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  1. The house was on Singleton Avenue in Seaton but it is no longer available

  2. To Wayne and Caz,


    How are the both of you and how's the visa process going on for you. I received the all important e-mail today stating that we have our visa. So we have done it. House is already up for sale, just need to sell it so we can actually get on that plane. Wayne please can you either send me a message on here or send me a text message with your mobile number on as, I have got a new phone and I could not get the numbers off my old mobile.



  3. To Wayne and Caz,


    I thought I better introduce myself my name is Tony Smith and I have known your Wayne since I was 5 years old, he was my bestest friend at school and we also went to Calella together with the lads in 1988.


    I saw his Jason at Wembley and got Wayne's mobile number from him, just spoke to him the once so far. I was well shocked to find out about your plans to emigrate to Adelaide, because we are in the same process. We have had our Medicals done and also police checks completed, just waiting for the decision to be given to us.


    Yes that is David Riley my Usher from Burnley and very good friend, he use to live next door to me on Longworth Avenue, now lives in Colne.


    Carolyn we will have to stay in touch and especailly when both our families end up in Adelaide for certain. We are going over on a Skilled Migration State Sponsorship Visa (Subclass 475). Our home number is: 01670 738003 - My mobile is 07939 105101


    Stay in touch......


    Wayne is an amazing guy


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