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  1. Hi Saul I have got go ahead from boss, will take it all just need to work out the logistics of it all thanks gary
  2. Gary1980

    Grange, Henley beach west beach

    Sounds great am really torn between the fear of not knowing places and the excitement of seeing new places, less then a month to go
  3. Hi Saul can you get some pics (of the big items) but tbh I would say we will take it all will chat a deal with you cheers Gary
  4. Gary1980

    Grange, Henley beach west beach

    Hi thanks for input guys yes sorry short term for first few weeks is the plan, the area is the worry, I guess what I want is somewhere easy commute to Regency park for work and good area for kids schools/ clubs not to far from the sea without a expensive price tag, lol cheers snifter semaphore looks great
  5. Gary1980

    Grange, Henley beach west beach

    Thanks for help guys , time is flying in for us at the moment trying to sort so much, i was really hopeing to find our new home area rent get settled for a year or two and then buy there if all good so to not move the kids schools out there but am thinking this is very unlikely, am coming to the conclusion I would have to be very lucky to figure it all out from the other side of world as I have been on realestate.com.au most nights looking at all sorts of places but areas are really hard to judge on line,
  6. Gary1980

    Grange, Henley beach west beach

    Hi all, does anybody live in or know these areas am just trying to get a bit of input on the areas, good, bad, family oriented, expensive any useful info greatly appreciated also if anyone has a 3-4 bed house to rent up that way from the 10th of March give me a shout(worth a ask;)) thanks gary
  7. Gary1980

    Hi all

    Have a couple of weeks to clear heads then will try to sort on what area have a few places were fond of like Darlington and Marion but proofs in the pudding, also a previous work mate of my wife's who is also there has offered to be generous with his time in helping keeping us right, tbh so far everyone we've dealt with have been helpful and friendly which has really been great boxes arrive today so a busy week ahead
  8. Gary1980

    Hi all

    Hi JB thanks, I'm a HGV mechanic and my wife is a legal secretary/PA, I'm on a 457 visa so have a job to go to, and Lindi (wife) will look for work once we are all settled
  9. Gary1980

    Hi all

    yes bud really helpful forum, tbh a bit of a god send just even to know that theirs helpful people where were going and they all understand the big move emotions and fears lol
  10. Gary1980

    Hi all

    Yeah kind of caught us off guard coming so quick as we had expected a few week more being over holiday period, the Reality of so much to do has kicked in a bit:huh: Flights booked we arrive on the 3rd of March which sounds funny but made things more real, kids are all really excited which is great
  11. Gary1980

    10 months in!

    Thank you, really enjoyed that read, it's looking like we'll be heading out for early March from Northern Ireland, it is great to read a good follow up story
  12. Gary1980

    Hi all

    Wow really happy visas have come through (only took six days !!) having a chat with work agent today and travel agent tomorrow looks like I'm going to be a busy lad
  13. Gary1980

    Flights booked to arrive in April

    lists and ticks lol am in the middle of making those lists
  14. Gary1980

    Driving licence help

    Thanks blossom, I am a HGV mechanic so will talk to my new work about the truck licence when I get there and see what they say,

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