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  1. Vetassess - Hairdressing

    Hi. Fortunately I had a successful result. Kind Regards
  2. Hi. I have asked this before and 3 MARA agents have all said the same thing. My partner is being sponsored on a 187 RSMS visa. She has just received a positive skills assessment and the employer has nominated us and is waiting for a positive RCB outcome. We know there are restrictions on where my partner works and the post code we reside. The question is as the spouse am I restricted if I choose to work in a city not deemed regional. Three agents have all confirmed that the restrictions are only on the main applicant and not me but I want to be sure. Many thanks
  3. Hi I have my Vetassess technical interview in less than 4 weeks! Has anyone done this before? Any advice? Kind Regards
  4. is this financially possible??

    I have emailed Tactical to see what they can offer and costs etc. Could be positive step
  5. is this financially possible??

    We want the opportunity for the kids to have a more outdoors lifestyle. My partner is half greek Cypriot and due to this experienced that type of lifestyle a lot when she was younger and likewise my mother's side of the famiky are Italian and we are both acutely aware what is on offer in a climate that is more suited to outdoor living.
  6. is this financially possible??

    Yeah the job she has she is happy with and the salary is fair. It's more to do with my job prospects!
  7. is this financially possible??

    It's the uncertainty I guess...we still have the NT nomination I guess but will only get the 2 year temporary visa to start with I would have thought.
  8. is this financially possible??

    That's fine. I'm not too bothered what I do, I just want to work. I could do the course and then hopefully someone would be willing to give me a chance!
  9. is this financially possible??

    I have spoken to securit firms in Oz and their stock answer is you have Police experience but not securit experience so I am very apprehensive about the move in terms of employment for me.
  10. is this financially possible??

    This is a very brief summary of what I have done in the UK Police:- I am a Police Officer in the UK and have been for over 14 years.* I have worked in a variety of roles, including 10 years as a uniformed Police Officer. I have also served on an Investigation Unit and have completed Investigative Interviewing for Serious and Complex Crime training, been seconded to a Youth Offending Team (Ministry of Justice), Field Intelligence Officer working with the Probation Service, HM Prison Service, Drug & Alcohol services and also local government's Troubled Families Scheme. I spent 7 years as a Neighbourhood Beat Manager and in this time worked closely with Housing Officers and Environmental Health issues relating to incidents from noise complaints to fly tipping and other anti social behaviour issues. I also dealt with Landlord / Tenant disputes and also jointly with the local Housing Officer obtained the first 'Crack House' closure notice in the county. I have dealt with a variety of offences, including child abuse, domestic abuse and hate crimes. I have also presented these cases at both Magistrate and Crown Court and been part of Multi Agency Risk Meetings, which I have also chaired in the absence of senior Police Management. My current Police role is on a Special Branch unit part of a regional Counter Terrorism Intelligence Unit.*
  11. is this financially possible??

    The wife's job is in the CBD - Rundle Mall. I would be happy to do FIFO work if I can find it. At the moment she is keen to go but I am reluctant to give up the wage etc I have here if I'm honest.
  12. is this financially possible??

    Thank you for the reply. The place that has a fee sub $300 per week rentals is Salisbury. However, I have no idea what it is like there?
  13. is this financially possible??

    Sorry.....another question....what exactly do you get in terms of Child benefit?
  14. is this financially possible??

    She is a Hair Stylist and it appears to be a good market rate that the employer has offered. it is a RSMS 187 visa which I believe is permanent visa. Yes we have some savings and I was previously successful in 2006 when WAPOL recruited from the UK but I decided not to come over then (wish I had if I'm honest ).
  15. Ok. My partners job pays $40,000 AUD pa. I will come without a job and hopefully manage to secure one asap. We have two children (one baby and one school age). We want to rent a 2 bed apartment to start with. I'm not sure how much money we will come out with - maybe $6 - 10,000 AUD. Is it possible to get by on this for at least the first few months? The rent I've seen is around $250 pw. I am a Police Officer and hope that I would mange to get a job in either SAPOL,Corrections or child protection etc but I know this may not be possible. In the UK we earn around £47,000 plus per annum combined and that does offer us a comfortable lifestyle financially. Not sure if this move is financially viable???!!!