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    Hello everyone, We got our PR Grants today. Applied on : 30.01.2018 Asked for baby visa medicals on : 19.09.2018 PR Granted by Sophorn on 20.03.2019 Thank you so much to this forum members
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    Guys, someone got a grant on the quiet today! conan 28/01/18 11/09/18 20/03/19 CO Kimberly: baby medical exam on 11/09/2018 CO Sophorn: grant on 20/03/2019
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    Congratulations to @Chopsan, @DKAGG, @ N, @Mehedi, @Mel_bcn, @Dino, @conan, @Deepak
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    I will add you and will keep an eye on your entry
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    Speak of 190, In 2016, a friend of mine moved to Tasmania as she didn't get the NSW state regional sponsorship. As per requirement of Tasmania 190, she needs to study there for the certain time period, I thought she's got a long way to go. What a stupid thinking! The reality was that she got her PR in the middle of 2017! Geez! What ab me? I am still stuck in the middle of nowhere like an idiot and awaiting here forever for PR be granted!!
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    I am a silent follower as well. Applied 16th Feb 2018, still showing "Received", not being contacted even once. Applied for new AFP in 27 Feb still waiting for it to be posted to me.
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    Russki needs to add me in. Applied 28/7/18. Not a leecher because everytime I updated someone deleted me immediately. Dont know why.
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    AFP Request Applied 28/1/18 Baby Medical Request 17/9/18 AFP Request 20/3/19
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    887 processing timeline has now changed to 15-16 months in immi account
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