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    GRANT GRANT GRANT!!!! We have received our golden email today! Direct grant 11 November 2019 Applied 28 august 2018 Family of 4 CO Wilson Thanks guys! For putting up with me, in my good and in my bad days. I'll stick around for a little longer because there are a few people that I truly wish to see them posting their grants also here! My fingers and toes are crossed for you all. Good luck!
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    Unbelievable! I finally received my grant! Applied 11/05/2018 Single applicant First contact 09/2019 requesting AFP with Alias name CO Wilson (yes it’s him) Complaints 4 times and last complaint was through IMMI account last week. Having nightmares everyday in the last two years. Waking everybody up in this forum with my post, praying for everyone, finally, someone must have listened. I love this forum, it’s like a family, I really hope everyone will get it and enjoy lives.
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    After long wait we got our PR today applied 21/10/17 first contact. March 2018 2. March 2019 3. June 2019. Request AFP submitted in June 2019 case officer Sophorn i wish for everyone you will get your golden email soon Thanks for ur support BEST WISHES TO EVERYONE
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    Hello friends, Just want to share my happiness with all of you. We received much awaited email today. We 3 got PR on 7 sep applied on 5 July 2018. Case officer Katherine. Direct grant Thanks to you all for support. May god bring happiness to all asap.
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    Hi everyone, i want to say thank you to each one of you for the support and discussions. I got my 887 grant yesterday. I am certain that our SBS article and interview has made an impact on immigration one way or another. I was the guy in the second SBS article/interview. All in all it gave me a broader understanding of the supportive comments and not so supportive comments on SBS article. I hope you all hear about your cases soon and best of luck Applied 19-feb-18 1st contact 24 June 1st complain in August 2nd complain in Sept granted 4-0ct-19 (19+ months wait time) Thank you again it was long time coming
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    Granted: thank you everyone in this forum for keeping up to date the information. we got granted today! Applied 12/07/2018 Granted by 18/09/2019. 14 months waiting! Co: Michael. All the best for everyone. Cheers
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    Alhamdhulilla....... Finally got our GRANT...... Applied : 14/08/2019 Direct grant: 24/10/2019 CO : Wilson Applicants : Family (3 applicants) My son is 4 years and did his medical for 489 and therefore did not ask for his medical for 887. Updated docs in June: - AFP for both me and my wife - new tenancy agreement - new employment contract - updated overseas police clearance for both me and my wife (we went to home country). Thanks for all your support. Thanks to almighty....
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    Hi All, Visa finally Granted today. Applied: 9 Jun 18 Requested more info (AFP & Wife functional English) on 17 Jun 19 Granted on 3 Dec 19. Co: Wilson thanks all for big help.
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    Hi Finally Received GRANT today applied on 6th April 2018 CO WILSON
  10. 21 points
    Hi everyone, I am a silent follower of this thread. I've got the most exciting news to share! Our family got golden email this morning!!! Applied 29 June 2018 Direct grant 4 September CO Wilson Submitted new AFP and kids passports that were due to expire Complained twice in August Good luck to everyone and wish you all to get your PR soon
  11. 21 points
    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 11 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 7/5/2018 First CO Katherine contact for baby medical on 26/6/2019. Baby medical submitted to department on 2/7/2019. Also done baby photo stat dec on 5/8/2019. Granted : 13/8/2019. CO: Rajani. I’m over the moon! Can’t express the happiness and really grateful for this forum friends, Special Thanks to @Bern83, @Russki, @peace_at_heart And @Honey @Bern83 I wish you will get your grant with in this week too. Note: I did a polite request to grant my visa on comment and complain online as per this forum.
  12. 21 points
    Grant ! finally got the Golden email today.... CO-grant made feedback on telephone 6th aug, to my experience if you are exceeding stipulated time frame just provide them a polite feedback. cheers !!!! best of luck to All " I believe I can fly" " I believe I can touch the sky"
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    Hi Everyone, Finally I got my golden email after 10 years of stay in Australia. Applied: 29/06/2018 Granted : 13/8/2019.(direct grant ) Thank you everyone. Hope everyone will get pr soon.
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    GRANT GRANT GRANT!!!!!!!!!!! So chuffed and happy that we received the direct grant less than 5 minutes ago. We are a family of 4 in NSW Mid-North coast Applied 10 December 2018 CO was Vineetha, never saw her name before Never complained before, was going to do it tonight!!!
  15. 19 points
    Granted Granted Granted PR granted for 2 silent follwer thanks everyone appllication date 11/09/2018 i was going to complain now and checked my email i m so happy CO sophorn
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    Grant! Grant! Grant! We are silent follower and here is our timeline. Applied: 5 July 2018 New born: 17 Aug 2018 We have requested HAID through feedback- Suggestions and got it after a week. We have submitted all new baby docs after a month June 2019 - updated AFP and form 80 (we did not remove the old AFP and old form 80, instead we just add a new file -updated AFP and updated form 80, just to make sure they will not ask it again) Grant: 10 Sept 2019 - family of 4 - direct grant CO: Wilson Please note we did submit a letter to them through feedback - suggestions last week to show our frustrations on the new processing time but in a respectful manner - not sure if it works or they just really processing the 13-14months. Thanks everyone in this forum. You are all a star! Good luck to all.
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    I am the silent follower Got my golden email this morning. Applied on 17th july 2018 Got direct grant on 5th September 2019 I am the single applicant Co Regina Wish everyone best of luck.
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    Granted [emoji4][emoji120] Applied 6.12.18 Direct Grant 21 04 20 CO Marea Thank you very much everyone for your support [emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120][emoji120] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    GRANT!!! Apply: 22-07-2018 First Contact: 18-09-2019 GRANT: 20-04-2020 CO Karen Thank You!!!!!
  20. 18 points
    Grant Grant Grant Silent Follower Applied 17 Nov 2018 Got Grant Today 4/03/2020 Family of 2 CO - Darren Applied Through Agent Never Complained I hope you guys get your Grant soon
  21. 18 points
    Direct Grant : Direct Grant: Direct Garnt Finally we have been blessed with PR. Family of 3 Applied on 25th Sept 2018 Co. Grant Updated PC on 15 sept 2019 Applied through AIS immigration, Qld Received grant letters at 12 pm. Thanks all who are on the forum. It is good to have you all in one platform. I am thankful to all of the members for keeping the updated of your application status. Thanks again. MZH
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    Guys just got the golden email applied 3rd april 2018 granted today by CO wilson
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    New in this forum... DIRECT GRANT DIRECT GRANT APPLIED 31 August 2018 Hi all, I am a silent follower.. I would love to share my good news with you all .. I have received direct grant this morning at 0846. Applied 31 August 2018 . Vic Geelong region .. Family of 3, my daughter is 7 yrs old. I updated my AFP in JULY 19 just before it was about to get expired. It’s a direct grant . CO Wilson .
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    I’m silent follower . I applied 23/7/18 . Get direct grant today 17/9/19 . Co wilson . Best of luck guys
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    Finally got the golden email today after long wait of 14 months. Applied 17th July 2018 Direct Grant 16 September 2019 CO wilson
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