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  1. PatP

    Sub contractors licence

    Yes they issue subcontractors licenses you can do it online for most applications it just depends what category the trade falls in
  2. PatP

    Sub contractors licence

    https://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/contact-us/ try this link it's for builders licenses etc
  3. PatP

    Fitted Wardrobe

    We have used them too nd would happily recommend them
  4. PatP

    State Aged Pension from the UK

    If you get a Centrelink pension they will insist you claim your uk state pension if your uk pension is a small one it probably won't affect your Centrelink pension
  5. PatP

    Cheaper Flights?

    I must admit when we did the first Newcastle - Dubai- Adelaide flight it seemed a breeze looking at only a couple of hours stopover etc having done it 3 or 4 times we decided it wasn't for us as we barely y had time to go to the loo between flights People said to stop over which we looked at but the flight times out of Dubai were not good ie in the middle of the night so we would have been up at all hours to catch flights last time time we flew to Heathrow late night flight out with Singapore airlines ,few days in Singapore then on to Adelaide all with good flight times etc Bonus was Heathrow to Singapore flight was almost empty hubby had 4 seats I had 3 and stretched out have not been able to do that in years ! Everyone is different and what we used to do when we were younger ie just put up with it no longer gels when you can't move after sitting for some 20 odd hours lll
  6. PatP

    Prepare for the storm!

    We ended up on a steepish drive with brooms and shovels trying to keep drainage from blocking Rainwater ran through the stone retaining walls in a torrent In the finish we were like 3 drowned rats and stood laughing told my son he should have mowed the lawn before the deluge and have a bog garden lol
  7. PatP

    Kangaroos a road hazard!

  8. PatP

    Kangaroos a road hazard!

    This silly sod locked itself in the cow pen I opened the gates let it out and it headed straight for the front fence and tried to run through it ! Shepherded it through 2 side paddocks until it was away from the main road My son is often out nights with his job and always aware of his surroundings as the Roos come out of nowhere Tried to post a picture but no go lol
  9. PatP

    Hi All

    Thinking with a young baby you won't manage on $120 a week for food if you factor in nappies and formula etc it's expensive We are living rural ie kangarilla so some 20 kms from shopping centres etc plus we travel to see grandchildren etc Our petrol bill is around $ 70 a week
  10. PatP

    Building a granny flat Ideas please

    I will call into the council offices for a chat and some advice we actually have several options one being to use a huge shed and convert it But we will probably need a separate septic waste disposal or would a chemical loo suffice Exploring all avenues really
  11. Has anyone any ideas on building an independent granny flat council being Onkaparings We are living with our son at Kangarilla to extend the house seems silly as it's already 4 bedrooms but we are using them as lounge dining room bedroom at the moment and sharing kitchen and laundry ?? The house is on 20 acres so there is plenty of space but would the council allow a seperate build We are thinking timber frame and having read some old posts seems like if we don't have a laundry of our own it's feasible
  12. My grandson burn in Oz had to show his birth certificate and his Mums residents Visa he doesn't have a citizenship visa himself
  13. PatP

    Broadband Supplier Recommendations - Semaphore Park

    Has Optus said why they can't provide ? If you have what they call a pair gain line you won't be able to get broadband vua your phone line
  14. PatP

    mobile phone providers

    A lot depends on where you will live Having just moved to Kangarilla my son is going to have to change from Optus to Telstra as too many problems with coverage etc He is missing vital calls which are going straight to message bank Prices with Telstra are dearer but seemingly coverage is much better It has taken him a week of trying to contact Optus and much frustration before they have finally said they will release him from his contract because his buisness is suffering We had Optus internet at happy valley and it was rubbish - I had to use a dongle as we had a pair gain line which would not carry the Internet and Telstra would not change it as they said the line was ok for the phone we eventually had an aerial installed under the government broadband guarantee because we had such poor reception
  15. PatP

    Wizzywozza-Sad News

    Such sad news thoughts and prayers with Sharons family

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