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  1. Boxertony

    golf courses

    We attend Regency golf course, which is a 9 hole good course costing $9 a round, you can hire the clubs which are fairly decent because i used them till I purchased some. You can hire them for the round for $25.00
  2. The house was on Singleton Avenue in Seaton but it is no longer available

  3. Boxertony

    furniture bundles

    Tanya, Have a look at my previous threads regarding this, it was me who told you about them lol. Sent you a PM about meeting up. Will tell you all agin when we meet up soon. if not Jane might see at work this Tuesday, she is on a late I think. Tony
  4. Boxertony

    high rise window cleaners

    Welcome to Adelaide Tanya, Anytime you need a chat or if you want we can meet up this weekend. Dale has been asking if we have arranged to meet up with you yet. Tony and Jane (84452869) or 0449119334 Tony's mobile
  5. I thought I would start a thread regarding claiming your income tax back from the Australian Taxation Office. I am aware that there has been many new migrants who have emmigrated here within the past year and will need help and assistance regarding claiming back the tax. I am one of them. I have downloaded the E-tax download via the folling site: Download and use e-tax 2010 I am going to attempt to claim back my tax via the online E-tax. I have also been told that we could go to H&R Block and pay a tax person to complete it for about $100 or gain your own private accountant to complete it for various prices from $110 to $200. Any advice is very much appreciated...............
  6. Boxertony

    Need 3/4 Bedroom in North Adelaide Suburbs

    Sichop, Karen, which job interview was this for
  7. Boxertony

    Need 3/4 Bedroom in North Adelaide Suburbs

    Well I have survived, whats up with the site, where has all the wise cracks gone- well there was one from Back Clan, so there is always one at least. Like most areas there is good and bad and have I not been to the nicer parts of Salisbury. I did not mean to be nasty towards people who reside in Salisbury, it's just to far to travel to and from the work, especially starting at 06:30 a.m., and no access to public transport. Viewed an house in Ferryden Park today and Seaton tomorrow with a big swimming pool, and another in Ferryden Park on Friday. Must getting posh going for houses with swimming pools lol
  8. Boxertony

    Need 3/4 Bedroom in North Adelaide Suburbs

    Thanks Nikki, but Salisbury is to rough for us and to far for us. But I did look at the thread in question.
  9. Boxertony

    Paths to permanancy from 475!

    Hi Michelle, As long as I have worked for 35 hours or over for 12 months duration within the 3 years and lived in South Australia for at least two years then you can apply for PR, which you satill need to pay for medicals for all family members, have police checks both from the UK and Australia and also pay $2520 visa fees. Immigration can still refuse but unlikely if you meet their criteria. It should not make no difference if you are currently unemeployed at the time of your application, but then again it does not look good if you apply after being unemployed for the past year without a valid reason to it. Yes you should be ok if you have small children and still managed to only do 12 months work. Furthermore on our 475 State Sponsorship visa this applies to either my wife or I, even though I am the main sponsor. I think will stand for your husband as well, but you will need to check it up. 1. I have had 21 job offers in the last five months, it makes no difference if you are on a temp visa from my experience. You cannot apply for government jobs, you must have PR for them. 2. Education you have to pay for, each school charges different amounts, my step daughter aged 11 is at a state school and we only pay $135 for the year. Prices are varied and can be upto $450 for state schools $800+ for private. 3. Loans I doubt it, but we have managed to gain a really good cheap car loan via Toyota finance, we got a brand new Toyota Camry $20,000, we got adeal for $717 per month and over 30 months. 4. Dont worry about where to live till you get here you need to look around the area we live in - we had never heard of it until we got here. School is a school to me. i just got somewhere wehere it is near shops, transport and near our employment. On a temporary visa you have to provide at least 20% deposit, it is not possible to gain a mortgage but it is hard. more expensive to buy here than rental. 5. Regarding police checks they only last for 12 months - I would wait until your Case Officer requests it to be done or nearer the end the same for your medicals. 6. Yes you will have to do all your medicals again and again only lasts for 1 year, so do it at the very end, when Case Officer requests it. 7. Sorry cannot help you out with this question. All the best Michelle and good luck. I thought sponsorhip visa were stopped until 2012 (just a rumour I heard)
  10. Boxertony

    Having a baby on a 475

    I hope the wife does not read this thread as she is desperately wanting a baby, but my excuse is we cannot afford to have a baby with being on the 475 visa and being 40 and 39 we are too old.
  11. In one of my previous threads I have mentioned some of my current emotional issues I am going through, i.e. my Son 21 and Daughter 17 returning to the UK to gain university education, due to it being so expensive as an international student, with the 475 visa I am on. Anway as I was leaving work yesterday the CEO called me into his office and said would I like to stay back a bit and have a drink with him, of course I said yes, especially with me only been working for him for the past two weeks. We started chatting about everything - life in general. We got onto families so I mentioned that with not having PR we are not entitled to anything basically, rent assistance, benefits, medicare and especailly cheaper education and that only a couple days ago my two children stated that they are returning to the UK due to wanting an university education/qualifications and that on my visa it is too expensive as my children would be classed as international students, etc. He then asked me if there is anything he could do to help me gain PR as soon as possible, i.e. sponsor you. I replied with "I am not sure". So my questions to everyone on here, who may have some experience of changing from a 475 visa to PR Visa whist residing in Adelaide. 1. Is this possible? And how do the CEO and I go about it. 2. The financial implications for both the CEO and my family of five 3. Any other implications/issues/conditions I need to be aware of If I can gain PR, this will make it much easier for me to afford university here in Adelaide and my Son would also like to apply to the Fire Service and also the Police, which he could do with a PR Visa. I want to be happy with the offer of the CEO helping but I just cannot get there yet because I dont know what to do about it and if this is possible.
  12. Boxertony

    Paths to permanancy from 475!

    Because my employer can sponsor me now, this means that we do not have to go through the two years and one year work situation. We get PR in about 6 to 12 weeks time. the only condition is that I must stay with my current employer for two years. Unless the employer finishes you due to special circumstances. I have known people change employers within the two years though and still kep their PR Visa.
  13. Boxertony

    Babysitter Available

    Chelsie, Just want to say thank you for offering your services to families, especially the ones who have just arrived and not gained a circle of friends to help them out regarding babysitting. I have a few friends who are struggling to gain babysitters and could do with your services, so they can enjoy an evening out without the kids. Good luck!
  14. Boxertony

    Paths to permanancy from 475!

    Hi Sannie. We have been here for five months now and also on the 475 visa. The requirements are as long as you have worked for one year in total (35 hours or over), does not make any difference on how many jobs you have to complete the 35 hours and this can be spread over the three years and you live in South Australia for two years at least. You will be entitled to PR. To prove that you have been working they will ask for previous references from past employers and also look at your financial income through your tax file and wage slips. I have asked my employer to sponsor me for PR (887), this involves no money for your employer to pay, he/she just fills a form in (1054) and send it away. For the visa holder (me) has to complete a different form (47ES), all family memebers have to have medicals done, police checks both UK and Australian ones and also pay $2520. If your medicals and police checks are less than a year old then you may get away withour having them done again. I have another thread on here regarding gaining a PR Visa from a 475 visa. Tony
  15. Boxertony

    indoor soccer

    Yeah live in Ferryden P:ark not far from Woodville I am up for it as well. Keep in touch
  16. Boxertony

    North West Meet UP

    Well going off this thread, we might be able to beat little britain (Hallet Cove). North West Adelaide meets the demands of North West England. From Burnley originally and in Ferryden Park and loving Adelaide and the suburb. Keep in touch and we can meet up. Ric and Paula, hope to see you sometime this week. Tony
  17. Boxertony

    Help! Employer Will Sponsor Me PR. How?

    Foxychick, Ideally we want to wait till the Case Officer request things to be done. But the problem is both of my kids are returning to UK in early September and if medicals are requested they will not be here. So we have to get them to complete their medicals before they leave.
  18. Boxertony

    Help! Employer Will Sponsor Me PR. How?

    My employer has now got the 1054 form, which he has already filled in and he his going to gather all the relevant documents he needs to provide for the immigration. I have priced the medicals as the following: $303 for each adult member, $262 for child. $365 for one adult as she works at the hospital - so she has to have her bloods taken.. Police checks is $43 each member. $2520 for the actual visa fees. Summary for all five of us it will cost: $4185.00 to gain PR.
  19. Just to let you know that on Saturday just gone, we went to put some money on the Lottery, which was so confusing, as it was our first time we had done it. So I just said to the woman on the lottery counter "here is $10.00" and she did not give me any change, bloody hell thats a lot of money, me expecting $2 for 6 numbers. Off we went I have had the lottery ticket in my wallet all weekend. Anyway I said to Jane the wife go to the lottery counter today and check the lottery numbers before you catch the bus for work. The woman said “you have won”, Jane could not believe it at first,” how much’ she said $1492.20, all of a sudden she starts placing cash in Jane’s hand. So Jane is currently on the bus to work with this money in her purse. We have just put $700 down for a lush corner unit and still owe $700 so that has now been covered. We are going to buy a Washing Machine as well. So first time we did the lottery and we won $1492.20. Life in Adelaide is so sweet………
  20. Boxertony

    Help! Employer Will Sponsor Me PR. How?

    I understand that gaining PR will provide my family and I with more stability, but I cannot beleive I have do all my medicals again and gain both English and Australian Police Clearances. I understand paying the Visa fees of $2520 but our police clearances and medicals are only 14 months old. I will have to gain the medicals and police checks done as soon as possible as both kids are going back to the UK in September, also we have to move out of our rental home on the 1st September has its been sold. I just cannot afford the fees at this moment in time I may just have to wait a bit longer and apply when I have enough funds to pay for this lot. Plus i will have to pay for my kids to fly back so I can apply
  21. I had a bomshell dropped on my lap last night, both my son aged 21 and my daughter aged 17 have decided to go back to the UK. My Son has a job, earns around $1400 every two weeks, plays semi pro soccer for $300 a game, gained some friends, plays golf with me at the weekends. I thought he was settled. But he mentioned that he wants to better himself and does not want to work in an office all his life. He wants to be a Physical Education Teacher at a Secondary School. Because of our visa we are not entitled to any financial assistance with education here in Adelaide and it is so expensive. However he can go to Edge Hill University near Liverpool and gain student loans to support himself through University. He mentioned that he needs qualifications to suceed here in Adelaide and that he has minimal educational qualifications, he would also like to join the Police or the Fire Service, but he cannot because of our 475 visa (not having PR). I am heartbroken but to some degree I totally understand. He will stay at his Grandma's when not at University, about one hour away from his University. My daughter aged 17 did not want to come to Adelaide in the first place, she did not want to leave her boyfriend, her hairdressing apprenticeship and friends. She has not met any local friends since the four months we have been here, she has had 11 hairdressing trials and not one have offered her employment (slave labour). She has stated that she wants to return to her Grandma's with her brother and then gain another hairdressing apprenticeship and get paid for it. In addition it will only take her two years to become a qualified hairdresser as here in Adelaide it is four years to become qualified. With my daughter, she has continually been pulled back to the UK by her boyfriend and her friends, but these friends and boyfriend actually live a two and half hours drive away from her Grandma's. But she does have her half sister, who is due her baby in late July and three half brothers who live near her Grandma and also two cousins her age (from her mother's side) Yet again this will break my heart but again I do understand where she is coming from. Both kids have stated that they will return but I cannot see it. I have been a single parent with these two children since they were born and it so hard to let go, but being a parent I need to support them and let them loose. We have only been here for four months I just wish they would give it longer and enjoy their first summer here in Adelaide, especially for my daughter. Finally, yesterday we also found out that this amazing four bedroom, which we currently live in, has been sold behind our backs and we have to move out on the September 1st, when our tenancy runs out. Yet again I am gutted because I am so settled, content and happy in this home. The only advantage I can think of is that it will be much easier for us to find a two bedroom home, than another four bedroom.
  22. Boxertony

    Boxing clubs for kids

    I would love to take up the offer of running a boxing gym. It's just the finances to set up.
  23. Boxertony

    North and south divide

    We chose to live in the North due to being more Australians and more of other cultures. We just did want to move to the other end of the world and to live with lots of ex-pats (English) in the South. Furthermore we were sick of the all the travelling we had to do in the UK, to and from work. So we opted North because it was nearer to our work premises, nearer to the CBD and 10 km from the beach. In my opinion the houses look nicer and the suburbs look nicer in the South compared to the North. But I am so glad that I dont have to travel that Expressway everyday it would do my head with it changing directions all the time.
  24. Boxertony

    Boxing clubs for kids

    I am also interested in this thread as I was professional boxer for ten years and the British and Eupropean Kickboxing champion once. I have ever seen or heard about any boxing gyms or talk about boxing in the five months we have been here in Adelaide
  25. Boxertony

    Never Been Used UK Maching Machine For Sale

    Thats the first when ut arrived was to put a 10 amp oussie plug on it. But it keeps tripping the main electric board switch

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