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  1. south plympton

    Thinking of renting in south plympton, good area?
  2. rental for may

    hi, we are moving from perth wa, i was thinking of emailing some agents and seeing if they have anything on their books.
  3. rental for may

    Hi we are moving over at the end of april, we are looking for a 3 bedroom house, we have 2 dogs so we need a place that would allow them. My son is going to CBC so we are flexible where we live. Any suggestions or help! thanks
  4. south suburbs

    Hi We are coming over at the end of april from Perth. My son is going to go to CBC in the city. So we can live anywhere, I've been told south is good, any suggestions.
  5. sacred heart high school

    Hi We are moving to adelaide in the easter holidays from perth, looking at sacred heart high school, any thoughts for this school? Whats the surrounding suburbs like to live in?
  6. year 11 and 12

    Hi we are moving from Perth and my son is going into year 11. Any feed back would be great txs