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  1. IceCandy

    Coming Soon to Adelaide

    Thank you John! Appreciate your advice. Taking Jessica's advice, I have decided to come down and personally have a feel of the suburbs I have shortlisted and then take up residence accordingly. What I want to know is should I take a decision based on schools and their zones or choose the suburb first and then look for the school.... I am of the opinion that the first option is better. What do you have to say?
  2. IceCandy

    Coming Soon to Adelaide

    Thanks for a word of caution. I shall be stopping over at Melbourne to spend Christmas with my sister and will move into Adelaide in mid January. I am aware that the market is competitive for my line of work but I am coming with an open mind and am ready to do anything till I find a good paying job. Schooling for my girls is top priority and I would like to put them in a good public school as both are intelligent and love sports. I am hoping for some helpful hints of which suburbs/schools can be considered as I am still geting mixed reviews on just about everything.
  3. IceCandy

    Coming Soon to Adelaide

    Hi Jessica! No we do not have jobs in hand for SA. We will need to come there a get jobs for both the husband and myself. Husband is working in the IT sector and I'm into office administration and facilities.
  4. IceCandy

    Making the move to Adelaide in 2016?

    Hi, We have just been granted our 190 Skilled Visa to SA and we plan to take up residence in Adelaide. We are a family of four. My husband and myself are in our early forties and we have two girls aged 11 yrs and 14 yrs. I am being faced with a challenging choice on which suburb to choose to reside in as all the suburbs in Adelaide are just names on the map to me. Based on information and feeback on other forums, I did like Woodville and also Golden Grove and Blackwood. I shortlisted Woodville due to its proximity to CBD but also prefer staying in the hills, we love it, so hence our choice of Blackwood or a new suburb like Golden Grove (heard lots of good stuff about it). I am looking foward to helpful insights on which suburb I could/should choose as my primary requirement would be to find affordable rentals as we will have to come over and look for jobs, so I dont want a huge dent in our savings. Good Public schools for my girls. Both are intelligent and both love sports, so a good choice of schools and thirdly we prefer a safe and friendly neighbourhood. We do not mind commuting long distances, as we do that here in Mumbai on a daily basis. I look forward to receiving any kind of advice of which suburb would be best suited for us to reside in. I would really appreciate the helpful responses. Many thanks and warm regards,
  5. IceCandy

    Coming Soon to Adelaide

    Hi! I have been going through the website for a few days and have really found the posts to be really helpful to me and my family. We have just been granted our 190 PR visa for SA and we are really thrilled to be coming to Australia. I have been doing my research over the past couple of months but I am thoroughly confused on which suburb to choose as right now all are just names on the map for me. I have received mixed comments on various forums I have been going through and find it really challenging to make up my mind. Looking through the posts on this website, I am really hopeful that somebody could just help take a decision. We are a family of four. My husband and self are in our early forties and we have two daughters aged 11 yrs and 14 years. We are looking for affordable rentals, good schools for our girls and a safe and friendly neighbourhood. I did like Woodville, based on feedback through various forums and did like Golden Grove and Blackwood in the South as we prefer the hills to the beach. Woodville was given priority as it is close to CBD, but we really dont mind the extra commute into the city as we spend close to an hour and a half commuting to work daily here in Mumbai, India. I would really appreciate if somebody could help me decide on which suburb I should consider and if the suburbs I have mentioned have me on the right track. We plan to move to Adelaide in early September or October 2016 and would like some clarity on the suburb we choose to stay in. Do write in. Thank you!

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