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  1. Thanks Snifter, lots of hard work and saving but worth it in the end! Loving life in Oz !!
  2. Finally bought our own place after 6 years so had to break lease on 4 bedroom rental, pets welcome!! Only inspected when lease up for review, 10 minute walk from Marina and beach. 10 minutes walk from station, 40 minutes on train into city. hope the link works 33A Aurelia Drive North Haven SA 5018 on realestate.com.auhttp://www.realestate.com.au/property-house-sa-north+haven-416363029
  3. Jo & Steve

    Breaking Lease on rental

    Hi, Don't know if anyone out there would be interested in a large 3 bedroom house at Grange that is pet friendly. We have spent 9 very happy months here but are now moving on it will be available from next week onwards. Has 3 double bedrooms, kitchen diner, large dining room and even bigger family room. Also have 2 carports and large garden with undercover outdoor entertainment area. If interested please PM me and I will send pics. Take care Jo xx
  4. Jo & Steve

    Rsms 857

    Hi Denise, My Missus is a Nurse and was sponsored by her Hospital, it took us 4 days for the sponsorship to come back(with an age waiver), went into the city for medicals, took 45 mins for X-Rays and consultation with the doc for the both of us!! Longest thing we had to wait for was the UK Police Cert, that took 3 weeks. Once everything was back we posted the application off on a Thursday, it arrived in Melbourne on the Friday at DIAC. The following Monday got what we thought was a request for more info, Turned out to be our GRANT LETTER!!!!!! Good luck Steve
  5. Jo & Steve

    Next UK Pension Transfer Seminar

    Hi Andrew, We will try to get to this one if I'm not working. please keep us informed on dates. Jo
  6. Jo & Steve

    Happy Birthday EMS!

    Happy Birthday Emma, sorry not been in touch before now but only just got the internet connected yesterday, so sorry to everyone for not replying to PM's and hope to be back on track catching up with all the gossip. Hope your birthday went well and poor Alicia is feeling better, even more to celebrate when we finally get together Emma, will give you a ring over the weekend. Jo xx:jiggy:
  7. Jo & Steve

    We Live Here!!!

    Hi to all on PIA Thought we would update you on progress so far. Been here nearly a week now and can't believe how much there is to do on arrival (It's been a nightmare). Firstly went to bank to collect our bank cards etc and found out that they had shredded them because they only keep for 6 weeks after opening account, got to wait 2 weeks for new ones. On happier note accommodation at North Haven is glorious wake up every morning to sunshine over the marina (except Monday it rained).!!!! Move into longterm rental at Grange on Friday (container delivered same day) and it's going to be a cool 34 degrees. Will close now and post as soon as we have internet access at home (that sounds soooooo good). Take care wont be long now til we meet some of you guys Jo & Steve xxx
  8. Jo & Steve

    This time tomorrow......

    Hi Jo & Family, hope your journey went well sorry not replied before now have not got internet access as yet so have popped into the library at Semaphore, like us your feet probably haven't touched the ground since landing. See you all soon. Jo & Steve xx
  9. Jo & Steve

    The Dreaded Last Post in UK!!!

    Hi everyone, thanks for all you good luck wishes. We are at Changi at the moment waiting for our last flight I think its at 2355 but a bit scatter brained at the moment, took me 11 hours of the last flight to work out how to pull out my drinks holder (thick or what lol). Well the final goodbye's were just as bad as I expected sooooooo many tears, but hey now we are looking forward to our new adventure. Only one last worry is how the dogs are after their ordeal, they should be at Melbourne now, no e-mails so fingers crossed all is well. Still feeling like I am just going on holiday dont know wether this is good or bad!!, will have to wait and see, but at least we can look forward to finally meeting all you great people already settled, poor you it will be even more questions. Well better finish for now will send you our first post from Adelaide as soon as we can get internet connection. Oh, one last thing funny really once I got on that plane have been drinking an lot of Gin and bitter lemon so Emma dont worry it wont be such a trauma getting together for that well earned drink, by the way all welcome. Take care see you all soon and good luck to all those who fly in the next couple of weeks. Jo & Steve
  10. Hi to all in PIA land, This is it, the last post from UK! We start our journey to a new life upside down tomorrow. Train to the airport at 1125, this last week has been manic! No matter how we tried to get everything done and relax for a day or two before flying it never happened, been flying around like the proverbial blue a*£$~d fly on some illegal substance trying to fit in last minute visits, surprise parties (really sick of Alcohol!), the more goodbyes we said the worse it got, not looking forward to the last goodbye with family at the train station but we thought better there than the airport. On a brighter note, dogs are on their way, enjoyed their stay at Golden Arrow arrive Melbourne before we do!!! (big sigh of relief when we hear that they are ok!) Just like to say a very big THANX to all who have helped us in this grand adventure, looking forward to putting names to faces when we land. This site is a mine of information and long may it stay that way. Good luck to all who are travelling soon and also to those waiting patiently for that E-Mail. Will let everyone know how it turns out as it happens, watch this space. Take care and see you all on the sunny side. Jo & Steve xx
  11. Jo & Steve

    We have arrived!

    Hi Mandy, good to hear you have arrived in Adelaide, look forward to your future posts, enjoy the start of your new life. Take care Jo x
  12. Jo & Steve

    We've Bought A B&B

    Congratulations, and good luck with you new venture. Jo x
  13. Jo & Steve

    money mortgages stay or go

    Hi Lucy and Chris, well done Chris on the job offer, good luck Lucy with the IVF will keep everything crossed for you. I think the 54,000 will be basic without enhancements. Also renting in Australia is the norm and a lot cheaper than paying a mortgage so you could hopefully save a little towards a deposit. We are renting our house out in the UK and only taking small amount of savings apporx, £6,000, but walks on the beach cost nothing, lucky for us we prefer the quiet night out not clubbing, Just knowing the sun will be shining when I get home from a early shift and I can sit in the garden with a glass of chilled white wine is a good incentive to move. Dont give up your dream if it is what you truely want. Take care and keep your chin up, good luck again. Jo x
  14. Jo & Steve

    Last post from the UK

    Hi Mandy, by the time you read this you will be in Adelaide, so hope you journey went well and hope to see you all soon, cant believe how busy I'm with a week to go. At least all the goodbyes are over and it's all the hello's to look forward to. Take care Jo x
  15. Jo & Steve

    International rugby sevens.

    Hi, we arrive in March and would love to go to the rugby sevens, where would we get tickets from and also would we need to book them now while still in UK or could we get them once we arrive in Adelaide? Would love to meet up with some of you guys for a beer or two. Jo x

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