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    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 11 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 7/5/2018 First CO Katherine contact for baby medical on 26/6/2019. Baby medical submitted to department on 2/7/2019. Also done baby photo stat dec on 5/8/2019. Granted : 13/8/2019. CO: Rajani. I’m over the moon! Can’t express the happiness and really grateful for this forum friends, Special Thanks to @Bern83, @Russki, @peace_at_heart And @Honey @Bern83 I wish you will get your grant with in this week too. Note: I did a polite request to grant my visa on comment and complain online as per this forum.
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    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 10 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 29/06/2018 Granted : 13/8/2019.(direct grant ) Thank you everyone. Hope everyone will get pr soon.
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    FAQ 1. How long are police certificates valid for? A. One year. 2. How do I apply for AFP? A. Visit the following link for more information - https://www.afp.gov.au/what-we-do/services/criminal-records/national-police-checks. 3. Do I need police certificates for all the countries that I have visited before applying for 887, even if I visited those countries for just 1-2 weeks? A. It depends on the Case Officer (CO). If possible then get it so that you do not have to waste time when CO asks for it. 4. What proof do I have to give for residence and employment? A. All the documents that you need for this is clearly provided in the application. 5. I shared accommodation with a friend, what proof do I need to give for residence? A. You can provide a Stat Dec from your friend mentioning that your were residing with your friend. Provide all the letters/documents/registrations/bills that you got in that address such as insurance letters, car registration, phone bills etc. 6. Do I have to certify all the documents? A. You do not have to but CO may ask for it. Therefore, if you want, then you can prepare it beforehand to save time. 7. How can I create HAP ID for my child? A. It has to be created by the CO. You may call or email or fill out the suggestion form online to ask for it in advance to save time. 8. Do I have to submit form 80? A. Yes you have to. 9. Do I have to submit form 1221? A. Not necessary but CO may ask for it. 10. If I go overseas, do I have to make up that time before applying for 887 visa? A. Generally four weeks of paid annual leave for each year is allowed. However, there is no set rule on this one, it depends on the CO. If it is more than four weeks a year then you should definitely make up the time before applying for 887 visa. 11. Can my 887 visa be granted if I am overseas? A. No. 12. Does secondary applicant also have to meet the requirement for residency? A. No, only the primary applicant has to meet the requirement, secondary applicant does not have to fulfill two years of residency. But when in Australia, secondary applicant must comply to 489 visa conditions, meaning living in regional area. 13. Where can I find the 887 data tracker? A. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/1/d/1ApeHDAjEH60WFBNLeq14wvGzegiqGC4KD0U-OyH_w6U/htmlview#. 14. How long are English Language tests valid for? A. Generally one year, especially if the results show functional English (ie average band of at least 4.5 in IELTS) . However, for vocational English and higher level of English, test results are valid for 3 years. Test results need to be valid at the time of lodgement of 887 visa. It does not matter if they expire whilst waiting for the 887 visa grant. More information can be found in the following link - https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/english-language/functional-english. 15. Does primary applicant have to provide English language test results for 887 visa? A. No. 16. Can I complain if I am within the global processing time? A. You can complain or provide comment or suggestion at any time but make sure to be polite. 17. What should I do to lodge a complain? A. Visit the following link to lodge a complain online - https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-and-support/departmental-forms/online-forms/complaints-compliments-and-suggestions or call 133 177. Credit @Stellajane @Freddy
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    Yes, we have those "Theme days" on the forum, true! But we have to be patient and remember that we have new people joining all the time. It does not hurt to answer the same question repeatedly on the forum - more people will see the answer.
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    Please mind your language to other and especially newer members of this forum, we are all here for the same reasons. If you do not like someone's post, scroll over it, don't go questioning it. Many people are on this forum, some are desperate and seek answers, their comments could have a negative tone, some try to make things sound funny just to ease their mind, … it is just a way how people react to the situation of this awfully long wait for their grant.
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    Hi Adam, i don’t have the exact words that I wrote as it was online complaint. As from my memory I mention my visa reference number date of apply and how far I’m waiting and kindly explained I need to start my life with my own house and a good job. Not sure it worked but somehow I got my PR after those attempts. I followed every good suggestions this forum members talk about like updating new AFP, baby stat dec and polite request on online complaint. I wish all of you who desperately waiting will get their grants soon!
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    Listen mate, we all have the same issues pending, whether it is buying property, moving to the city, wanting our kids to go to university without having to pay international fees, etc, etc, etc. I have those too, so instead I try look at the positive aspects of what could happen and take whatever action I need to in order to avoid pitfalls. It spoils my day when I have to look at negative comments that remind me of what could go wrong. We all want the grant period to decrease. My (very good) agent has confirmed that if all documents are in place then PR should be granted within a period of 12 to 13 months. This is the consensus of 1700 agents around Australia. If the CO's have to request further or updated info then your time may exceed 16 months.. It is also possible that the grant period may decrease but the department may not necessarily commit to that on their website. Believe me mate, people don't enjoy negative comments like the previous ones made today, they don't excite anyone. I don't say you make them all the time, but it does not help if your latest comment is negative. If we think positive and give help and advice on this forum then hopefully good Karma will come our way
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    A small update on my chart from page 1450 on this forum (chart not amended) July 19 we have had 19 grants and in August we have 9 to date. Which is in my opinion, for July 19 it is still a good number. August has not finished yet so there is still a good chance that we can reach the at least 20 mark again.
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    @HelloMan, awesome mate!! This is already a very good start. There are a few items that might need a little bit more info, so I hope that you will stick around a little bit more in the next coming weeks so we can all submit additional comments to this list to make it our forum "FAQ list on page 1475" Hope you're up for it to edit along... and again THANKS HEAPS for this. For example: - please number your questions so we can refer to these more easily. - question 13 (residency requirements for 2nd applicant) answer: No, 2nd applicant does not have to fullfill 2 years of residency BUT when in Australia 2nd applicant MUST comply to visa conditions, meaning living in regional area. - Question 15 (English requirements) If functional English has been achieved, test results are valid for only 1 year. From vocational English and higher level of English, test results are valid for 3 years. Note that your test results need to be valid at the time you apply for 887. It does not matter if they expire whilst waiting for your 887 grant. More info on: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/meeting-our-requirements/english-language/functional-english
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    An idea to put those questions in a FAQ list/comment: @HelloMan posted a full list of regularly returning questions on page 1472 already. I do not have all the knowledge in answering all the questions, but it might be an idea if someone would take the effort in answering those questions (or adding links to the answers) and posting it as in 1 comment on this forum. Then we can answer new followers more effectively : "Please look on page xxxx of this forum where there is a list of regularly returning questions, maybe you can find a few of your questions already" (kinda like a FAQ page) Maybe add the link for the tracker there too. Just an idea...
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    One of the best posts ever seen in this forum. Do you know how long your comment will be valid?
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    It seems that today is the day for asking, 'how long is IELTS test valid for?' Some other day it will be, 'how long are police certificates valid for?' Another day it will be, 'do I have to certify all my documents?'
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    @deftown you will get your grant notifcation at the end of this week for sure . from today they started to open new applicant . (co) they got more pressure too august 18 is coming on their head they need to reduce processing time to at least 16to 16 months or 15 to 16 months . so relax there are few people still waiting from feb or even from last year (2017) . so dont worry we will all get our grant . i applied on 17th july 2018 i am expecting my grant before 16 september still long way . dont worry be happy its not in our hand
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    after 2 months, finally another direct grant ?! congrats !!!
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    @TakeItOnTheChin My apologies if I sound like that to you. That is absolutely not my intention. Honestly, I do try to keep up the good spirit, but sometimes even for me it is a little too much to take. I've absolutely have also my own reasons why I need my grant to pass rather yesterday then within 6 months. Please have a read through my previous comments on this forum. You'll see that I also encourage people to keep their faith high. I'm not offended by your post, don't worry and I will think about it on my next posts.
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    You guys are so negative, is it possible to get positive or helpful comments from either of you. Maybe create you own forum for Doomsayers! If you don't know what it means then here goes: doomsayer noun doom·say·er | \ ˈdüm-ˌsā-ər \ Definition of doomsayer : one given to forebodings and predictions of impending calamity Examples of doomsayer in a Sentence Don't listen to the doomsayers.
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    Not more than 1-year before LODGE date guys. Not 1 year from when the case officer opens the file.
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    Hi TAN, Congrats to you and your family. Let's keep making this country a better place everyday. Stay Blessed!!!
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    And how come ppl like us from april ar3 still waiting
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    Sometime, i got confused when I see a stranger updates status to a direct grant. Should I belive it or not. The person was not on the forum, and their updates given by their friends. Hard to say anything, when we have very slow period the stanger grant is very suspicious to me, don't get offended it’s a personal opinion. I have a friend applied in 4th July has no contact yet other mate applied in last week of June has no news. One of them follow the excel sheet, I know how is his situation now, he sees grant from mid july but it wasn’t him. We have a chat few times in a week now. I tell him you will be next, he is very upset now. Hopefully evry grant is a legit here, It's a matter of time to pick up our file. Sent from my CPH1871 using Tapatalk
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    See my comments from few hours ago.. My agent called immi today.. they gave her stupid answer basically... When the immi website says 887 applications will be processed "in the order that they are received", don't believe it.. it's total crap!
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    Hi , Yes I did quote my reference number and did a polite request on below link https://www.homeaffairs.gov.au/about/contact/provide-feedback/compliments-complaints-suggestions/visa-citizenship-service
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    Thanks @Bern83 My prayers are for you and all who waiting here.. it’s so unfair we have to wait this long but hopefully processing time will go down soon and all who contacted will get their PR very very soon!
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    Hey Snifter, Just wanted to give an update. My visa actually came earlier than expected and by end of Jan I arrived (in +40 degree heat) to set up everything before my family arrived in 4 weeks. Got an air bnb in Glenelg while I started the house hunting progress. I'm glad I prepared everything first and have a rough idea of where we wanted to be. The process wasn't too difficult but we did have to view some small and poor places but perseverance was key. 5 months on and we are happily living in Grange and our stuff has arrived from UK (took a little longer than expected). Our UK house has sold. We thought why not jump into our adventure and put everything into it. If it doesn't work, we can just move back. Our oldest (4) is missing home a little but he's enjoying kindy and we're out most weekends doing things as a family so hopefully he'll ll come around. We caught the end of summer and had some great adventures so far. Loving the food availability and range. The vino is not too bad either We arrived on a temp visa but have just lodged our PR visa so hopefully that will be processed but its a weight off the mind. I'm glad we made the jump and so far so good. Thanks again for the advice If anyone has any questions, please let me know and will give advise where possible.
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