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  1. Moving in 2017

    Hope the final stage is quick for you! We are applying for a 190 under specialist manager and have just submitted the skills assessment, just can't wait to get it all done and start planning the move!
  2. Moving in 2017

    Congrats on getting your visa we have just submitted my husbands skills assessment to vita assess and just getting ready to book IELTS. Have you looked at any areas to live in yet?
  3. Moving in 2017

    Hi we have just started applying for our visa we are just finishing the skills assessment. We are hoping to make the move to Adelaide early 2017 is anyone else looking to maie the move at a similar time? Thought it would be nice to share the experience with any other families, there is myself, my husband son who will be 12 when we move and 2 daughters who will be 10 and 8.
  4. hi this is my first post to the site, my family and i are in the process of applying for our visa and are looking at moving to seaford rise. My children and i all do karate in the uk and would be keen to carry on in oz also my daughter does street dance and hip hop and i was wondering if there is anything around like this? thanks for ny help!