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  1. Right, we have been here 7 years. Came with kids, all school age....... Now, I have a secure job, my OH has 20 hours secured,my 20 yo, son, cant get work even in humgry jacks; my 19 yo old son is at uni, studying to be a teacher!!! And my 17 yo daughter is at TAFE studying patteserie.....cake making, for the less informed........... I pay my taxes, live frugally, sort of, However, what I hear day after day.......we dont know people, we have no connections, and because my son wants to be a sound engineer, and my daughter a cake maker........stuffed. Can anyone help us to make the "right " coonections??
  2. Scousemouse

    moving interstate????

    hi Lily, I understand what you mean, but this isnt about financial, or material things; more a rounded way of life......... Thank you for your good wishes, and yes, it does make one feel a little better about things to be "wanted"!
  3. Scousemouse

    Ladies and gynaecologists

    You could try Hanan Maghazaji, ( womens health plus) on Glyndeburn road. Beth Russ or Anna Bof, theyre in the yellow pages, or through NECH in Campbelltown, i know they work at the Lyell McKewin Neisha Wratten on Kensington road, she is freaking awesome!! Good luck
  4. Scousemouse

    moving interstate????

    Hi All, not been on here for an age, but thats another story!! So, why the post now? The other day (Tuesday), I had another shabby day at work, so bad I decided to hunt for another job. I submitted my cv to an agency, for a similar job that i have now, because anytime i have applied for more senior roles,here, i dont get shortlisted!! Anyhoodles, the next morning, at 0720hrs (!), the agency rang me; They asked the usual questions, what my experience was, where had i worked, about my NHS banding in Australian terms.....I was a Band7, or a level 3; would i consider rural ( in ozzy terms, something not in a city, but not beyond the black stump which is remote); they then said they have another, more senior post that they would like to have me apply for.........in Victoria!!! Err, ok, says I, a bit sceptical, and not really considering that I would have a sniff at such a post, please do........... Yesterday.........the agency rang me again, at a much more civilised hour of 1420hrs. I missed the call.....so I rang them at 1600hrs. Apparently, I have an impressive cv! The hospital DON and CEO were very taken with my experience, knowledge, qualifications, and the agency opinion of how I am, at least over the phone!! They wish to speak with me.......with a view to meeting.... Now, we are settled, sort of, in Adelaide, the OH got a part time job after 3 years of looking; the kids have made friends,and another "big move" may be in the offing. We have a house, in a nice area, 10 mins from the CBD, 12 mins from work, and free parking therein, some friends of our own, whom we admire and respect. We enjoy the convenience of having town, country, beach within 30 mins. We have great neighbours. However, I have ambitions, and a shot at being able to provide my family with "more" inspires me. Yet, I am nervous....how does one move interstate? What if I dont like it? how much will it cost? Why shouldnt we? Do we sell or rent the house? What's keeping us here? This is worse than moving half a world away!!!And whilst I know himself and the offspring will make a "go of it" anywhere, I will be "starting again", with nursing and medical colleagues who dont know me, who might resent me. Oh, but the salary and the position are so good...both our salaries combined.....and we can get more bang for our buck in housing terms......... I get ahead of myself, I havent even spoken to them yet! Wondering if ANYONE has had a similar predicament?? Thanks for listening........
  5. As a British Citizen, he would be entitled to recciprocal care. You will need to visit the medicare store, and they will issue a temporary card for the family. Essentially he would get free emergency treatment, but not ambulance cover! and be able to see a GP in one of the clinics..........Im not sure if payment would be required, hes under 16, so it should be free. the staff at Medicare will give you all the info required. If you think you may need ambulance cover, im sure SA ambulance have a scheme to cover short stays too!! Hope your grandson and his parents make it to see you. Regards Jane
  6. Hi there. Check out the DECS website for schools information.not entirely sure that primary schools are IB accredited, so the best thing is to research thaton the web. The Easten burbs are lovely,(and a bit pricey, in most cases). the BEST primary school, imo, is Marryatville Primary, but Magill has a good reputation.Burnside is also a good school. Glenunga High school has a very small catchment area, and is very competative to get in!! they are IB accredited. hope that helps. Best Eastern burbs.........take your pick, magill, wattle park, roslynpark, erindale, tusmore, all very pleasant; and in easy reach of theCBD. good luck with your move. Jane
  7. Scousemouse

    UK education better than Australia?

    Interesting debate! With 2 kids still at school (yr 12 and 10) i would like to add........ My daughter now attends ASMS at Flinders uni, a school she sought out because the "scattergun" approach was unsettling and unhelpful. Now specialising in her chosen line, she is much more content. Even the hour journey doesnt seem to bother her........ My son , now in year 12 finds that the concentrated effort is more beneficial, and his subjects are more focused; he seems to think that until now, his education almost ended. In year 10 he was completing extended math because he is a bit talented that way, but the extra workload with less input was a struggle, completing 2 plus years of math in 1 year, in a subject he had to take again thenext year, and again this year, work he has already completed!! It may be easier now, but somewhat repetitive! I think the educators are as good here as anywhere; and Lordy, i would give them a medal, i couldnt do it! However, as an child of the UK system from aeons ago.......the broad curriculum is a bit confusing to us more maturepersons!!! Is all. Thanks
  8. Scousemouse

    new member

    I agree with both Diane and Hotrod; work will decide you, along with schools, transport links, shopping etc plus what you can afford!! Eastern burbs are surely the nicest..............but they can be costly. Good luck with the move
  9. Scousemouse

    CN Level nurses in Adelaide

    Hi there, gosh you sound as confused as me; I was a band 7/8a in the UK too, but i applied for level 1 jobs........now i am looking at level 2 and above after 4 years!! Thing is , reading the job specs is a bit confusing, i have all the qualies and experience for a level4; but may be over qualified for a level 2. I personally think that any job above a level 1 will come your way after a short period in post........however, i work in the private sector, not the public; and it does look like promotion is a bit more frequent in the public sector, and getting in there from private seems to be like skiing uphill. Good luck with it though, and yeah, be cheeky.............
  10. Scousemouse

    Yayy! About time too....

    hurrah, a victory for the consumer...............now bring in COSTCO!!!! That'll have the duopoly running for the discounts! On Sunrise today they said us Aussie(sic) consumers are being charged upto 177% more for particular items..........but then i dont buy Jack Daniels, so no worries.
  11. Check out the DECS website for school information.
  12. Scousemouse

    want to meet friendly people

    OH I SEE..........preferential treatment for the pretty young one! Harumph............. Seriously, it was a great night, so glad we went; hope this aged one didnt "cramp your stylees" too much, lol. Thanks to Richie T and Meagan for organising it, well done guys. Jane
  13. Scousemouse

    4 years in, wobbling now!

    Barbaitch, Thank You. I booked the tickets yesterday, so I owe Diane a huge Thanks!! Get yourself to the Maid, my dear, and we can all have a great time. Good luck with the move!! Jane
  14. Scousemouse

    want to meet friendly people

    Hello folks, Well, i finished work on time, grabbing some tea than he and me are heading to the Richmond.............and i am actually looking forward to it. So if you see 2 40+ peeps looking a bit "out of it" (not drunk) then thats me and himself!!!!
  15. Scousemouse

    Oil and Gas Fields South Australia

    got any nursing jobs, marty???? Same money as a tradie, lol????? I can cook too...........

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