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  1. deli&paul

    FREE 3 Seater Sofa

    Hi all, We have a 3 seater sofa we need to get rid of as we need the space! Great for rumpus room or a make do for those still waiting on their container Must be able to collect from Flagstaff Hill sorry but the pic is upside down. Doh
  2. deli&paul

    Hyundai Excel for sale

    We have our 1997 Hyundai Excel for sale $1350 we bought the car in january as a second car for my wife.an excellent & economical car that has served us well. 147000km power steering new tyres cold air con registered until 30th September some service history a superb little runner in great condition for its year. if you require anymore info or photos,feel free to message me cheers Paul
  3. deli&paul

    Folk from Lancashire (Red Rose County)

    We are from Oldham, been here almost 1 year and love it
  4. Hi all, FOR SALE -$1,400. ono We purchased this on arrival Oct 2012, it has served us well, reliable and a good cheap motor to run too! Philips CD radio/mp3 auxilary 1997 Hyundai Excel Sprint in bottle green 3 door Air con (recently re-gassed) generally good condition for its age 258k kms Registered until 18th July Thanks Paul
  5. We also have a rental income in the UK, and we have just completed a online tax return for 2012/13. The way I understand it that the rent from the property is still classed as income. we also filled the NRL1 form prior to leaving which I believe entitles you to a tax allowance in the UK even though you are not residing in the UK. I declared half the rental income on my tax return, hubby declared the other half (due to being joint owners) neither of us pay tax on this as its under our personnel allowance I am sure we have done it right as the tax office in the UK seem to have accepted it! This is how we understood it to work when we spoke to to the tax office before we left UK. Not looking forward to the Oz tax return when we have to declare our UK income as well as Aussie income, it all sounds rather complicated so will be needing an accountant to ensure we get it right. This is our first year so is a bit of a learning curve for us good luck
  6. I have been meaning to put on an update and this thread as prompted me so here goes; We arrived October on permanent 176 state sponsored, we didn't manage to sell our UK property so decided to rent it out. This meant we came came over with limited funds, but hubby had a job lined up in Adelaide so at least that was something. We purchased a couple of cheap 2nd hand cars( and i mean cheap!! Ha ha) secured a 12 month rental, tightened our belts and hoped for the best. Last week we discovered our tenants had done a moonlight flit, owing rent arrears too... Thats the risk we took I suppose, so now have to pay the Uk mortgage until we get new tenants in Hubby started work 3 weeks after we arrived. He is a cnc programmer and luckily no re-training or white card etc was required, so he just walked right in. He really enjoys his job even though he says it has been like taking a step back in time. I wanted to spend some time settling the kids at school and making the house a home. I had been browsing the various job sites, and just before xmas saw a position that suited me, so thought I would apply.. To my surprise the following day got a call inviting me for interview, then landed the job. To top it off they delayed my start date until the kids went back to school at the end Jan, the company could not be more accommodating I was pretty lucky as this was the first and only job I applied for. I work in the city in finance 9.30 to 2.30 so can still do the school run... Absolutely perfect! I know I should be grateful we are both in permanent employment but before the move I really fancied a change of direction job wise, so I am contemplating doing the Aged Care course, hopefully its something I will find a bit more rewarding than being stuck in an office Just need to find a course that I can fit in around my current job, or somewhere that will perhaps employ me and give me paid shifts whilst I re-train. Big ask I know, but I cant really afford to quit my current job and not get any income whilst I re-train. Failing that I will just have to wait until we top up our savings and just go for it! All in good time. My daughter (7) has taken to every aspect of this life changing move like a duck to water. My son (10) on the other hand has struggled, the first 3 month he stated he hates everything about Australia and he really misses his friends in the UK. We have had some really bad days, I have even struggled to get him to school on a few occasions. The school have been great and he is having weekly sessions with the school pastoral support officer. He has made new friend at both school and home but claims its just not the same. I have explained that this will happen in time, he had known his friends in uk for years! He is refusing to join any clubs at the moment but says he will in time! He does seem a little more settled in recent weeks so fingers crossed, perhaps he just needs more time. He is even smiling more often small steps, we don't want to be too pushy so have accepted he will come round in his own time. Family have flights booked, so we have house guest booked in pretty much Nov through to April, will be great to see them all and show them around. In regards to cost of living, we do find (like the bacons) that we have more cash in our pockets. we have found the cost so far to to pretty much on a par with the UK, swings and roundabouts really as some thing more expensive but some cheaper, but saying that we have had an increase in our incomes. We did lots of research and a validation trip before we made the move, but still a lot if hard work and adapting is required after you arrive, ongoing too. Good luck for you guys still waiting to make the move. It took us 4 years to get here, lots of ups and downs along the way and no doubt we will in for a few more but we personally have no regrets and plan on staying!!! Determination and a bit of good look has got us to where we are now Adele x
  7. deli&paul

    Sofa and sofa-bed for sale

    Oh well, thanks anyway.
  8. deli&paul

    Sofa and sofa-bed for sale

    Hi, is the sofa bed still available? Cheers adele
  9. deli&paul

    Families in Flagstaff Hill

    Good to hear from you all, would be lovely to meet up when uk guests have returned and were all free. I will be at Flagstaff Hill school for sports days this friday, if anyone wants to meet Adele x
  10. deli&paul

    Families in Flagstaff Hill

    Hi all, I know this is an old thread, but I am hoping some of you are still around. We arrived 5 months ago (me, Paul, Lewis 10 & Mia 7) we moved into a rental in Flagstaff Hill in Nov. The kids are at Flagstaff Primary, Lewis year 5/6 and Mia year 2/3. Meeting up with some local families with kids of similar age would be great as we haven't really met many folk in Flaggy! Thanks Adele
  11. Im interested in both the single beds, only prob is collecting them in my little car but i may be able to get a friend to help with that! Which suburb are you in
  12. Hi, how much for the single beds? cheers adele
  13. deli&paul

    NYE in port noarlunga

    Hi, A bit late, but we spent nye up at Semaphore, great night and lots for the kids (funfair) then fireworks at midnight! I beleive the summer festival runs throughout the whole summer school hols, and ther is a firework display on Austalia Day. Well worth a visit Adele x
  14. deli&paul

    HELP! Desperate now!

    Hi Claire, We may be able to help! We have a card reader which was provided by co-op bank before we flew over. pm me if you want to borrow cheers Adele x
  15. deli&paul

    Free Stuff

    Hiya, are the drawers still available?? thanks adele

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