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    Seeking advice

    Thanks Russell! The feedback is appreciated. What exactly do you think is flawed in the plan? I know spouses can move together with their family if they are going for a school program, Masters and all so are referring to the other part of me applying for skilled migration as well? If it is can you say what you feel is flawed in it? I'd really appreciate understanding which aspect I would to get sorted. Thanks again. You could also share any contact details where I can such professional advice from if it's no trouble.
  2. anthonani

    Seeking advice

    Hi People, I'm pretty new here and already working migration plans. Still at the beginning though, just about to make my application for skill assessment to VETASSESS. I was wondering if i could get a bit of advice from some of you who've been living in Adelaide or SA in general for a bit. My wife is actually planning on doing a masters programme in Flinders University, we should apply this year and hope to move next year. I still plan on making my application though for Skill Regional nomination (provisional) as well. I have two questions really; 1. I have a 5 year working experience in Business Analysis and Project Management but the background has majorly been IT related. Now i plan to select Program or Project Administator which falls under "Adminstrative and Cleric workers". This is because i noticed ICT PM's /BA's was no longer on the list. Do you think my experience will still valid here in this field/skill? its still project management right? 2. If my experience is valid for this skill, do you guys think its a good idea to apply considering its on Schedule 2 already? 3. Are there lots of job opportunities for this skill and people with relevant experience in SA? (Adelaide or elsewhere) I would really appreciate you answers or directions a forum which may be helpful. Thanks a lot.

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