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    Bosch Dishwasher Free!

    Here you go. Ideal for that first property or while yours is in transit. Our white Bosch Dishwasher is going free. Was in the house when we bought it and we have put our UK in instead. Works but isn't new by any stretch. Free if you come pick it up from Unley. PM for address and 'phone no. Nick
  2. NickBrigham

    Superb quality country kitchen chairs. Solid pine.

    Hi Tori, These are being 'viewed' at noon and will hopefully go then. I will write back if they don't. Cheers, Nick
  3. NickBrigham

    Superb quality country kitchen chairs. Solid pine.

    Unashamedly bumped as these go in the rubbish next week ... offers anyone?
  4. Due to a new kitchen table and chairs we have 6 country kitchen chairs for sale. Cost over £100 each when new. Immaculate condition. Just $150 the lot. PM me for address and phone number. Pic attached. Nick
  5. Last 48 hours for these before the dump gets them. Two dark brown (Looks black) Ikea TV Units and an Ikea bookcase. Collect from Flagstaff Hill. Ideal if you have just arrived and have no furniture yet.
  6. NickBrigham

    Siemans Fridge Freezer For Sale

    This is still for sale.
  7. NickBrigham

    Siemans Fridge Freezer For Sale

    Hi Adele, welcome to Adelaide! We too are in Flaggy. It is still available. We move to Unley on Wed but still have the keys to Flaggy until the w/e. Come and see it after work if you like. Nick 0428 882100
  8. For sale as it won't fit in our new kitchen. As new Siemans Fridge Freezer. 50% Freezer 50% Fridge. Anti-bacterial system. Stainless steel look. 60 x 60 x 185cm. Cost a fortune when we bought it, now just $300. Buyer must collect. UK Plug.
  9. NickBrigham

    Ikea TV units and Bookcase

    Hi Mate - we are in Flagstaff Hill. I will pm you with the phone number. In on Saturday so pop in for a look. Bookcase may have gone by then as another person is interested.
  10. NickBrigham

    Moving with house not sold

    Hi - Nic is right. In UK as in Australia you never pay tax on your home sale. So long as it was your home. Not to say you won't get an enquiry from the ATO when they detect the money arriving but you will be able to show it was from a house sale. If you get interest on the money or a gain from the exchange rate chaninging then there may be a tax liability here though.
  11. NickBrigham

    Ikea TV units and Bookcase

    We are moving house next week and have two Ikea TV units and a bookcase that are surplus to requirements. Free to a good (or any!) home. They are not black, but that very very dark brown that looks like black. The picture shows the bookcase / shelf and one of the TV units (they are both the same). Can't go wrong really. They go on the bonfire on Wednesday.
  12. NickBrigham

    Roof top tent

    To get you going I will drop the price to $1250. This is much cheaper than new, comes with better instructions on how to set it up than I got (I have woked it out) and you don't need to wait for it after ARB put the order in. Nick 0404236061
  13. NickBrigham

    Roof top tent

    After just two attempts at trying to like camping my wife has retired. We now have a barely used (3 nights!) ARB Simpson 111 Rooftop tent for sale. It has the annex and awning too. Currently attached to my car so I will need some help transefrring it over. PM me if you want any more details. $1500 ONO. Nick 0404 236061
  14. NickBrigham

    Received your ashes tickets?

    I don't think these are actually sold out yet so don't get ripped off on eBAy. N
  15. NickBrigham

    Received your ashes tickets?

    Knew that would work ... they turned up today. N

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