
    omg!!!!!! 29-May PR Granted!!!!!!! thanks everyone! I will provide more information later thanks
  24. 21 points
    Hi guys Finally I got my grant. Direct Grant. Applied on 17- Apr - 2018. CO Ashish
  25. 21 points
    Good morning guys, with grace of God finally got pr for family. Applied 24/03/18 Granted on 11/05/19 but agent send me emails today. Thanks
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