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  1. jomark

    Mechanic - Recommendations please

    Australian auto care 77 osullivans beach road Lonsdale 83821833.... does what you want, no more no less
  2. jomark

    dog free beaches southern adelaide

    Im sure theres enough beach for everyone.(from a dog owner,family beach user and surf life saver)If every dog owner cleaned up after there dog and every parent watched there kids and every family took all there rubbish home and none of the teenagers swore or drunk beer on the beach.Would it be ok then just enjoy it.
  3. jomark

    Its that time of the year....

    How about giving to someone else on behalf of them????? kmart wishing tree appeal (this can be done cheaply,my son used his advent money last year and it bought 2 presents for kids that would usually go without)??? Oxfam??? then send them a picture or card telling them what you gave...that's what im doing for my mum and dad, they are not wealthy and do not have everything BUT my mum is god damn fussy and always moans about what I get them so this year I am buying them a paver at Christie Beach Surf Club with there names on it and dates they have visited.....then im going to take a picture and send it to them in a frame.....she will probably moan about this (my dad will love the idea) but at least this time I have given my money to a worthy charity Jo
  4. jomark

    Dental costs

    For adults No kids can go to the school dentist for some treatments.. Jo
  5. jomark

    junior schools morphett vale

    Morphett vale is a big area so you need to have a look at schools around you, my boys go to Morphett Vale Primary School ( on Lawrence Street but can be seen from sherriffs road), its a mix of 2 small schools that they closed down and banded together in the old high school, its still a small school so no large classes..My eldest was in PNPS, we moved him last yr and its the best thing we ever did...the schools great, the principle is very approachable and very hands on, I would totally recommend it http://www.morphettvaleps.sa.edu.au/ JO
  6. jomark

    Its Nippers Time Again SLSC

    not sure why my link has been taken off? (people can advertise businesses but I cant advertise a volunteer organisation?) but if anyone would like more info please pm me Jo
  7. jomark

    Its Nippers Time Again SLSC

    Hi Tamara, they can start at 5 Jo
  8. jomark

    Its Nippers Time Again SLSC

    Come down today, have a look around the club
  9. Its nippers time again, maybe people from the different clubs can post some info on here for the newbies Christies Beach SLSC There will be an information day for the 2013/14 season on Saturday 12th October (1 - 4pm). Nipper season will commence on Saturday 19th October 2013 from 1.30 - 4.00 If you are not a member and would like to come and try, come to the club house any Saturday (19th onwards) from 1.30 - 4.00 bookings not required. Jo
  10. jomark

    McLaren Vale Day Out!

    Woodstock and hugh Hamilton are my favourite wineries to take visitors http://hughhamiltonwines.com.au/ http://www.woodstockwine.com.au/
  11. jomark

    A good night out - Michael McInytre

    panic over, ticketek answered me on facebook, it just means the presale has ended someone else asked the same question so im not the only one being blonde (no offence its just a saying lol)) this morning..35mins and counting Jo ****** Section C Row F right in the middle yayyyyyyyyyyy
  12. jomark

    A good night out - Michael McInytre

    Im fearing I might be too late, went online to double check time and the link just says The event has either pasted or no longer for sale?????? I hope they didn't all sell in the presale..........No damn phone number to actually speak to a real person Jo
  13. jomark


    Found this from The deep blue cafe and thought it might be handy for some people ..... *****Want to work at the beach?! The cafe now has a dedicated email for resumes ONLY. We would like to hear from EXPERIENCED COOKS/CHEFS as well as school leavers for FRONT OF HOUSE work.... Send your resume to (pm for email address).
  14. jomark

    A good night out - Michael McInytre

    I will be on the phone 10am Friday morning for my tickets, cant wait
  15. jomark

    help a desperate family.

    I have a 3 seat sofa they can have, its no longer needed in good condition just might need a clean (due to smell not stained as the dog liked sleeping on it)....if they want it and you can collect pm me and I will forward you my number Jo

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