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    If it is only slightly below the required hours then I am sure the CO's will be lenient. Ofcourse you can travel to metro areas for visits, etc, as long as you do not permanently reside there. You can reside and work in multiple regional areas as per your visa conditions which states the relevant post codes.
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    Hi - are we supposed to have a continous 35 hour employment every week for 52 week. I am asking this as I’m a casual employee and some weeks i have less than 35 hour week. Can I complete my 52 weeks of 34 hour out of 2 year stay stay ? >>> You can pick out only payslips from your 35+ hours weeks to have 12 months worth of them. They do not have to be consecutive! They can even be from 2 part-time jobs. As long as they show 35hr/week minimum. - can we go to Melbourne( not regional) just on weekends to hangout with mates just couple of times in a month. Or that’s gonna be a problem? >>> Sure it is not a problem! - does the 2 year stay supposed to be in one regional area or we can combine our stay in different regional areas( my job changed) >>> It can be in any regional area, you can actually move between regional areas, but this is a different story. In short, TRY YOUR BEST to stay in your allocated regional area, but if you need to move, you may have to seek release from your sponsoring state. Not always.
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    It doesnt need to be consecutive weeks, but within two years you should have atleast 52 weeks to proved that you work for 35 hrs per week or 70 hours for 26 fornights. As per your second query, yes you can go to Melby to hang out, or anywhere you want to go for a trip just for holiday, as long as your residential is still in your nominated state. 3rd query, not advisable to moved to different regional aside from the nominated stated, as it will creates conflict. Unless the State give you a permission, otherwise.
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    you dont need continuously work 35 hrs to to conllect 52 payslips. as long as you can meet 52 + 2 y living you can apply 887. you can go Melbourn on weeknd for couple of days just like travelling. not factors. but dont do it to many like living 2 years but go to Melbourne 3 months totally. you can combine in different regional areas in 2 y
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    today is officially the last day of 489, all states close its 489 application. god bless all 489 holders
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    That's it. If @Russki doesn't know what does VB means, then even case officer won't know.
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    Most likely, it means "Very Bad". But seriously, not sure... Just checked - it means nothing, just a visa class. 887 is a subclass.
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    Okie. Hope they send me that soon. Thanks a lot.
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    Thank you. Thanks mate Actually I worked with one employer around 11 months as full timer but end of my one year full time employment he shutdown his business, so I have around 50 payslips with him and rest of with other employer with few month gaps.
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    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 10 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 29/06/2018 Granted : 13/8/2019.(direct grant ) Thank you everyone. Hope everyone will get pr soon.
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