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  1. Rob and Mel

    Plumbing workers

    Admin/Moderators can you please make this a sticky? There seems to be lots of plumbers moving or trying to come out to Adelaide, That dont know about things this end! If you are coming this is something you need to know! The goal posts do get moved from time to time but this is how things are as of 11/04/11. There are FIVE courses you have to do! One is 6 days... one is 16 one days... one is a full week.... another is one week... you get the idea? One is for Gas, one is for drainage, one is for hot and cold water, one is for sanitary and fire sprinklers. (and you have to now do a first aid course). The courses cost you about $650 each but you can (might) get some of the money back if you can get a CITB card and are registered at Skills recognition in the city. This will allow you to work for someone else! This DOES NOT give you a level 3 certificate (at the moment but maybe soon). Level 3 is what you get at the end of your apprenticeship here in OZ. You can get work and be working while doing this but might not be on the money you expect, you will be classed as an apprentice! There is now something called RPL (recognised prior learning). They look at what you have done in the past and fast track you through some of the training. This is not as easy as it sounds there seems to be lots of UK stuff that does not count towards this. I think it's about time I got all these details down properly and put it up as a sticky. Lots of plumbers like myself know nothing about this till they arrive! I was told I would have to do a course but I have been here 18 months now and am still doing them. Please feel free to ask any more questions. Rob
  2. Rob and Mel

    Moving boxes

    Can we please have them? We are in Aberfoyle park so can collect asap. Please call text what ever you like.. Thanks Rob 0451503959
  3. Rob and Mel

    Meet ups 2012

    The only meet up we know about but there could be more is at Port Norlunga on the First Sunday of the month. People meet up about three o'clock to the right of the pier as you look out to sea. We have been busy so not been as much as we used to. Rob and Mel
  4. Rob and Mel

    Skip hire-any cheap deals about ?

    Have you checked with your local council for hard rubbish collection? Our council allows us 2 collections per year free. You may find you don't need the skip at all. Hope this helps.
  5. Rob and Mel

    Meet ups 2012

    Sorry we haven't been for a while but we'll be there today. So just a reminder, we'll be at Port Noarlunga, at the pier, somewhere near the bottom of the steps. Looking forward to meeting some old and new friends. All welcome. If anyone is worried that they won't find us and would like my number, please send a pm and i'll give you my phone number. See you there, Rob & Mel
  6. Rob and Mel

    Printer vacancy

    Thanks, that's interesting, I'll send you a PM Still looking for someone to run the digital press if anyone is looking for a position like that. Mel
  7. Rob and Mel

    Printer vacancy

    Hi All, I work for a printers in the city and we are looking for an experienced printer to run the digital press. We print brochures, business cards and flyers. If you think this might be the type of job you are looking for, please send me a PM and I'll send you some more details. Thanks, Mel
  8. Rob and Mel

    Aussie Drivers Licence...

    Is that the same licence for driving a Taxi? Sorry could not resist its Friday... Rob and Mel
  9. Rob and Mel

    Industrial shed is that permitted?

    Nick,(Mr Crush) There is no link for us to use. Can you edit your post please? Thanks Rob and Mel
  10. Rob and Mel

    Aussie Drivers Licence...

    You are meant to send your UK license back to the UK. I only found his out the other week when I had a letter sent to my registered UK address. No more info yet the letter is on its way over here for me to read. Rob and Mel
  11. Rob and Mel

    Almost New iPhone 3GS - Black, 16GB

    Just a quick question could you answer please? You say the phone is a US spec. Does this mean you bought it in the US and does it work on all the OZ networks?(unlocked). Thanks might be in touch. Rob and Mel
  12. Good luck with the business. We are interested in solar but believe it takes a long long time before you get your money back. Is it possible you could explain how things work while giving a quote? Cheers Rob and Mel
  13. Rob and Mel

    Meet ups 2012

    Good to catch up with some of the members that have been here for a while and some of the new arrivals. 2 days for one family and one week for another family!! Here are a couple pictures I sneaked, Hope no one minds. See you all soon. Rob and Mel
  14. Rob and Mel

    Meet ups 2012

    SORRY FOR LATE NOTICE....... Due to the weather being so nice and it being Fathers Day we thought it would be nice to meet up on the beach. The time will still be 3pm and we will be on the right hand side of the jetty as you look out to sea. So the location is Port Norlunga Jetty. https://maps.google.com/maps?q=port+norlunga&hl=en&ll=-35.148258,138.469545&spn=0.005141,0.008594&sll=-35.144757,138.467388&sspn=0.020564,0.034375&t=h&z=17 The Jetty is where The Esplanade and Saltfleet Street meet. There is a car park just nearby. Hope to see you there Rob and Mel Give us a bell if you can not find us. 0451503959.
  15. Rob and Mel

    OH has a Job...yay

    What does he do? Congratulations it makes you feel wanted when you get a job. Rob and Mel
  16. Rob and Mel

    2 storey or not 2 storey?

    Diane, Thank you for the Basic Science lesson. How many degrees difference could there be? Cheers Rob and Mel
  17. Rob and Mel

    2 storey or not 2 storey?

    I have just read through the posts so far and am puzzled. Can you please explain why the upstairs gets hotter in the summer? Do you mean hotter than downstairs or hotter than a single storey? The only reason I could give its nearer the sun....lol Cheers Rob and Mel
  18. Rob and Mel

    Moving Boxes WANTED - Please

    Fingers moving about 90%. Stiff in the morning but once done my exercises its not to bad. Whens the house warming dont forget to let us know. Rob and Mel
  19. Rob and Mel

    Moving Boxes WANTED - Please

    Thought you had only just moved out of your house into a rental up the road while new one is being built? Dont tell us your new one is ready? Sorry dont have any boxes but if you need a hand give us a shout. Rob and Mel
  20. Rob and Mel

    Work at HP

    There is a member on here I will not put there name up but will send a link to them to reply if they want to. Hope that helps... Rob and Mel
  21. Make sure 'if' you have extra baggage allowance being a first time migrant that its included in your flights up to Adelaide. You will get stung with a heavy bill for all the extra kilos on the flight. Quite a few people have not checked this and been caught out at the airport. Like the others have said just enjoy Melbourne it might be a while till you can get time for a break. Rob and Mel
  22. Rob and Mel

    White ipad with wi-fi 16gb brand new

    Dont wish to bring you bad new but they are only $429 on the Mac website for a brand new one with warranty. This snap shot was taken today 11/8/12. Maybe you will have to lower the price to move it on. Sorry Rob and Mel
  23. Rob and Mel

    On Our Way

    Give us a shout if you need to chew someones ear off. We are in Aberfoyle park down south. Will pm you a mobile number. Rob and Mel
  24. Rob and Mel

    Small parcel to ship - UK to Adelaide

    Try these....http://www.transglobal.org.uk I have used them loads in the past. A rough idea is £47 thats at each roll being 1kg and the size of 6x6x30. Dont know exact sizes of rolls of wallpaper. Hope it helps. Rob and Mel
  25. Rob and Mel

    Opticians for children

    We have used Alan at Specsavers in the Marion shopping centre. He is very good and has helped us lots. Rob and Mel

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