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  1. I guess your right. I just got a little concerned because I read a few posts regarding that. But yeah, I should focus on getting a full time job first. I have contacted the relevant authorities who assist PRs in getting a job. Will have to wait and see what they come up with. Thank you very much for your insight. Helped me get things in perspective. Regards, Sam
  2. Hi Geoff, Thank you very much for your informative reply. As far as I have researched, these rules are pretty much the same. My doubt lies in whether moving out of South Australia, within the 2 years, will affect my citizenship application. Thank you anyways. Regards, Sam
  3. Thank you for replies. Hi Barry, I am aware that it is a moral one, therefore, we tried to make it work here. I am afraid that it might affect our applications when we apply for citizenship. Will it?
  4. Hi Kalpenj, Congratulations on your visa grant. I know this is a bit late for a reply, but I really wanted to reply to your questions. 1. State Nominated Visa is the reason you are allowed to work and live in Australia so I think you kinda owe it to South Australia to work and live in their state. I am aware that the job prospects are not so great (I too am struggling to get a full-time job for the past 6 months). But if you are sponsored by SA, I think you should come here and try to make it work here and then if (hope not) you can't make it, then you should think of changing states. Like NicF said, it is a moral obligation and not a legal one. 2. Once you have been granted your Visa, the case officer's job is done, thereafter any questions regarding your visa should be made to the department of immigration. And as for the completion of 2 years in the nominated state, you will be required to complete a survey once every 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 months during the period of 2 years about living and working Adelaide. Any change of address or any of the contact details should be informed to the government. Once you have completed the 2 years, it is best to inform the state that you will be moving to another state. And your visa grant allows you to travel within Australia for 5 years without a problem so you do not need to apply for another visa. 3. However, you can apply for your citizenship after 4 years or get an RRV (resident return visa). Also, if you do complete the 2 years in the nominated state, complete the surveys and keep the state informed about your details, it will reflect in the future when and if you do decide to apply for citizenship as your character display. And, also I wanted to tell you something, on a different note. If you are planning to go to another state after being sponsored by one state, then you should've applied for the state you intend to live in. It is not morally correct towards SA and they might make it harder for other applicants to be nominated in the future.
  5. Hi rha1983, Congratulations are in order for you. I would suggest Fitzroy over Frewville. Because I live in North Adelaide and let me tell you, that is the best decision my husband and I made when choosing apartments. The location is excellent. All supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants very close by and most importantly, the city is only 10 minutes away. I would highly recommend that you choose Fitzroy, in my opinion. Good Luck for you move. Regards, Sam
  6. Hi guys, My husband and I moved to Adelaide 6 months ago as Permanent Residence under the 190 visa category. We have been looking for full-time jobs in our respective fields since we landed - with no luck. So we expanded our search and tried other industries such as retail and hospitality; again, with no luck. Then we further widened our search and so far, we have only managed to secure part-time jobs as cleaners (this was our last and desperate option) to survive and pay the bills. Right now, we are barely scraping through. So we planned to move to Melbourne as we know some friends there who could help us out (and also I was offered a job and a few interviews in my line of career but had to decline for obvious reasons). We called the department of immigration in South Australia to find out if we could get a "release" from this state. However, their answer was that we need haven't tried hard enough to land a job (of course they didn't say that in those words, but that's what was indicated to us). So, I was wondering if anyone could shed some light and give us some helpful tips on to what to do? Thanks in advance. Regards, Sam

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