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    GRANT O ji GRANT Bale Bale GRANT Chi Chu da GRANT....... YUHOOOO................ GRANT GUYS THE WAIT FOR ME IS OVER FINALLY........... AND FOR YOU ALL WHO ARE WAITING, YOU GOT TO BELIEVE ITS NOT THAT FAR OFF NOW.......... RECEIVED THE LOVELY DIRECT AUTO GRANT EMAIL ON 28 April 20 - 11.46 AM CALL IT GOLD, CALL IT DIAMOND, THE FEELING IS FAR BEYOND WHEN IT UNFOLDS. 24 Hrs passed by and a Sweet Sensation with each remembrance. Applied Date - 24 December 2018 SINGLE APPLICANT - Hopefully will mingle soon.... OK GUYS just FYI - Keep uploading some sort of documents to demonstrate ongoing residence and you current employment docs if any and ensure your file is decision ready and totally updated. You will get your DESIRED RESULTS very soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is for all but, but focusing on those who feel missed out - all NOV, DEC, JAN AND FEB Applicants, Its coming your way very soon, don't think too much or worry as it is happening and will happen for you all.... THANK YOU ALL THE MEMBERS WHO HAVE BEEN CONTRIBUTING TO THIS FORUM AND THOSE SILENT READERS I KNOW WHEN YOU GET YOURS, YOU WILL COME IN, LIKE I DID TO SHARE YOUR FEELINGS. THIS FORUM KEPT GIVING US DIFFERENT EMOTIONS BUT ALWAYS, IT WAS SOMETHING TO LOOK UPTO IN THIS LONG PAINFUL WAIT....A RAY OF HOPE FOR ALL OF US.. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.... WISH YOU ALL SAFE AND FRUITFUL JOURNEY AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!! BALE BALE.......
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    Unbelievable! I finally received my grant! Applied 11/05/2018 Single applicant First contact 09/2019 requesting AFP with Alias name CO Wilson (yes it’s him) Complaints 4 times and last complaint was through IMMI account last week. Having nightmares everyday in the last two years. Waking everybody up in this forum with my post, praying for everyone, finally, someone must have listened. I love this forum, it’s like a family, I really hope everyone will get it and enjoy lives.
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    Big News Guys.. Welcome to 2019. Grant Grant Grant... Applied 2 Jan 2019. Direct Grant: 21 April 2020. Just now.. Family of 4. CO: Nikhila Thank you every one..Wish you all the best for All..
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    Grant Grant Grant Alhamdulilla Date applied: 08/11/2018 First contact: 15/11/2020 CO:Andreas (Requested for baby medical) Complaint : 22/04/2020 Grant: 27/04/2020 - CO: Jennifer Country: Bangladesh Thanks everyone
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    Grant Grant Grant Received our grant few minutes ago. Date applied: 09/09/2018 First contact: 04/12/2018 _CO:Sophorn (Requested further proof on spouse’s language ability even though we provided them when we applied) Complaint 1: 17/04/2020 (replied ‘this is a request, not a complaint’) Complaint 2: 21/04/2020 (complaint again without using the word “request” & said I’m complaining) Grant: 27/04/2020 - CO: Sophorn Thank you so much for all the lovely people in this forum. I wouldn’t have complained if it wasn’t for this forum. Thanks so much again & I hope everyone will get their grant soon. Cheers ‘to you all.
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    *******ohhh my god Finally after 20 months of Waiting got this golden email at 6.56Am this morning.****** Applied 22/08/2018 Documents required by Kathriene (required documents secondary applicant AFP and IELTS) visa granted 29/04/2020 by Jennie I would like to say you thankyou to all wonderful people here... Stay clam and be positive...
  7. 20 points
    Omg guys!!! Grant, grant, grant!!! Applied on 10th November 2018 1st contact 15th Jan 2020- asked for AFP with aliases for myself. Complained on 18th April. Grant today at 8.22 am Partner is British and Iam Indian. Was really depressed and worried last couple of weeks. This forum has been a constant support. A special thanks to Nudgee, Dee and all other og members. Don't think would have gotten through without your help. All the best to everyone who is waiting. Complain guys!! It really helps
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    GRANT GRANT GRANT!!!!!!!!!!! So chuffed and happy that we received the direct grant less than 5 minutes ago. We are a family of 4 in NSW Mid-North coast Applied 10 December 2018 CO was Vineetha, never saw her name before Never complained before, was going to do it tonight!!!
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    Finally the wait is over. Got 887 grant yesterday Family of 4 (Two Adults, Two Kids) Applied : 14 July 2018 First CO Contact : 20 Sep 2019 (asked for more documents) CO Michael Submitted : 10 Oct 2019 Grant 29 Apr 2020 CO Theresa
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    All, we got our 887 grant today ! Family of four. Applied : 04th Sept 2018 1st contact - Medical requested for little one dated 19th Nov 2019 - submitted immediately Grant received today (complained two days ago) Thanks for all the support and guidance. Cheers
  11. 18 points
    Granted [emoji4][emoji120] Applied 6.12.18 Direct Grant 21 04 20 CO Marea Thank you very much everyone for your support [emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    GRANT!!! Apply: 22-07-2018 First Contact: 18-09-2019 GRANT: 20-04-2020 CO Karen Thank You!!!!!
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    Hi All, I am a silent follower. I have submitted my application on 27/06/18 and received my Grant today 30/04/20. Number of applicants: Family of 3 Place of application: VIC Wishing everyone all the best. Do not lose hope. God bless.
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    Grant... Just received direct grant, applied 17/12/18 Family of three.. Indian PCC expired. complaint yesterday and attached one cover letter in IMMI account mentioned issues like PCC expired but not visited india, asked HAPID in advanced for son(subsequent entrant in 489), updated AFP etc. NO medical of son,..Not visited India after 887 lodge. CO-NIKHILA Thanks all of you , for your support.This forum really helps me alot. Hoping to get soon, those are waiting..
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    Hi I am silent follower, I got Direct grant today 9.15 am on Adelaide time. This forum is very useful to us , keeping going brothers and sisters you can get grant soon. Applied -01/02/19 Granted- 23/04/20 Thanks
  16. 17 points
    Finally received my Golden mail Applied on 04/01/2019 Direct Grant on 22/04/2020. 2 person. CO Heidi
  17. 17 points
    Finally got the grant on Friday. Alhamdulillah for everything. I just woke up and checked my account and it's finalised. I applied with a migration agent he even does not know. I was expecting a call from him. Nevermind Application date: 3rd December 2018 Single Applicant Granted: :17 April 2020 Case officer: Heidi Position Number: 60033277 All the best everyone.
  18. 16 points
    Omg omg omg Just recieved my grant. I will post details very soon. Sep 18 applicant
  19. 16 points
    Wilson is back again (forwarded)
  20. 16 points
    GRANT!!!!!!!!!! 5 minutes ago. Adelaide office. Applied on 30/11/2018 complained twice since last week. Direct Grant. Thanks for everyone.
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    We got our 887 visa today (couple). We applied on 23 July 2018. CO Michael requested English test for main applicant and health checks for both of us on 13 Sept 2019. Our previous visa was a 475 visa (yes, a 475 visa, perhaps one of the last ones) that took 6.5 years to be granted (we have a Master and Phd in patience). In Bridging Visa from December 2018. Granted today 28 April 2018. CO Vineetha
  22. 16 points
    Dear friends, I am a silent follower, I got my grant email today. Lodged on 25 Jan 2019 Direct grant 22 Apr Co's name: Lyndal Processing office: Adelaide thanks for what you have done guys, i saw those emails things today, as you have done amazing job that a lot of people's cases can be speeded up. I hope everyone can get quick grant ASAP.
  23. 16 points
    [emoji322]Grant Grant Grant[emoji322] Applied :- 20/12/2018 Direct Grant :- 21/04/2020 Sponsored by NSW but never moved over there Lived in regional VIC Case Officer:- Jennie Processed by Queensland Office Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi Guys, Grant Grant Grant We got our grant today 21 April 2020 Applied 18 dec 2018(direct grant) Family of three Recently updated all document AFC , PCC and recent pay slips , electricity bills. Provide master degree certificate and completion letter for IELTS requirement. Hope you all get your grant very soon. Good luck everyone
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    Grant! Grant! Grant! Grant! Applied: 8/06/2018 First Contact: 19/09/2019 (CO Paul requested newborn medical) Grant: 20/04/2020 (CO Karen) TODAY!!! Family of 5 waited for 20 months and 14 days. In case, anyone is wondering .... screenshot attached
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