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  1. Dawn

    Information meetings

    http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/support-services/information-sessions Please see weblink above
  2. flannelette sheets thats the answer
  3. If you need to report any problems in this area please call 1800 018 313 - Traffic Management in Norwood.
  4. Just a quick note - Kylie Brown's newsagency at the Bayside shopping centre Glenelg ( where Woolies is, on Brighton Road ) has had the foresight to have some cards ready. These include grandmother ones too.
  5. Just a quick note reference - Mobile Phone Numbers going Public next month. (Your registration will then expire in five years Feb 2017.) This is for Australian phone numbers REMEMBER: Mobile Phone Numbers Go Public next month. REMINDER all mobile phone numbers are being released toTelemarketing companies and you will start to receive sale calls.YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR THESE CALLS. Below is a link where you can enter your phone numbers online to put an end to telemarketing calls. Don't just delete those calls otherwise you will find that you have been signed up for all sorts of extra services that you didn't want or know about. Like special Chimes, music etc. HTTPS://www.donotcall.gov.au/ https://www.donotcall.gov.au/dncrtelem/index.cfm
  6. Dawn

    Allowed through customs ???

    Packet bread sauce - costs a fortune here ........... but declare it
  7. Dawn

    Should we stay or go ...

    Christmas always brings these feelings out - we have been here nearly 6 years and talk about what "if" - we have citizenship & I would urge you to get that under your belt. The exchange rate blows your mind too $1.50 to buy the pound now as opposed to $2.33 when we came !! Good luck which ever way you decide
  8. Dawn


    Glengowrie is fairly close to Glenelg - you may also be close to the tram line (Glenelg to Adelaide) depending on where the house is. Good luck, as competition will be high for this area.
  9. Dawn

    Frozen British Pensions E-Petition

    Signed - hope it's succcesful
  10. My advice would be to make sure you give the extra time - ie we went back to the UK during the time leading upto putting in for the 887 - so made sure we added that & a bit extra - we also used the school administrator to verify the lenght of time spent at schools - good luck
  11. Dawn

    Meet and greet service

    Looks like it's one of the services replaced by information seesions - see link below. It's a shame because there's nothing better than being met off the plane & pointed in the right direction by a friendly face. We used the service in 2006 and found it very supportive. http://www.migration.sa.gov.au/sa/once_youre_here/information_sessions.jsp Good luck - we've all been in that position !!
  12. Sorry to be a pain - but could you give the dimensions of the pine bedside cabinets & the 6 draw chest ( don't bother with the mirror bit ) - know about the cold - used twice the amount of wood this year in the burner !!!
  13. Dawn

    Bread sauce recipes

    Thanks Sarah - looks a good recipe ( don't think I used cream in my old one !!)
  14. Dawn

    Bread sauce recipes

    Anybody got one out there ????? Christmas in July -and I have lost my old recipe for this ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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