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  1. Flutterby

    Carseats on planes

    Just as way of update in case anyone else has this query in the future. I took my car seat to the airport for singapore airlines to check over yesterday. They are happy with it. It is a Britax Safe and Sound, he said that as long as the lap belt can secure it they are happy with it. I'm all booked for Sunday and have meet and assist booked all the way through. No bassinet seat available on the first leg for my other child but I think that's ok.
  2. Flutterby

    Carseats on planes

    I went into target today and all of the seats had the same sticker as mine has. Think I'll call the airline tomorrow and check. I can't book yet as I'm still waiting for one of the passports to arrive, one came today. I'm going to definitely need lots of help, that's why I wouldn't travel with anyone other than Singapore.
  3. Flutterby

    Carseats on planes

    Hi, hoping someone can help with some advice. I am having to travel back to the UK next week as my mum is very ill and I have 11 month old twins. My husband is staying here with our older daughter. I know I will have to travel with one as a child with a purchased seat and one as an infant but I am finding it difficult to work out if my car seat will be accepted on the plane. It was purchased earlier this year and is a Britax Safe and Sound. I am planning to travel Singapore Airlines, their advice on their website says that a Australian Standard is fine but that it can't have to be secured by a 3 point harness. Surely all Aussie car seats would have to be secured by a three point harness but a lap belt would go through the belt path? Im planning to take it down to the airport and find out but would be grateful if anyone has any experience of using a carseat on board. I have the CAA guidelines but struggling to get the info I need. Also any tips to travel with two babies on my own? They are normally pretty good babies but obviously haven't been on a plane with them before.
  4. Flutterby

    Nappies?! Help!

    Hi, I have 3 kids and swore by huggies for my first one. I now have 9 month old twins and I use Comfy Bots from Coles for them more out of price than anything else. Very cheap at 56 for $11 and I haven't had any leaks at all so far.
  5. Flutterby

    PASSPORT EMERGENCY - any advice??

    Your poor gran! Where does she live in the UK? I think the only option is to go in person to one of the passport offices. Looks like they can't do it for a first passport but should be ok for a lost/stolen one. Will someone be able to take her if there are appointments available? https://www.gov.uk/get-a-passport-urgently The only other option is to find the lost one - has someone retraced her steps? Was it handed in anywhere? Have you contacted police/airport to see if they have it handed in? Where did she last see it? Did she definitely take it with her? Good luck, hope things turn out ok for her and you.
  6. Not sure if this is the right place to post but I need an internal door hanging (we have the door) and a bracket fixed to the wall in the utility room to hold a tumble dryer. Possibly also an extension to the work top in the kitchen but that depends on price. Hoping to get it done ASAP. Am in Aberfoyle Park Thanks in advance.
  7. This is completely untrue. I work in one of the unis in a central HR position (won on merit with no networks by the way). If we "had" to advertise a role it would be internally advertised only, anything advertised externally to all applicants is honestly inviting applications. We receive around 200 applications on average for many of our roles at the moment. If you are not getting interviews you feel you should then I suggest you look at how you present your application as you may not be not presenting your skill set in the best way for that role. A massive proportion of my colleagues are migrants from all over the world and in fact a lot of our new recruits are newly arrived. The unis are one of the most diverse work environments you will find in SA. I took 6 months and around 50 applications, 4-5 interviews to win my role 6 years ago. It is tough I agree but persevere. Come with an open mind and an understanding that you won't just land a job in the first month and I suspect you will have a more positive experience.
  8. Flutterby

    IT Jobs in Adelaide

    In case any of you are still looking - University of Adelaide has a very large recruitment campaign running in Technology Services at present, no agencies are being used. Register interest at the link below but all roles will be advertised individually as well. http://careers.adelaide.edu.au/mob/cw/en/job/492262/technology-services-register-your-interest-for-our-upcoming-roles-in-2014
  9. Flutterby

    visa running out

    We couldnt sell ours in 2007 so came out for validation trip early 2008, bought us some extra time to sell house. We moved permanently one year later. You all have to enter by visa validation date but dont have to stay.
  10. Flutterby

    Got my L s ,Needs help with hrs

    Your wife can definitely supervise your hours with a UK Licence. I passed my test in January and my husband signed off all my driving hours with a UK licence. Got my Provisional licence with no problem in March. As long as the licence is from a recognised country which the UK is then it is fine. Maybe the confusion is that your wife has only had an SA licence for 5 weeks. Just use the UK licence number on the log book and it will be fine - I promise...!!!!!
  11. Flutterby

    groupage container

    We had the same problem. Our stuff was collected in February and didn't leave the UK until April and arrived in Adelaide until end of June. We took it up with BAR and had no joy with them either. The company we used has actually gone into administration now.
  12. Flutterby

    475 to PR timeline

    Hi, it is pretty difficult to tell to be honest - we got ours in January and it only took 7 days from application to visa grant. Someone else applied before me in December and got theirs in March. I made sure I uploaded all the documentation, police checks etc up front and didn't wait for them to ask me for anything. It worked for me! Good luck.
  13. Flutterby

    Hotpoint Washing Machine

    Hi, We have a Hotpoint Aquarius washing machine which is now about 8 years old but has always been a great washing machine. The dial has stopped clicking around to select the program and it is stuck on quick wash. I have pulled the dial out but can't see a problem with it. Is anyone on here a washing machine repair bod or alternatively does anyone know who I can contact here to get it fixed. I think they are owned by Indesit now. I can buy spares from Uk but really am not confident in my ability to fix....! Any advice gladly welcomed. Flutterby
  14. Flutterby

    Going from 475 to perm visa

    Provisional visa holders do not have to redo Medicals. Scroll down this page and look at the section on reusing medicals. It is clear on the PDF link from that section (2nd page) that unless your medical circumstances have changed dramatically then as long as you had a "permanent" medical which you did, then you can reuse it. Health Requirements for Visa Applicants I would suggest that you send this to your case officer.
  15. Flutterby

    Pregnant woman in Adelaide!

    Hi Kirsty, I was looking into having a student midwife as I didn't get on to the MGP and got some info in the post earlier in the week but was going to discuss at my next antenatal appointment at the beginning of March. I am 19 weeks tomorrow. I am in Semaphore and will be having baby at the WCH. If this suits your needs and you want to PM me please do. Vanessa x

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