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    Hello All, just an update, I passed the test today. Hopefully you all will as well. Best of Luck
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    Hi, yes we are from Northern Territory, all previous visas have been dealt with via Adelaide!
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    Wow. Good to see some familiar people from 887 forum. Still can’t see some people who were really active in 887 group. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    An update of my Citizenship journey: Location: Adelaide Application date: 30 September 2020 (Me+daughter), July 30 2020 (My Wife) Test: 12th December 2020 (Wife), 27th January 2021 (Me) Approval date: December 16 2020 (Wife), February 12 2021 (Me) Ceremony invite: 4th March Ceremony date: March 18th
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    3rd Beautiful Liveable City of World Adelaide-South Australia
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    Just got an email for test and interview, applied 28 May...hope everyone also gets it quick.
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    Happy t o report that got response on my application; test & interview is on July 16, 2021. We had filed 3 applications same time and day but for now got response on mine and daughters; still waiting for husband. Applied on May 15, 2021.
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    This thread is growing because of 887 applicants. Nice to see so many people from the last year.
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    So this means, just the scan copy of the front page of the passport would suffice.
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    Application date : 19/01/2021 Request more info : 18/03/2021 , Done Test : 14/04/2021 Approve: 29/05/2021
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    Hello everyone, I lodged my citizenship application on 19 April 2021. After submitting the documents I realized that my 1195 was not filled up correctly. So, I resubmit my 1195 one more time. No update yet, I guess too early for an update, I am not too curious about citizenship application. You need to attach the document before otherwise, you can't submit the application. Document submitted with the application 1195 Form ( signed by regular GP who knows me for 9 years) Address proof - Driver license. Service NSW latter ( every time you change your address you get one). I don't have any utility bills under my name. Date of birth evidence: Birth Certificate Present country of citizenship: Current Passport First arrival in Australia: Previous passport page scanned copy Photograph: Front and Back ( Back signed by person singed 1195 form) Current passport copy. The good thing is we don't have to submit the police clearance for this application, the department will organize for them. All the best everyone.
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    My Application get Approved on 29/5/2021 , but haven't got approved for my wife's application yet.
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    Thank you so much Dee and Bodyfam, helpful as always.
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    Thank you so much Dee, helpful as always. You have been very supportive during the 887 pandemic as well.
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    Congratulations. Can you please share which Counsil area and state are you from. Thanks [emoji120] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Hi all, applied for Citizenship on May 13th 2021 for myself and child, and applied May 15th for my partner. We received email invite for test and interview 02nd and 03rd June 2021 respectively! Was surprised invite to test and interview has been so quick
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    Hello Everyone Filed application on May 15, 2021. Uploaded 3 applications in one login account and documents i uploaded: 1. Drivers License 2. Electricity Bill 3. Form 1195 4. Passport size photo front and rear (rear attested) 5. Marriage Certificate 6. Aadhar Card 7. Secondary School Certificate All the best everyone
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    I am really surprise that you came to Aus without reading about your conditions. Yes you can go to any regional area. If you want to play safe take a release letter or inform your RDA office that you are going to another regional area.
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    If you are overseas by the time the visa is granted, you will be given "pre-grant", which doesn't have a deadline. The Permanent residency will be activated by the time you land in Australia. So don't worry. It doesn't matter whether you are the main applicant or/and dependent.
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    That is totally fine, 4 weeks per year is acceptable. I was out of Australia for 26 days and wasn't offset before applying.
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    Congratulations. I applied on 28th May, I should also expect an email in about two or three weeks times.
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    Hello All, need your help. I endorsed my photos from a GP, but uploaded the front pictureI I took from my phone and not the scan and uploaded the rear endorsed scan. I know I should have checked. Now what should I do. The front picture was accepted by the system but I am very nervous it will affect my case, as they specifically asked for front and rear scans. Please guide.
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    Hello all...I am planning to apply for citizenship this month, but the problem is my National Identity Card is expired, I am from Pakistan but haven’t been back home since arrival. I have a valid passport, birth certificate and driver’s license. Will that be fine or do I need to apply for renewal of my ID card. also, in the National ID information, they haven’t mentioned Pakistan in the their links. A little help will be appreciated l.
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