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  1. 2009 - Mazda 2 Neo MANUAL $5500 ono 111958kms on the clock Mazda dealer serviced Aircon, electric windows, central locking Had new tyres all round Reason for selling, upgrading to a bigger car. Enquiries to Karen - 0415996309
  2. Skittle

    Moving to South Australia - Survey

    Thankyou very much for your suggestions, much appreciated and helpful.
  3. As part of my Year 12 Research Project, I have decided to conduct a various amount of surveys to help me get a better understanding of my topic. My chosen topic is: What are the main influences on British migrants when immigrating to South Australia? Having moved over here with my family 8 years ago, I am very interested to learn more about people’s decisions on moving. I would really appreciate all your time in filling out this survey but feel free to withdraw your information at any time if you change your mind. Thankyou for your time, Chloe. https://surveyplanet.com/54f43cd6648b044447520b50
  4. Skittle

    Dining table and chairs

    Reduced to $75.00
  5. Skittle

    Dining table and chairs

    6 seater dining table and chairs, 2 carvers and 4 chairs. Legs unscrew from the table for easy transportation. $100 Ono please pm
  6. Skittle

    What food/drink do you miss from home?

    My Aunt and Uncle always used to bring a "Stand Pie" from there for Christmas tea. It's amazing what you miss when you can't get it.
  7. Skittle

    What food/drink do you miss from home?

    Stanforths Pork Pies - the ones from Skipton on the bridge? Had them for years - Yum
  8. Skittle

    Hello from yorkshire, uk

    Hi, my nephew is called David Akrigg and works for Hillendale Landrover in Burnley
  9. Skittle

    Hello from yorkshire, uk

    Hi, How funny, my brother, sister-in-law and nephew all live in Kelbrook. My nephew is also a mechanic and a similar age to Tom - Maybe they even know each other, Kelbrook is not that big a place is it!
  10. Skittle

    English Sweets

    No, unfortunately no Minstrels as yet...............................if they are added to the stocks I will let you know
  11. Skittle

    English Sweets

    Some of you may have already discovered this small treasure trove in Hallett Cove Foodland:biggrin: They have a whole section of English sweets at very reasonable prices (not like the inflated prices at most of the "English sweet shops"). For example :- Yorkie $1.19 Caramac $0.99 Midget Gems $2.19 They also have Rowntrees Fruit pastilles, Werthers Original, Wine gums, Polos, Blackcurrant liquorish boiled sweets and many more. Enjoy!
  12. Skittle

    Katy Perry Concert

    Yes, I also took my daughter and thoroughly enjoyed it, what a show she put on! Not too sure about Zowie though, lots of screeching.
  13. My daughter is going into Year 8 at HC this year and I just got her one off ebay for $71 inc postage.
  14. Skittle

    Congrats Wizzywozza (shazza!)

    Big congrats to you and yours Sharon, enjoy the babysitting! x
  15. Skittle

    To all who have settled here!

    What a good idea for a thread. I too don't post very often and only seldom have a quick peek on here. We have been here for nearly 3 years and can honestly say it's the best thing we have ever done. We arrived here with hubbie already having secured a job but with a house still for sale in the UK. This prompted me into getting a job sooner than anticipated but that was relatively easy with 3 job offers in one day. I am still at the same company and they are fantastic to work for, always got some social event going on and have regular 'one on one's' with my manager in the coffee shop across the road! The kids were 10 and 14 when we arrived, 14 is probably not the easiest age to move to the other side of the world but they both took to 'aussie' life very well. The oldest is now nearly 17, drives himself around in his Ute and has got the surfie hairstyle to match. They found aussie kids to be very friendly and accepting. Our social life is fantastic and rarely a weekend goes by without some event or other. We both earn more than we did in the UK and find living expenses to be slightly more on the whole but it is a case of swings and roundabouts. The council rates for example are much cheaper than we had in the UK. Of course we miss our family and friends but with 3 lots of visitors this year that will keep us going! Oh and the annual leave is cumulative so you can save up for holidays or for when your visitors are here. Oh, and i love the cheap interstate airfares, will be popping to Melbourne quite soon for $100 return to see John Mayer in concert.

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