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  1. Thanks Rachael, I am actually in Adelaide and these guys seem to be in the UK, I'd like some local agent. Thanks anyway for your comment.
  2. Hi all, I'd like to talk to a visa agent/lawyer to clarify some details about my future 190 visa application. I just want a 1 hour consultation (skype or phone is fine). I know the prices go anywhere between $90 to $200, but I want to make sure I choose a knowledgeable person. If you have anyone to recommend I'd really appreciate you share it. Thanks in advance, miki
  3. Thanks Blossom, I posted the question there as well.
  4. Thanks for your comment Blossom. That information is a bit surprising to me, so far, everything I read before it says that if you have not breached any condition in your previous visa there's no grounds for denial of a tourist visa. Moreover, the eVisitor visa is done electronically with basic documentation and is usually granted in less than an hour. So, according to your opinion, how high is the chance of having it refused? Also, I've heard that the "no further stay" condition is only sometimes imposed on eVisitor 12 months visa; we are planning to apply for 3 months only and haven't heard of "no further stay" issues with that one, do you really believe is that likely to happen? Do you know of any cases? Regards, Miquel
  5. Hi everyone, We are a family of 5 that 2 years ago came to Adelaide on a tourist visa, our visa expires in 1 month and, though we have all requirements to apply for skilled visa 190, we will not have our skills assessment ready for then. We don't want to apply for another student visa to extend our stay so are thinking of flying back to Spain and wait there till the paperwork is ready. Then, we plan to come back on a free 3 months visitor visa (ETA) and finish the application here. We will probably be out of Australia for 2 months. Does anyone see an issue with that? Is it likely that we are denied entry as tourist just because we had a student visa two months ago? Is there any issue with stating that you come for tourism and arrange a permanent residence while here? Thanks in advance for your future answers. Miquel

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