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  1. robeaves

    At last!

    We have had NBN for 6 or 7 months now and it's great. It was a total nightmare getting it connected in the beginning but we got there eventually. I can only comment on Telstras service personally and on FTTN (Fibre To The Node) where the nbn is concerned however my sister has been through 4 providers now trying to get hers sorted. The speed you will get not only depends on the speed you pay for but also how far you are from the node and pillar in the street, the further you are the slower the speed, my sister who lives in the Corromandel Valley area is over a kilometre from their node so didn't expect much but when they first got connected it was great, however as time went on it got slower and slower, she complained and complained and was instructed to run test after test by first Adam then iiNet and internode but they refused to send a tech out and when they eventually did they stated it was her distance that was the problem, she then contacted my republic a new company who promise the fastest speed possible, same issue initially but they did send a tech and this time the tech really knew his stuff and actually wanted to help, she was told the original tech connected them up wrong in the first place, so now she has 10mbit down and 6mbit up on a stable connection. At its worst previously it wasn't usable at all. So it's basically a lottery depending on where you live, who you talk to on the phone and who you get as a tech. Don't ever let them tell you that's the best we can do if you're not satisfied, minimum speeds should be what my sister is getting. We are in Park Holme and less than 200m from the node and pillar our attainable speed is over 100mbit down and over 50mbit up. If you are getting FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) then your connection will be a direct fibre connection and non of the above is relevant.
  2. robeaves


    Hi, when we moved and went through the hole thing we used our rental history and reference from the uk, the agent accepted that no problem. Most agents would understand you have to start somewhere and they'll make a judgement when they meet you too. Don't worry about it too much you'll be fine.
  3. robeaves

    Help with finding finance providers?

    Hi, not sure if this is the kind of thing you mean but this is what is generally offered among the big retailers. http://www.harveynorman.com.au/customer-service/finance-options/interest-free https://www.certegyezipay.com.au https://www.thegoodguys.com.au/finance ive personally only used Certegy but most finance is offered through a credit card company from what I can tell.
  4. robeaves

    "Unlimited broadband" might not be so...

    I'd say your son is partly correct, I'm no expert but have read enough forums to learn a thing or two. ISP's may slow some users down at peak times to protect their service to other customers, there's only so much bandwidth and it needs to be shared unfortunately, your average user wouldn't notice but a gamer or heavy downloader certainly would. Our speeds have been shocking due to our distance from the exchange but yay NBN arrived last month, we expected to get connected on Friday just gone but it was not to be, instead they started the job and disconnected our ADSL but then couldn't complete it and we are now without internet until 28th June if it happens, maybe third time lucky, here's hoping.
  5. robeaves

    south plympton

    We live just down the road in Park Holme, its a pretty good area, very handy for transport links, beach, Westfield Marion and City. M44 goes straight past to the City or Marion and the tram or train is just down the road. There are several pubs / hotels within easy reach if that's your thing, Drakes Foodland Ascot park is brilliant for a few bits and the Day Night Surgery on Marion Rd bulk bills. Rents are pretty reasonable for a 3 bed on a split block we are paying $450 a week. You get the odd dodgy character but the vast majority seem friendly enough.
  6. robeaves

    Citizenship 2015/2016

    i would have thought it unlikely but give them a call and find out, Call the Citizenship Information Line for information, application forms and advice. Telephone 131 880 between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday.
  7. robeaves

    Citizenship 2015/2016

    Just for anyone who wants to know time frames, we applied for Citizenship 3rd Jan 2016 and our Ceremony is 30th April 2016 so almost exactly 4 months start to finish.
  8. robeaves

    Setting up gas, electric and wifi prior to arrival

    http://www.adsl2exchanges.com.au/ maybe.
  9. robeaves

    Daylight Saving and smoke alarms.

    +1 for the smoke alarm battery advice, every rental we have been in i've changed the batteries as soon as we moved in and done it at lease renewal thereafter. Our current rental looked like it had the original batteries in from installation over 7 years ago.
  10. robeaves

    Banking advice

    We went with NAB before we arrived, it was really easy. We have since changed to ING Direct and love it.
  11. robeaves

    Setting up gas, electric and wifi prior to arrival

    https://www.directconnect.com.au/ Direct Connect do this kind of thing and are usually promoted on lease agreements. We used them for our very first rental but i can't say it was a smooth experience, i forget exactly what happened now but in the end we wished we hadn't bothered. Its relatively easy to set these things up yourself provided you have an address and bank account here i should think. There aren't that many companies to choose from either so if you would like a list just ask. You may find http://www.iselect.com.au/ and http://www.finder.com.au/ useful in your search.
  12. robeaves

    Adelaide needs to change.....

    Doesn't even live in Adelaide oh but he's from London well there you go.
  13. robeaves


    +1 for Telstra, best network by far for coverage and speed particularly in rural areas.... So long as no one presses the wrong button.
  14. robeaves

    Landlady issues anyone else Fulham Gardens?

    Give today tonight a call they love a good battle
  15. robeaves


    Hi, I would think its classed as a learners permit but take it to service sa when you arrive and see what they say. https://www.sa.gov.au/topics/transport-travel-and-motoring/motoring/drivers-and-licences/drivers-licence-transfer

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