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    Hi All, Visa finally Granted today. Applied: 9 Jun 18 Requested more info (AFP & Wife functional English) on 17 Jun 19 Granted on 3 Dec 19. Co: Wilson thanks all for big help.
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    Grant grant .. Direct grant at 2pm I would like to share my information. No. of Applicant: 3 (family with kid 3.5 years old, my son born oversea, came in Australia when he was 3 months old) Applied Date: 19/09/2018 Updated the AFP for both and upload on 18/09/2019 Updated Oversea Police Check on 15/11/2019 (we went oversea twice, totally 4 weeks only. Update just in case) My kid does not need the Medical test as he took when applied 489 Visa Documents I submitted are the one noted on the document checklist on homeaffair website. I do recommend check the document checklist few times to make sure you uploaded all the requested documents. The step-by-step on the link https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/skilled-regional-887#HowTo is useful. I also received the generic automatic email sent by Homeaffair on 20/09/2019. I uploaded the updated AFP on 18/09/2019. I think the automatic email is set up before that and recognised I did not upload the updated AFP. CO: Andries Hope you guys here will have grant soon. Cheers
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    Have been a silent follower for a few months. Finally received the auspicious email. Submitted 887 application on 8/6/2018. Requested for more info (detailed working certificate & national police check) on 18/6/2019. Contacted by CO via phone call on 29/11/2019. Granted on 29/11/2019. CO Katherine
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    Grant!!!! Applied 05/06/18 First contact 12/06/19 Co Grant Complain first 05/09/19 Complain second 27/11/19 Grant 29/11/19 Co Wilson
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    GRANT from my friend Lodge on: 05/06/18 request new AFP: 15/06/19 887 Grant on today. 29/11/19
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    Hi mate, Once your 489 expires, you should have no conditions on your living or working rights whatsoever, you can check VEVO and you will realize the changes in the conditions on the day of expiry. we applied on 887 on Feb.18, then we had our 489 expired on Oct. 18, I contacted and emaild the department to confirm if they have any objection on moving to metropolitan areas (they didn't respond as usual) - I moved in Nov.18, and changed my address to metropolitan as required - then I got the grant in may 19 with no dramas. I hope this helps mate. good luck.
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    This does not affect me however I am happy to adjust the language a bit in order for you to get your message across. 'It is not understood how the department are currently processing applications that were lodged prior to July 2018, Although we understand that processing can take time it seems that priority is not necessarily given to the earliest applications, but rather randomly reviewed and processed because we have noticed that grants have been issued to applicants who lodged in September 2018 however there are still applicants that lodged prior to July 2018 who have not been processed. It seems logical that applications should be processed on a ‘First in first out’ basis? It also seems logical that once a case officer has reviewed a file and requested more info then they should not take longer than a month to return to the application for processing. We have also noticed that the global processing periods for the 887 have ballooned out to more than 20 months, however when we originally applied it was only 12 to 14 months. It is only fair and not too much to expect that the processing time should remain the same period as that which existed at the time of application. This would provide applicants with peace of mind and give them the opportunity to plan their lives accordingly'
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    I have given this suggestion to Immigration, I think who have been waiting before June - July should give them a suggestion like this. If we keep writing them maybe our voice might be heard, and if you wish to complain or suggest immi you can be anonymous. But I didn't hide my identity. It’s very prejudiced how immigration is processing file people who applied at 2018 June are still are in the waiting game and people who applied on 2018 September got the result. We no it takes time and process but once you not finished with old files why even to move forward, isn’t it should be like FIFO process, first in first out. And once we get contacted by case officer why can’t it be finalised in months or two months and move to the next file. Applicant are stumbled with what authority is doing. When individual applied for visa the processing times shows specifically 12 to 14 months then we set our goal, we plan as it is. And all of a sudden after a few months processing time changes 20 - 22 months the changes should be applied to a new application that’s what people plan when they apply. The people who have applied before the new changes, shouldn’t be affected by changes, how fair will be this to applicant will have some peace of mind and will be a fair game.
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    Yes, I'm still with the forum. Got my visa granted a few days ago (29/11) and I've updated the spreadsheet.
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    Regarding moving to a non-regional area after 489 expires; it is my understanding that, on a bridging visa, you must comply with your substantive visa restriction(s) i.e. living regionally. Has anyone been told any different from a reputable source?
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    Hi everyone...just got a call from my agent that immi has requested more documents. Police clearance for me and my husband Job contract, pay slips and superannuation summary for me being the primary applicant. I had provided all the documents except pay slips and super. Providing everything today and hope we will get our PR soon. Anyone else have been contacted???
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    New week with new hopes. There are not any grants today. Hope it will come in soon. Anyone receives the grant, please update. Thanks
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    GRANT Applied date - 15/2/2018 Grant - 28/11/2019 After 21 months Did complain on 20 Nov and got reply from them around 3 and they grant my visa at half past 5. Thanks everyone. CO : Katherine
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    Congrats Dear, Seems that they are picking some June Files. I am 06/18 Batch as well
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    Thanks for this! My country takes 6 - 12 months to renew passports...so although my kids passports only expire in August, I need to renew now...but by the time they process our visa, we not not even have the new passports yet . So many hurdles. I applied in February, so at the time the passports still had 1 year and 7 months. Just grateful for the forum as its only because I saw someone else's post did I think to check our passport expiry dates. And when you apply you think you have plenty of time left on the passports...but because this process takes SO SO long you constantly need to be checking docs and dates etc!
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    OK thanks very much! I have signed!
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    Tomorrow is monday again.waiting for the more and more grants.applied on 19/9/18.Hope we will get the grants before co goes for Christmas holiday.
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    The phone call queried my earlier work experience as a domestic service sub-contractor and an uber eats driver. In the post the further work certificate I uploaded was the supplementary payslips & bankstatements that come from my current, full time job. Because they were more regular and could imagine they would cause less confusion for the CO. The first case officer who requested for more information is called RAJANI. All the best to your application.
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    Mate , our grant isn't too far. Rain of grants coming soon.
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    Are there any new grant today? Less than one month till end of the year....We will have the longest holiday
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    Can everyone do this then, had very low count at the moment https://www.aph.gov.au/petition_list Search for 887 or EN1173 I have done my part now. Can I request everyone here to sign a petition. Thanks
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    Good to hear mate. Make me feel more relaxed and not stressing out about my case too as I did only total 6.5 weeks but in 2 stretches. Best of luck and hope the agent is on point of what he's saying in your case. Did you double check with immigration too?
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    Hello dhle, I talked with the agent and he said 2 months leave in one stretch holiday doesn't matter. Thanks for the suggestion mate.
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