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    Hi! You all have to be in Australia at the time of the grant decision. The visa will not be granted if they are away at the time of decision... The immigration will just put your application "on hold" again until they are here.
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    you must have private insurance. you can add those document to show your address.
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    Hi @toibz! Providing statutory declarations from you and also from your friend (the house owner) - very good idea. Just download a Stat Dec form the internet, write up a simple text, something like: "I, .... declare that I resided at this address at my friend's house [name] from [date] to [date]." Sign this declaration in front of a Justice of the Peace (they can be found in any library) or in front of a police officer or a pharmacist, whoever you can find from the list of eligible people. Your friend should do the same thing, make sure he puts the same dates in his statutory declaration. Also look for other proof of residency - car rego documents, letters from bank, doctor's receipts with your address on it, anything you can find. Also your bank statement can be a good proof of your living in the area, as all your shopping will be shown in your statements. You can filter or "white out" your bank statements if you do not want to show everything... Also great proof is your GP records, if you visited GP. Or a local dentist. 5 weeks overseas shouldn't be a problem especially if it was your annual leave and you went away during the period of your continuous employment. If you feel worried about this 5 week period, you can compensate it by applying for your visa 5 weeks after you finished 2 years residency.
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    I think when we have granted bridging visa A there is no restrictions so we can move to anywhere in Australia but there will be soon changes on 887 visa before Christmas anything can happen so hold on until then. Dont rush just my opinion.
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    We have spent week after week, and month after month hoping that the next week or next month will bring some good news, but these COs are hopeless. Don't know whom to approach, what to do.
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    The condition which is applicable only for main applicant is related to 887 visa. No matter you are primary or secondary applicants, all applicants should follow the 489 visa condition. Thus, living in the metropolitan area as 489 secondary visa holder against to the visa condition.
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    You cannot send your son in melbourn while you are in 489 visa or bridging visa after applying for 887 visa. In 489 visa we have to live in regional area or the area stated in our visa. As like main applicant depandents has to comply with visa condition.
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