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    After 400 days, reading 600+ pages of this Forum and congratulating around 100+ applicants it's time to be on the receiving side. Yes, champion Sophorn did it 10 mins back. Came from holidays and banged three mails in my inbox saying "Go n enjoy your PR".
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    ***Drum rolls please*** Just received the most awaited email of my life I have been granted PR for me and my family Thank you everyone for all support I applied on 12th Feb and this is DIRECT GRANT I did everything to get but the last thing I did this morning was blood donation in Red Cross And yes CO is Sophorn
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    Good afternoon guys. CO sophorn is on fire. Keep working on weekend. Just got my grant today and yes it was a direct grant. Applied on 13th feb 2018. Cheers everyone and keep praying for newzeland . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi mates, I got contacted by Mr Sophorn, He requested AFP for me and my wife. and UAE PCC for me (I visited UAE last month). Applied 12 Feb. 2018. Let,s hope for the best. Looong wait!
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    First day after 887 grant and it is feeling very different and very nice. I pray to god that you all get the grants without any hassles and without any delay as I know what pain is of waiting. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Thanks everyone for the wishes . And thanks for answering my queries. I know now I have to keep patience with the procedure. I am going to upload change of circumstances form and apply for birth certificate.
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    I hope i will get my grant today Applied. 21/10/17
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    Hi All, It may not mean much but some interesting statistics when reviewing our group spreadsheet, which begs the question, why are 887 applications decreasing so substantially from month to month? I know the spreadsheet may only represent members on this forum but does the trend indicate the general trend across Australia? Could this be a reason why the immigration website explains that there is not enough applications to determine a timeline? Ofcourse it may mean that people are just not visiting this forum, but it is an interesting fact after immigration numbers were cut over the last few years and point requirements have increased for all visas. Number of sc887 Applications per month since 1 November 2017 until end Feb'19 (I could go further back which could further back-up the trend) Nov'17 = 45; Dec'17 = 36; Jan'18 = 47; Feb'18 = 49; March'18 = 13; April'18 = 26; May'18 = 11; June'18 = 12; July'18 = 10; Aug'18 = 8; Sep'18 = 9; Oct'18 = 5; Nov'18 = 5; Dec'18 = 8; Jan'19 = 2; Feb'19 = 8 In November'17 there were 45 applications, but in November'18 only 5!
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    Who got Sophorn's number to remind her to work? ;))
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    I applied for AFP for 3 of us, as the old one is a year old already. Such a waste of money! We paying for some one's inefficiency :-'(
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    There is no such restriction or condition. You can go and visit your family of course, while on 489. But if you travel overseas, every case if different. For example, if you just came into Australia for 1 month to validate your 489 visa and then went back to your home country for 6 months before returning here, you will have to compensate this 6 months of absence before applying for 887 visa. But if you settled in Australia on 489, found stable place to live and stable job, then went to see your family in your home country for a months, later returning here and carrying on working here, - you will not have to compensate 4 weeks before applying for 887 visa. You can apply for 887 visa exactly 2 years after entering Australia. Also, after visiting family overseas you may want to renew your overseas police clearance certificate for all applicants over 16.
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    as long as they still keep processing the Grant, I dont care ab process time's number on Immi acc anymore.
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  14. 3 points
    hope this helps - https://www.fingerprintexpert.in/police-clearance-certificate-pcc-from-republic-of-congo.html
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    Just thank me only mate. Called her number yesterday to do overtime on the weekend. ;)))
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    Yes i did. And those who stayed with relatives or share house and dont have any rental agreement or bills in their name dont need to worry. Just submit statutory declaration. I was staying in share house and i changed my address 5 times through gumtree. All i did just took declaration from them. So dont be tensed. All good. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You been to Thailand, and looking at your Username , (Just Do it) >>> You need to submit a blood report mate Just kidding
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    Purpose of Visit is "Migration" and just fill in your family who is part of 887
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    By the way not just new AFP PCC but I got and uploaded new overseas PCC as well.
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    Just wait! !!how long? Till i die!!!
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    Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! You must be over the moon!!!! Great news!
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    Yeah, I asked them what do this ("Low volume of applicant)" mean on the website. They said there are uncountable files so we are not sure what time they will be processed. I said its very very confusing statement on the website. These guys are so rude in response.
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    Ask him what is the definition of low number of files. There are thousands families out there blaming and crying the immi huge backlogs. We need to raise this issue to the media to scare the people from applying into visa 489. They would feel the reverse pressure from us.
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    @Russki When i feel frustrated, i'll go to Julian Hill Mp's video and watch and really feel a bit relief. At lease he is the one in that position who can address a lecture in Parliament house attacking current visa processing department. Even want to call them to talk about 887 visas, not just citizenship cases. 887 visas is a thing of humanitarian, of government's trust , of regional policy affects and our future! (03) 9547 1444 Send message www.julianhillmp.com
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