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  1. How many dogs?

    Thank you
  2. How many dogs?

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help. We are looking to move to SA on a 190 visa. We have 3 dogs and it has always been the plan to bring them with us. Ive been looking into rules and regs of having dogs in oz. I know they would have to be registered and we would need to pay an annual fee etc, I have noticed there seems to be a limit on the amount of dogs you can have? Am I reading it correctly that most councils only allow 2 dogs but you can apply to the council for an additional dog? If this is the case how would I go about this prior to making the move as obviously I would need to have this in place prior to the dogs arriving? Sorting the dogs is proving more complex than our own visa application Thanks in advance
  3. I think to go down the chain migration route the person must have an occupation on the SOL