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    MIA (The Migration institute of Australia) always communicate directly with Home affairs to provide update on policy. I wonder if we should approach their national director, his name is John Hourigan, he also run a migration service, will call his office tomorrow to see if they can pass the message to home affairs, but he may charge a fee for service. Any opinion?
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    Why would you say that??? Do you have any source or any internal information?? Please do not write anything just for the heck of it; these are tough times lets not please please spread negativity if not positivity this is my humble request
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    They will delay our grant even more because of centrelink and covid-19 support to australians. temporary residents don't get any, so it just make sense that they keep us that way so they don't owe us anything. They don't care what happens to us because we are here because we wanted to. They have no obligation to us whatsover until we become PR. There's nothing we can do, just keep ourselves and our family safe and healthy, hopefully we're still alive when we get that grant. I was about to sign the petition @Moksha but I cancelled, no offense, but the construction of the letter is highlighting that we are a liability and that we will flee to the city once we get the grant. I know your intention is good and it is true that opportunity are less for temporary residents like us, let's just keep praying for everyone. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.
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    Hello Guys, I have submitted a PETITION TO THE PARLIAMENT OF AUSTRALIA about our case. It would be awesome If you sign the petition. May our voices heard if we sign the petition with large numbers. It is a 5 minutes job. https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_list?id=EN1378 Regards
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    Don’t Need the fucking money keep it grant me my 887 that’s all I want so I can carry in with my life fuck this if they just care about granting visa in appropriate way I’ll be good
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    “We have a large stock of people currently in the country who are potentially impacted by unemployment and closures as businesses, particularly in the services industry, wind down, who do not have access to Centrelink benefits,” Migration Council of Australia chief executive Carla Wilshire told Guardian Australia. “Many of them have families and children, and rental payments … which creates a significant vulnerability in the community.” Wilshire also said that tourist visa holders may need to be moved on to bridging visas to avoid being in breach of conditions and becoming unlawful, while other visa holders who breached work requirements could also find themselves in strife. “There needs to be a review across all temporary migration streams of visa status and capacity to support people through vulnerability,” Wilshire said. Labor is also raising concerns about the impact of the pandemic on the temporary migrant workforce, suggesting that if a large portion of temporary visa holders in Australia cannot leave, and cannot get financial support and medical treatment, they may be forced to continue working. “They could be left with no choice but to unknowingly spread the virus as they are forced to keep working or keep seeking work,” a Labor spokesperson said. “A virus does not check a person’s visa status. It affects everyone in the community. It is in Australia’s national interest for everyone – citizen or not – to be part of the extraordinary national effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.” The National Farmers’ Federation was on Thursday in talks with the government about the restrictions on foreign travel and is seeking assurance that the supply of foreign labour will not dry up.
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    Oh my gosh - a 24 month wait then.... suppose its better to hear about 1 grant before the weekend than 0!
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    No grants again come on grants come on co’s
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    There is no harm in caring refugees mate. Ideally they are not caring us. We should be thankful to God that they have seen so much that they had to take refuge here. We cannot imagine level of circumstances they would have faced. But, Yes I agree they are ignoring us....
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    Depression is worse than coronavirus, I have lost hope
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    There are report that they are planning to give temporary visa holder benefits as well but I highly doubt we will get anything. If you lose you job you might be able to withdraw your super of up to 10000 this financial year and next financial year, but still not sure if it applies to TR or not
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    He said home affairs knows we are in Australia and more than likely on a bridging visa and have proper work right, and they have more important things to do so they don’t care about the processing time. he said he just spoke to home affairs today. Well because we are onshore we are on least priority:(
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    If you haven't signed this other petition, do it now. 200 signatures left to complete 5000... http://chng.it/dMFyPP2t8Q
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    33 signs in less than 1 hour. That's awesome guys. keep it up Hello Guys, I have submitted a PETITION TO THE PARLIAMENT OF AUSTRALIA about our case. It would be awesome If you sign the petition. May our voices heard if we sign the petition with large numbers. It is a 5 minutes job. https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_list?id=EN1378 Regards
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    You are right. We need to be positive. We have worked very hard for years and paid taxes, they just can’t tell us to leave. A lot of us have been doing jobs completely different from our education and previous experience for years and if God forbid anything of such sort happens, we wouldn’t be able to survive in our respective countries coz we wouldn’t have any recent experience and wouldn’t be able to get good jobs. Let’s hope for the best for us and our families.
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    They need migrants to recover the economy... what do you think why we are here? Because they like us or because they need people to work in regional Australia. Could be that they will prolong our regional residency to keep workers there... Now is harder or not possible to import more workers.
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    I think COs are reluctant to process 887 VISA applications possibly because it takes more time for them to verify the submitted documents compared to 189 and 190 VISAs. At the end of the day, it is just a job for them. If there is a daily work target for them to meet for their KPI, they would pick the easiest VISA to process to get their numbers up. 887s will be left in a pile no one wants to touch. To work for a federal agency, you need to be Australian citizen, hence the reason they don't understand our struggles.
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    110% agreed. Even if we get the money, it will be only for a very short time. While 887 is a long long wait. They can keep the money but give us our PR which we should have already received by now.
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    Under the epidemic situation, the ugliness and goodness of human nature have nothing to hide. Rather they process visa ASAP. But it's true that all kinds of personality comes out. Some people would like to show their mercy and generosity and kindness to people in needs, but some evil like Peter Dutton for example would always think that migration are taking away his jobs, his money, his big city's space. Thanks the crsis let us see through the human nature behind this, and learn from this to be a thinkful, kind and humble person. However, like I said Peter Dutton will soon come out from quarantine, sounds like a recovery evil bug, and likes being toxic and doing damaging things, he would be in big possiblity in blocking all good things to visa holders as he's doing these evil things for three years! So God bless Us!!!
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    Not necessarily in a continuous basis. You can do within 4 years of time but make sure once applied your 887 it has to meet the one year employment requirement.
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    You should be ok as you already met all the conditions when you applied 887 application. Anything that changes now wouldn't impact.
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    I just spoke to John Hourigan (the ndirector of MIA) on the phone but he said there is nothing he can do, he knows we are on a bridging visa and we have assess the Medicare and have proper work right, he said we will just have to wait unfortunately...well we need to find another way then...
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