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    RRV - details

    I applied the end of January this year. I had lived here a total of 2 years. They didn't ask for any extra evidence. I applied on a Sunday and it was granted on the Monday for a further 5 years.
  2. Hi We are breaking our lease in Christies Beach. It's a modern 3 bedroom 2 bathroom, open plan kitchen, lounge and dining room and another separate lounge. We have lived here for 16 months and loved it. Great area with everything on your doorstep. 10 mins walk to the beach. Great neighbours. We took it as a lease break when advertised on here. We are moving into our own home in Christies Beach just round the corner. Available from next week. It's with a great agent and we got it without having jobs, just after arriving in Oz. if you are interested please pm for further details. Karen
  3. Karenbfam

    Buying a new house already built??

    We have just had a house built. It was advertised as a house and land package but it turned out it wasn't as the builder did not own the land. We agreed we wanted to go ahead at the end of last September and we get our keys tomorrow, so just over 9 months. The builder had designed a house and we were able to make changes. We then agreed the price. We then had to purchase the land and wait for planning permission. When you go and choose extras we knew exactly what they were going to cost. We then had to pay in 6 stages and the last payment was approx $3000 less than quoted as we got credits for things that had come in cheaper than originally stated. We paid rent and the mortgage but as already stated it wasn't too bad as you pay interest only whilst building. We are thrilled with our new home and the builder was great. The $15000 first home buyers loan was also very handy. If you want any info please pm and I will try and help. Karen
  4. Karenbfam

    End of lease clean

    Hi I have been looking on here for an end of lease cleaner who will also clean windows, oven and carpets. Can anyone recommend anyone? thanks Karen
  5. Karenbfam

    Patio, decking, pergola??

    Hi We are moving into our new home in the next couple of weeks. We didn't get the builder to do any of the outside so are looking for recommendations for ground levelling, patio or decking and eventually a pergola. We are in in the southern coastal suburbs. Thanks karen
  6. Karenbfam

    80s Mania

    My partner doesn't want to go either. If I get a ticket can i join you all? Karen
  7. Karenbfam


    Hi my 22 year old daughter arrives in Adelaide 2 weeks tonight!!! Hurray!!! She has just finished a 4 year primary school teaching degree in the UK. She has loads of experience including nannying in France and 2 seasons with Eurocamp, one as a kids courier. She has a UK CRB check and could apply for a Oz police clearance. She has PR and will be looking for work whilst applying for her teaching registration. I am sure she would be interested. We are down South and she will be driving. Message if your interested or would like further info. thanks. Karen
  8. Karenbfam

    where can we get UK adaptors in adelaide??

    I sent loads from the pound shop in my move cube and forgot to bring them in my luggage. We bought some from Dick Smiths but they weren't cheap. I must have sent a dozen but we are always searching for them as it wasn't enough.
  9. I know we have only been here since February but I feel very lucky to live here. Especially when I drive over the hill down ocean boulevard and can see the sea across the city to hills. It is the most beautiful view and I have to pinch myself that I live in such a beautiful place.
  10. Hi i arrived this February. I was really concerned about finding a job. I left my band 6 job in the community in the UK having been there for 10 years. You don't do it easily, even freezing my pension was a big concern. With the help of a friend on here I spent days writing my cv and covering letter. I applied for one job a couple of weeks before I left but got a rejection email straight away. I was terrified and one of my biggest concerns was interviews as I am hopeless at them. I left my job on the Thursday and we flew on the Sunday and I was still being paid for a month as I had saved my annual leave. We sorted out our long term rental and I then applied for a job that sounded perfect. It is in the community private sector. The interview went well and I was offered the job. I started 3 weeks after we arrived. Yes it is casual but a lot are. I have now been there 2 months. I love it. I work full time, for more money and no weekends. I have now been told they are offering me a permanent contract. It's the best move I have ever made. I don't think I could go back to my old stressful job within the NHS. Oh and we came as 3 adults, as my daughter is 23 and last week was the first week since we have been here when all 3 of us got paid!!! Good luck and can I add we love Adelaide.
  11. Karenbfam

    8 days left, what to cram in the suitcase???????

    Don't forget your travel plugs. I thought I was super organised and bought loads from the pound shop and packed them in my movecube. When we arrived I had forgotten we would need them for things like phone chargers etc. Spent a day trawling the shops for them and they cost a fortune here!!
  12. Hi Niki we moved here in February 3 days before our 175 visa expired. My youngest daughter didn't come because she is at uni. Her visa therefore expired. 1 week after we arrived she put in an online application for a RRV. On the website it says it takes 14 days. She was due to fly out for a 3 week holiday 4 weeks after we arrived. 14 days went and she kept ringing and they said the 14 days was only a guideline. She didn't get anywhere so travelled on a tourist visa which I had read could cancel out her permanent residency. A couple of days after she arrived they asked for more info. We wrote an email and attached whatever we could to prove that we had moved here (her mum and only sibling), explained that she could only visit again at Christmas. Last week she was granted a RRV with a 1 year entry date, which she is thrilled about as she can now join us if she wishes after uni. She had only ever activated her original visa back in 2009 for a one week holiday. so you never know. If your son has a good reason why he never came with you, it may be possible. Karen
  13. Karenbfam

    Thinking of visiting the southern suburbs

    This post has made me chuckle!! We have been here a month. Stayed in Port Noarlunga for 3 weeks and now in Christies Beach. WE LOVE IT!!! This area has beautiful beaches, lovely people, both Brits and Aussies and the weather has been fab, even the cooler days!! Karen
  14. Karenbfam

    Mobile Phone Unlocking

    Hi we have a samsung galexy ace and an iPhone 4S. Thanks
  15. Karenbfam

    Mobile Phone Unlocking

    Hi All Does anyone know where we can get a phone unlocked? We have been asking around but with no success. We are in the south but don't mind traveling. Thanks Karen

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