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    Got PR today after feedback to immigration 18 month
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    Hi guys i just checked my immi account it says application finalized visa granted. Applied on 12 jan 2018 further documentation 19 july submitted on 16 August grant 15 jan 2019 i just called the department yesterday and he put my call on hold and told me i submitted everything just have to wait for the processing time thank you so much guys for your support
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    Common COs. Do some work Please.
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    Good luck everyone.. i hope they are back from holidays and start picking some files now
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    Yesterday, When I was young. The taste of life was sweet....................
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    I can’t believe that they are still processing 2017 applications. Craziness in a whole other level. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Yes you can combine two jobs, I also done that and got my PR,
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    Update my timeline 11aug 2017, (apply), jan 2018, new born baby docs like passport, July 2018, medical for baby , aug 2018, AFP, jan 14,2019, grant, after global feedback form, thanks my friends and best of luck, hope for best
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    There is no processing time. It is infinite.
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    I suggest raise the complaint with immigration ombudsman. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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    You made me laugh out so loud in the office.
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    I dont know if we should be happy or not. Theyare only granting visas to people over 12 months.. that doesn't looks good for feb applicants
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    I think they r saying, case is closed because they decided to grant u PR.
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    Congratulations!!!! I can't believe my eyes, we are back on!!!! Second grant this week! Yaa-hoo guys!
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  16. 2 points
    That's what I was saying for the past few days. Raise proper complaints with your names without being anonymous. Sent from my SM-N950F using Tapatalk
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  18. 2 points
    Hi Sunit, congrats on ur grant!! who was your CO?
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    We can. There is actually an instruction on Change.org site explaining how to promote the petition further. For instance, we can prepare some good life stories from our members, showing how their life was affected by this long wait. Stories from people who's kids cannot afford going to Uni - because of no PR, stories from people who are paying as much for childcare as they earn - because of no PR, a story from someone who lost a lot of money of buying a house just because of the PR grant delay, stories of people losing job opportunities - because of no PR... Etc. With this story collection AND the petition we could go to media or MPs or David Coleman himself to present our case and ask for help. As there is a lot of work involved and all these stories need to be offered by the applicants - it seems like one person won't cope. It needs to be done collectively. Anyone wants to offer their story? Anyone wants to be a head of the fighting group? PS: I tried approaching SBS, but there was no reply. I can try again.
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    Yessss!!!! I have researched this option a while ago, but apparently we can only start complaining to ombudsman once we have UNSUCCESSFULLY complained to Global Feedback unit three times. Which is what has just happened with me. So I am going to ombudsman now! See what happens...
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    Thanks for keeping this rolling forward @Sunnysideup! It's either you do some heads-up and do the easier way and find yourself in a rut the harder way. Cheers!
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    Good old days. Sent from my STF-L09 using Tapatalk
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    HURRAY!!!!!!! How exciting!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Such good news!
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    Hi , i visited immigration office Melbourne recently and they said if you are out of processing time limit them come to us and put complaint ... just try that hope you get any hopeful reply..... it’s too much frustrating
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    I think when we have granted bridging visa A there is no restrictions so we can move to anywhere in Australia but there will be soon changes on 887 visa before Christmas anything can happen so hold on until then. Dont rush just my opinion.
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