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  1. serena

    Looking for rental in Hills

    Hi Everyone, I have just enrolled my son at Heathfield Primary, and need a home nearby ish. I know it's a long shot, but anyone know of a rental suitable for us two? Been looking for weeks! Nothing! Thanks
  2. Hi, If you like busy a bit trendy, urban and convenient, Norwood or Glenelg are nice. If you want quieter, but still connected, Brighton, Henley. Fancy inner city but quieter, North Adelaide. More rural but still populated, Blackwood and surrounds. Country, further into hills Nairne etc and wine country. Ex-pat beachy, Hallet Cove and all along that beach way South. Depends what you fancy. Personally (and I'm sure I'll offend) I'd avoid the North.
  3. serena

    Schools with small classes

    Felixstowe Community School
  4. serena

    2 year old cat needs good home

    Hi all, We found Penny a new home 2 weeks ago, and it all seems to be going well for her. Still feel terrible! Thanks for all your input. Serena
  5. serena

    Gorgeous car for sale

    Hi All, We're moving overseas and are selling our gorgeous car. Here's the link to our ad with all the contact details if interested. http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/hyundai-coupe-2000-14895717?base=&vertical=Car&cr=2&eapi=2&__N=1216%204294965570%201282%204294965579&num=15&silo=Stock&sort=default Serena
  6. serena

    Shipping a cat to the UK

    Good advice, thanks onepommie.
  7. serena

    Shipping a cat to the UK

    Thank you snifter! Finally! I contacted them for a quote, but sadly it doesn't look like we have the time for the jabs etc.. We are leaving real soon. Thanks anyhow Serena
  8. serena

    Shipping a cat to the UK

    Hi All, Can anyone tell me how to ship a cat from Adelaide back to the UK? I've looked at the Government website and many posts, all tell me something different. Argh!! I feel better now............. Seriously though, help?
  9. serena

    Can someone tell me the truth?

    Hi Kathy, I feel for you! We've been here 4 and a half years and are returning soon. I see no recession, there are lots of jobs but it takes time to find one, plus in Adelaide an Aussie will be considered before you as a migrant. It's different from the UK, employers expect a lot for their money, if you're not seen to be making money they don't want you. House prices are getting higher and higher, but you can get 100% mortgages. I've met teachers that just do agency work as it's hard to get a full time position. It takes 10 years, I've been told to be eligible for tenure - a guaranteed job at a school. Up to that time all teachers 'apply' every year for their jobs. The main thing I like about here is that it's so laid back, there are lots of opportunities - especially for the self employed, the skies are big and blue, lots of beautiful birds in the trees (noisy though), if you like beaches there are lots, cold water and sharks though! What I don't like is the obsession with bigger' better and more money, the dangerous creepy crawlies, the lack of choice/quality in the supermarkets and the food in general, the 'I'm alright Jack attitude, and the low standard of education. Having said all that though, the only reason we're returning is because we just don't feel like we fit in. Even after nearly 5 years. Maybe we were too old when we migrated to change - I don't know. If you have good jobs and a nice home there I would seriously consider giving that up. But if you don't try you'll never know, we didn't have much to lose in coming here - and are going back to even less. I have met people who want to leave but can't because their kids now have a life here and they don't want to leave them. Our son is 7, so still young enough for it not to make a difference yet, I couldn't bear that to be us. This is just how we see it, you must follow your heart. Serena
  10. serena

    Returning to uk

    Hi Sallyanne, We're using 'Pack & Send' Unley. They have branches all over, $385 per cubic metre - which is 9 large packing boxes on a pallet. their number is; 8272 7222
  11. serena

    Shipping Costs to UK

    The best we found are 'Pack & Send. We are using their Unley branch and are dealing with a guy called Andrew who was very helpful. He's quoted us $385 per cubic metre which is about 9 big boxes. We're not shipping furniture, but they do that too. They use plastic pallets so no spraying.
  12. serena

    2 year old cat needs good home

    I know Claire - I appreciate your helping me. I just got a call from a friend who may have found a home for her, if not I'll explore the no kill shelters. Thanks!

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