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  1. And yes i answered my own question IF i was interpreting the law correctly. Is it not feasible that they could look at the 'years' as full calendar years and therefore it would include 2012 OR they could look at the years in alignment with their visa quota intake which starts half way through the year. I know people who have worked for 2 months and claimed a second year WHV so it seems to me that there is a lot of ambiguity in Australian Migration Law and I really didn't see the harm in asking to clarify.....
  2. Hello folks, I have come across a couple of extra questions regarding the 190 visa process as a high points scorer for South Australia. Hope you can help as I have visa information overload and despite my best research efforts I have not found a definitive answer so want to make sure I have understood the process before proceeding. 1. State nomination requirements include - Work experience – at least one year of skilled work experience in the last three years. My relevant work experience concluded on 21 December 2012. Will it be an issue as technically that is only 5 months in the last three years or will the fact that it was in 2012 be enough? 2. If you are onshore, you may be required to provide evidence of South Australian residence and that your employment has primarily been in South Australia. How important is this as I am currently in Melbourne but totally committed to moving if successful in getting the visa. I am not currently in a position to stop work and move to Adelaide before being offered a visa. Does anyone have any experience of being asked for this evidence? Any thoughts on how this will affect my application. Is it a deal breaker? If I do move prior to applying should I do this before submitting EOI or within the 60 days following invitation. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi everyone I have recently discovered that I qualify to apply for a 190 visa in SA based on being a high points scorer as my occupation is on the Supplementary Skilled List. I am currently on a whv in Melbourne but more than happy to make and commit to the move long term if successful. I am preparing my paperwork for my skills assessment and I would like some advice as to whether to pay a second fee to claim an extra 5 points from my husband's skills. Without it I would be on 75 plus 5 state nomination points taking me on to 80. With the second assessment I would obviously be on 85. I wonder if it will make all that much difference so if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it. We are working hard to save money in optimistic anticipation of a possible move so saving that second fee, approx $900, would make a difference. Thanks in advance

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