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  1. We are a group of expats from England who just enjoy a friendly game of golf every Sunday morning. What you need to do is join our facebook account called Adelaide Golflovers, a gentleman called Richard hosts this facebook account. Every week, tends to be Monday or Tuesday he puts up an event for golf on the Sunday giving the venue and the tee off times. You either put that you are going or not going or maybe. There is no pressure to attend or not attend. We play stableford points, that means everyone as an equal chance of winning. We are not a Society and we always play on local public courses all over Adelaide regions as far as from Gawler to Goolwa. The prices tend to be from $45 to $55 per round. The winner chooses and books the next weeks golf and the loser complete a write up (which is a piss take - banter). My mobile is 044 911 9334 and I am called Tony Smith or Private Message me or email me on Tony_Smith1969@hotmail.com

  2. We are a bunch of guys who enjoy a game of golf every Sunday morning. We play at all public courses around the Adelaide Metropolitan suburbs, mostly southern Adelaide. If any people who have just arrived in Adelaide and would like to play social golf and meet new people. Then add yourself to Adelaide Golflovers on Facebook or respond to me.

  3. Hi Everyone


    We are moving into our first Australian mortgage house this weekend (Friday 24th / Saturday 25th July) and we are giving away a free Queen Size Mattress and Bed Frame if anyone is interested, if you live from Fulham Gardens going South via Tapleys Hill Road, Brighton Road, Lonsdale Road then I should be able to drop it off whilst we are moving to Sheidow Park this weekend, we also have a small coffee table and two glass bedside cabinets and possibly one or two nice black trendy book/ornaments/pictures tall stands. Nothing amazing looking but may help some family who have just moved over and do not have some stuff they require.


    Inbox me and I will reply to you, if able to deliver it will be sometime late Saturday or Sunday morning, if no response I will drop them off at the rubbish dump this Sunday. We are downsizing that's all.


    I look forward to anyone's response, sorry for those who live up North East, its a pain in the ar....se moving as probably aware and travelling out of my way just adds to the stress, but then again I would be going to the dump in Wingfield if no one wants the stuff - so if that's on the way from Fulham Gardens then I could drop it off.



  4. Hi Craig we a bunch of English blokes who play every Sunday morning, we play all over the metropolitan areas of Adelaide, we play stableford and it's not a society so there is no membership just come and go as you please. If you look at Adelaide Golflovers on Facebook and join you can then add yourself to the events for golf. If you require a chat give me a call on 0449119334. Tony

  5. Hi Hausen


    We are a bunch of English blokes who just enjoy a game of golf every Sunday. We play the Stableford handicap system, so there is no pressure to win, its taking the part. We play at community golf courses all round South Australia pricing from $30 to $43.


    We have a facebook account called Adelaide Golflovers, you need to join that, if you do not have a facebook account, just use your partners facebook account. The winner every Sunday books their choice of golf course for the following week and the loser completes a write up, or should say a piss-take. We then put an event up on the Adelaide Golflovers facebook account and yoyu either add that you are going or decline. There is no pressure to turn up, we are not a society. We tend book golf tee off times between 8:00am to 09:15am. We have mix handicaps from 33 down to 18.


    My phone number is 0449119334 if you want a chat, etc.....


    My friend Richard Henderson who hosts the facebook account.



  6. I have just got off the phone with the immigration they said exactly what you have mentioned to me, even give me the same link. Like you said you have to inform the immigration department our new passport details via completing the Form 929 and either posting or faxing it back to them via the address of the Form 929.


    Thanks for your help Snifter and Claire-n-tel




    You need to inform Aus immigration of your new passport numbers etc. They then electronically link the visas to the new passports. Labels are not issued any more. Carry the old passports also if you wish, to show the label.


    Read this PDF



  7. My family and I arrived in February 2010 on a Skilled Regional Passport (Subclass 475) and then in March 2012 we gained Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887). We still have the old visa label in our current passport and two members of our family have gained new UK passports and currently have no visa label in their passport.


    We are aware that you no longer require a visa label to work in Australia, but do we need a label if we are leaving Australia and want to return to Australia to live and work, if NO! Is there anything we need to do before we leave Australia so we can return without any problems.


    I look forward to your responses...................


    With kind regards



  8. I have have been continuously working since arriving in Adelaide in February 2010. But in August 2013 I was laid off. I have applied for 493 jobs and only had 5 interviews. I am qualified experienced Health Professional and Trainer with a Masters and 2 degrees. Australia is in a recession and I am getting really frustrated with applying for jobs when I know full well I would be extremely competent in the job but don't even gain a response. But heads up and keep trying.....

  9. To All


    We are Adelaide Golflovers and we are always wanting new players (male and female), who enjoy a game of social golf every Sunday morning, we tend to tee off anytime between from 7.40am up to 09:00am and we play at all public courses around Adelaide, which range in price from $30.00 to $45.00. We are a great set of blokes who enjoy the banter, the 19th hole and of the course the golf. We play Stableford so there are no disadvantages, our handicaps tend to range from 12 to 35.


    Please PM for more information. The winner of each week books their choice of golf course and time for the following Sunday and the loser does a write up (a piss-take really).


    We are not a Society and there is no pressure to attend each and every week, we just put an event up on Adelaide Golflovers every week and you can either click join - maybe or decline. Some players bring their older children to golf with them, which annoys me, because they even beat me lol. Also gives new immigrants to Adelaide to meet potential friends.


    Richard Henderson hosts the Adelaide Golflovers and I am Tony Smith. We hope to hear from you in the very near future.



  10. We have a Facebook account called Adelaide Golflovers. We are a great bunch of blokes who attend golf every Sunday for a few laughs, banter and of course golf. We are not a golf society just a bunch of guys wanting to play golf. We play at all the public courses. Have a look and join Adelaide Golflovers, each week we put a golf event up and you either add or decline to attend. The loser does a write up and the winner books his choice of golf course for the following Sunday.

  11. Hollie don't worry, just keep in mind that it is Australia and things are done differently and try not to compare it to England, (especially the cost of things) people are a lot more laidback and definitely don't compare the prices of stuff, its a lot more expensive. Regarding jobs you may have to take a step backwards to get a job, please don't come with high hopes and expect to gain a brill job straight away. Weather is amazing - gorgeous beaches and homes. Keep in touch and you can round to ours once you have arrived and have swim in our pool. Live the Aussie dream gal and you might as well bring Rich lol. Does Rich play golf, because a lot of us lads play golf on Sundays.


    Enjoy the trip of a lifetime



  12. 4 years today my family and I arrived in Adelaide, with 5,000 pounds no jobs, no car, no furniture, and a rental home for one month. 4 years later and now I live in large three bedroom home with a large swimming pool in the garden and only ten minutes walk to our local beach (Henley Beach). I have a lush new bright red convertible, so many amazing friends, who are more like my Aussie family. I enjoy a great social life, I play golf with the lads every Sunday and have sun tan for 7 months of the year. Been to Sydney, Gold Coast and also Bali. Nathan my Son has given us a gorgeous cute Grandson called Harlow-Blu Millar Smith and now lives in the Gold Coast. Shannon my daughter is settled with a good job, nice car and partying at the weekends. My daughter Charlotte is growing up fast and turning into one gorgeous lady and becoming more intelligent from school every day. My precious wife (Jane) is a Nurse at Calvary North Adelaide Hospital and the rock of this family, she is genuine, she cares for us all and she provides for us in all ways. My mother has visited us twice and Jane's cousin has been once and coming again this year. My family and I are looking forward to attending my sister's wedding in Burnley, Lancashire in June 2014 and most of all seeing my Dad. I followed my dream and all my dreams have come true. Australia has embraced me and I will becoming a Citizen of Australia.


    We have had some hard times, I have been laid off from 5 jobs and my 6th job (which I am now physically unable to perform), caused me a back injury, disc bulges and sciatica and I have had two epidurals so far. I have had surgery on both shoulders and Jane has been diagnosed with a potential serious health problem. Three years ago I was constant fighting with my two oldest children because they wanted to go back to the UK, but I just about managed for them both to agree to stay in Australia for another year till we gained permanent residency. Two years in and they loved living in Australia. I am currently recovering from back injury and not earned any money since September 2013. I am constantly looking for work.



    But I still believe that I am living the Aussie dream.................

  13. Wow is it just me or is that just slightly scary? So you can be newly qualified with absolutly no experience and get work in the workers compensation field? I would have thought that was one of the areas where experience would be esential?


    There is a shortage of OT's because most OT tend to not like all the paperwork involved


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