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  1. Hi Folks Looking for opinions / discussion regarding the Lifetime health cover ( LHC ) loading. I suppose I got caught out in a way, by not fully researching the LHC. I'm interested in other peoples opinion on it I listened and I suppose trusted sales people a little too much, When I moved to Adelaide from the UK I had just turned 50, I was aware of the loading but didn't fully research what it applied to.I took out 'extra's' cover for my family and myself as it seemed to be the most relevant to us and the sales people were happy to tell me that I would avoid paying the LHC loading, What I didn't realise is that the loading doesn't apply to the extras policies but to the hospital cover policies. Any way so what I would like is other peoples opinion as to weather they think the loading is really an incentive, ( I believe it was introduced as ), or is it in practice a deterrent My situation is now that if I decided to take out hospital cover I would have to pay a 42% loading not for one year but for 10 years??? This is very unlikely to happen. My wife who currently has hospital cover with 8% loading, the sales people now are telling me if we now take out family cover the loading is spread out so it is 25% each?? I'm not really sure what benefit over 10 years that is to either of us. Is it at all possible that this is going to change anytime soon? Thanks Jonathan
  2. Hello Samwise look online for rental agencies online and get in touch with them by email / phone some are familiar names, our house is rented through Century 21
  3. Jonleahy

    Triathlon Club in Adelaide

    Thank you. Intially I will be going to Aberfoyle park. I found one website but it seemed to be out of date and the web contact didn't work. I have a look at your link and see how I get on Thanks again.
  4. Hi I hope to be in Adelaide soon moving from N.Ireland One of the activities I had interest in was triathlon I wasn't a high performer but enjoyed them and the training gave me motivation to stay fit. Is there an active Triathlon club in Adelaide? Would anyone have contact details? Thanks Jonathan
  5. Hi I was hoping someone might be able to help I applied for a partner visa submitted and paid for through the immiaccount at the beginning of September. My wife and sponsor moved mid September to Adelaide. I've been sorting out the house and packed furniture in shipping crate which is due to arrive in Adelaide 13/15 December. My questions are; 1. It does not appear that a case office has been assigned I have not received an email or a letter is September to November excessive to wait for a case officer to be assigned? 2. Is there anyway to contact someone to check if there is an issue? 3. We have not updated her address on the Immiaccount should we and will that help things? Thanks for any advice Jonathan
  6. Hi Folks New to this Forum, quite latterly haven't done a thing yet. looking for advice / experience's on shipping from N. Ireland to Adelaide. probably moving most furniture from a 3/4 bedroom house. including kids and adults bicycles. Thanks Jonathan PS apologies if this question has been asked before.

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