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  1. antlet

    House for rent

    Hey everyone, Looking for tenants, preferably long term. If interested please contact the linked real estate agents Town house 1/615 Brighton Rd, Seacliff https://www.realestate.com.au/rent/in-seacliff,+sa+5049/list-1
  2. antlet

    Would you still emigrate?

    Yes beyond a doubt
  3. antlet

    G'day fellow Poms!

    I've been in and out this forum over the years too, feel I could offer a thing or two to newbies since I abused the forum before arriving, ie asking a million questions, and then a million more!!!
  4. antlet

    A quick hi from me!

    Hello there, I arrived in Adelaide a little short of eight years. Came for a year but ended up staying. The best advice I can give is (and this is from an older head too), nothing needs to be forever. Life is about trying new things and seeing what presents. For me I arrived with a husband and a 14 year old daughter. I have since divorced (nothing about Aus that did it) but my daughter and I have settled so well we are now citizens and have no intention of leaving. As a 14 year old I was worried that my daughter would miss friends, not fit on, hate life, but the opposite occured - there is so much for kids here. Me personally, I had a 20 year career in sport, continued that for 5 years here and then retrained and am now a cop, which I did as a 45 year old!!! Opportunities are fab for adults too -you are never too old for an adventure or career change. Feel free to contact me with questions any time
  5. antlet

    2000 Suzuki Baleno 1.6 3 door hatch for sale

    Hi there, I could be interested in this, is it still available? Thank you Letti
  6. antlet

    Diving gear

    Hi there, I know someone looking for scuba gear.....the whole lot, do you have a price for complete lot and I'll let him know? Thank you Letti
  7. antlet

    Breaking a lease Glenelg

    Very sought after location in central Glenelg. 150 metres from the Beach. 5 minutes walk from Jetty Road. 3 bedroom (main ensuite and walk in robe), 2 lounge areas, kitchen/dinner, utility,bathroom and separate toilet. large outdoor area, garage, reverse cycle heating/cooling. $495 pw suit family/couples.... if interested please pm me
  8. antlet

    Rental required later......

    Hi There, This is a little way off yet, but I'm not going to renew my lease in Glenelg as rent is now far too expensive, although I have been happy at this house for three years now. It's not due until later November/early Dec but just wanted to put it out there that if anyone hears of anything or breaking a lease to please let me know. I'm looking in and around the suburbs of Glenelg, West beach, Henley, Brighton, Hove, Somerton Park, Glengowrie....anywhere in and around there. I run a business from Glenelg so need to be within say 10km. Ideally, I will need 3 bedrooms... anyway, as I say, just putting it out there. Thanks everyone Letti
  9. antlet


    Hi There, We are Irish (Cork) and know heaps of other Irish here also. ALWAYS happy to meet up. Where are you living? and if you need a babysitter my daughter (17 years old) is always more than happy to help out too. We live in Glenelg and infact a good few of our other Irish friends are in and around here also.
  10. antlet

    Areas to live South of Adelaide

    It kind of depends if you like beach or hills? what sports/interests do your kids have? do you need ease of transport? have you a job yet? if so, how long do you wnat to commute?
  11. We brought as much as we could, just simply you take years to accumulate all that you have/need and to completely start anew would be extortionate. It's not so much the large things as as one person has said, some furniture places sell packages, but its the small things that appear insignificant until you realise you don't have it!. We bought a lounge suite but that was about it initially. Its also worth noting that cash and negotiation works pretty well here also in some places - the Good Guys for instance. If you are considering a container, then fill it to the brim. When you get here there will be quite a lot of outlay for rentals, bonds, etc not mention stress of settling - to have familiar things can mean alot. It was like all our christmases had arrived when our container arrived!! Hope this helps
  12. Hiya, We are just about to sign another 6 months on our rental while we await the decision on our permanent status. But, just wanted to flag it that we will be looking (hopefully) to secure a long term rental with 4 bedrooms (or 3 if there are 2 lounge areas) in the west beach, glenelg, glengowrie, brighton, somerton pk, seacliff areas.....if anyone knows of anything nearer the time or are likely to be breaking their leases, please keep us in mind. We have been very happy in our current rental for the last 3 years, but paying way over the odds on rent with a new increase just added - location speaks heaps though. So time to move on I think. Looking around November/early December for a rental. Similarly, anyone interested in ours then also please PM
  13. antlet


    Yes, run by a Aussie guy and his english wife. I do personal training with her and don't know the company number, but I'll get back to you

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