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    GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe I’m posting this after 466 days after lodging my application. Thank you everyone in this forum who helped me to get this without any issues with the documentations. Specially @Russki & @Honey Details are as follows, Date Applied – 10.02.2018 New Born Added – July 2018 489 for New born baby – 20th Sep 2018 01st CO contact (Sophorn) – 26th Feb 2019 (Baby medical & AFP for me & my wife) 02nd CO contact (Sophorn) – 16th April 2019 (Stat dec for baby medical) GRANT – 22nd May 2019 (CO – Peter) I Wish & pray that everyone will get their grants very soon
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    Hi Guys, I'm a silent follower of this forum, I applied 887 visa on 09/04/2018, and got Direct Grant today 21/05/2019!! (AFP is renewed 2 months ago) This is such a big and warm FAMILY!!! Thank you everyone for sharing useful information, cheering up each other and being with me for last 12 months. Wish you all a quick direct grant! (Please update me in the forum) GOOOOOOOD LUCKKKKKKKK guys!!
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    Good morning all, Another exciting news from a silent follower. We recived our golden email @ 10.30 this morning. It was a direct grant. 887 visa applied 5/04/2018 Granted 22/05/2019 CO Regina, Please keep updating your profile, and upload any available document you think they might request or useful, and this helped us to get a direct grant. Wish you all the very best. Also, I must say this lovely community and its members are doing amazing job, guys this information you'll are share here worth thousands, so please keep up the good work.
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    ####GRANT#### applied 11 April 2018 DIRECT grant today: 22 May 2019 GodSpeed!!!!!
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    Finally Grant Today and I am not silent follower applied 13 feb 2018 first CO 19 March 2019 requested medical for baby and AFP grant today: 22 May 2019 CO: Peter good luck to everyone
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    GRANT!!!! GRANT!!!! GRANT!!!!! Guys, this blissful day has finally arrived for my family!!!! Applied: 25 September 2017 07/02/18 - CO Dat, PCC from Russia; questions about my schooling, travelling etc. 12/04/18 - CO Dat, address of ex-husband from 15 years ago. 16/01/19 - CO Peter, parental consent verbal confirmation for my kid. 09/05/19 - CO Sophorn, asked for updated AFP, when it was already submitted in February 2019. Grant: 17 May 2019, CO Peter I am laughing and crying and I think will be very drunk tonight. Love you all!
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    Dear ALL After huge trouble finally, we got our permanent residency. Applied 24th December 2019 16 July 2018 1s case officer 7 May 2019 2nd case officer 20-05-2019 finally Sophorn today
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    Hi I am a silent follower We got our golden email this morning! Applied:26th feb 2018 CO contact: 02/05/2019 Requested for baby health examination. Health examinations submitted on 09/05/2019 Got golden email 21/05/2019! Wait is over. Thanx CO Michael. Best of luck for you guys.
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    Hi Everyone, After a long time, I got 887 for my whole family. Applied: 25th March,2019 Received Grant: 20th March,2019 CO Assigned : 10th March,2019 CO Name: Grant He had some confusions about my payslips and baby medical (under six months).
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    Hi everyone, i have been following this page silently in a regular basis. And i am very happy to share u all people that i got my grant today at 3:15 pm. And wish everyone all the very best. Applied date-15/03/2018. Direct grant - 21/05/2019. Co- Dan
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    @Spade, @Rana G, @Ranga, @NY050418!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS on your grants!!!!! Congrats everyone on the huge change in processing, COs are on the roll, the Department is on the mission to pull the processing time in line for us!!!! Isn't it great?!
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    Hello Guys I’m a silent follower. I applied my 887 visa on March 9th 2019. I haven’t got my grant yet. Because I applied in 2019. good luck to all. I hope every one get their grants soon.
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    Hi guys, I am not sure if it is a dream. I applied 887 on 4th July 2018. CO Sophorn has just sent me email asking for new AFP and that’s the only one. I will update later.
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    If the department gives this forum 2 grants per day then we will have everyone on our spreadsheet granted PR within the next 3 months!!!
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    Guys, THANK YOU all so much for your warm wishes and congratulations, we are such a great community here, big family! The grant news are very slowly sinking in... I guess, tomorrow it will feel more real. And I am not blocking the queue any more! Congrats to all who got grants and CO contacts today! Peaceful happy bear on the avatar now, as requested by the forum members! I will stay on the forum for a while longer to keep you guys company.
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    Pls. clear out the April this week. ^^
  17. 6 points
    No no no no No ! January’s first
  18. 6 points
    Hi Mate, good to see another December person around. I have applied 3rd of December, I could apply a month earlier it didn't happen because of my lazy agent. Good to see the waiting queue is getting down. From the excel sheet we have 36 = April, 17=May, 20=June, 14=July, 10=August, 10=September, 5=October, 9=December a total of 121 people ahed. Personally I think, 36 is a huge number to assess. As soon as immigration finish up with the April applicant processing time should go down. As our new prime minister will be elected tonight. Hopefully it will be positive news for us , quota for the next financial year will be coming up very soon. Overall good news is coming up. During this time, we should make sure that we have updated all the required documents then waiting for the CO to be allocated. Hopefully end of this year you might able to get our residency. Hope for the best.
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    Now this update has brought in so much excitement. Good on you mate.
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    Hello Folks, I have been contacted by C/O Micheal asking baby medical certificate. I have received an email and top of the that case officer personally rang me and clarify regarding medical. I told him I am so desperate to buy a property's and hence can look after ASAP. Let's see
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    Hi , I was contacted today, requested me and my spouse more evidence of in regional Australia or a low growth metropolitan area. applied 1 04 18 contact 20.05.19 co Joan.
  22. 5 points
    I think there are enough case officers who can clear from dec 17to april 18.. we may have to scream loud so that our voice can reach .. or send then some red bull drinks to keep them awake hopefully a flood of grants coming towards us..
  23. 5 points
    VICToRY At LaST!!! Hope you've already recovered from hangover from Friday haha You know what @Russki, this is the most awaited post in this forum and literally the only reason I kept coming back to read the forum after I received my grant few moons back. I don't know you personally, never met you, but I think you deserve this over everyone else because of the great character you showed in this forum through thick and thin and you kept the light very much alive. Despite your frustration, you managed to cheer everyone up with a kind word or two, kept the peace and calm amongst thousands of participants from different backgrounds. I wish you nothing but all the very best on your journey as a 'fully fledged' resident (as I would like to call it ) and may whatever your dreams do come true in this great land of opportunity. ::Good Luck!
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    I'm assuming that the CO's name is Grant.... lol I was the only applicant.
  25. 4 points
    I know you are super excited, but if you don’t mind sharing your documents list , thank you so much
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