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  1. Kids Groups in the Eastern Suburbs

    The local libraries run really great holiday activities which are ridiculously cheap (usually $5-$10 per session). Burnside Library has a great program - check their website later in the term, its not out yet. Some of their activities take place in Eastwood so would be close to you. Otherwise Come and Try http://www.comentry.com.au/ run loads of different sporting activities in various locations around the city during the holidays. My kids tried water polo during the October break. If you are planning on swimming lessons for your kids, find out which pool is closest to their school and sign them up for lessons as soon as you arrive - you'll probably find loads of kids from the school will be having their lessons at the same time and your kids can start making friends. As Snifter said - OSHC is a really good way to meet people if your kids aren't going to start school until January. We arrived in Adelaide just before the July holiday but signed the kids up to do 3 or 4 days at OSHC before they'd even started at the school so that they got to meet a few people and also had a chance to explore the school at bit before the start of term
  2. Norwood Morialta High School

    Before you sign a tenancy agreement, check with your zoned school that they still have space to take new pupils. Many of the schools (especially in the East) are closed even to kids in the zone as they are at capacity
  3. Places to Stay

    We stayed in this one for 2 weeks when we were in between long term rental properties https://www.stayz.com.au/accommodation/sa/adelaide/norwood/183006 The owner was lovely and fixed things very promptly. Its centrally located and easy to walk into the city
  4. iPhone Repair

    Thanks so much for your replies
  5. iPhone Repair

    Does anyone know anywhere in the city where you can get a smashed iPhone screen repaired quickly (and cheaply....) We're going back to the UK for a visit next week and my husband just dropped his phone Thanks
  6. Travel insurance - for UK trip

    Our credit card gives us travel insurance and reduces the excess for car rental as long as we use it to pay for the flights and car hire. We're going to the UK, Belgium and France next month ( British family of 4) and we're not planning on buying any separate travel insurance
  7. Mortgage Broker

    Thank you
  8. Mortgage Broker

    Hi Steve Could you forward Katie's details to me as well please? Thanks for your help
  9. Picking a shipping company

    We used Voovit to ship a few boxes - they were great
  10. Short term and long term rentals

    We arranged 3 weeks in a short term let and then found our long term one just 4 days after arriving and got the keys 10 days later.
  11. Hi everyone

    Hi Sarah and welcome We lived in NSW for 4 years back in 2004-2008 but had to go back to the UK for various reasons and like you, we were always thinking about going back at some point. We were lucky in that an opportunity came up to move to Adelaide and we absolutely love it here. We had not visited SA during our 4 years in NSW so had no idea what we were moving to. We have 2 kids (7 and 10) and they have settled really well in school. I really like the fact that Adelaide is small (makes getting around really easy) but there is a lot going on all year round plus its great for families and kids. I spent a lot of time looking at different suburbs online before we came out here and we were convinced that we were going to live by the beach but it all seemed so different when we arrived and we are now living in a lovely area in the east but its still only a 30 min drive to the beach, very close to the hills and super easy to get to the city. Of course we miss our families and the history we have with the friends we have known since the kids were small but we look at all the positives that we have here in Australia and consider ourselves very lucky.
  12. looking for friendship

    Hi all- we moved here 18 months ago. I have a girl (10) and a boy (7) and we live about 10 mins from the city. I'd love to meet up during the day when the kids start back at school
  13. Relocating back to UK

    My friend recently moved back and she used Chess (tel 131469) - she was very happy with them
  14. We moved to Adelaide less than a year ago and my kids have already outgrown the bikes we bought them when we arrived. I am also selling a Trail-Gator which is a great device for attaching your kids bike to your own when they get too tired to ride any further. Boys Avenger Bike - suitable for 4-6 year old $20 - still available Girls Vintage Style Bike - suitable for 6-9 year old. $25 SOLD Trail-Gator great condition only $50 - SOLD The boys bike does have a small tear on the saddle but otherwise in great condition. Also comes with training wheels.
  15. Hi Sally - I have a 9 year old girl and I'm happy to pass on any of her clothes that no longer fit. PM me your details and next time I have a bag, I'll let you know. I don't want any money for them