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  1. christopherj

    Working with 489

    i am in the process of checking it...Thanks
  2. christopherj

    Working with 489

    I work for an IT Consulting company in Sri Lanka. We have a branch in Mel CBD but it's not an office where anyone operates from...all employees working for the Aus branch works at customer locations all over Aus 100% of the time so it's just where the business registered address only. One of our customers is from Shepparton and I'm required to work on a project for them in Shepparton. The Shepparton zip code is in a regional area My 489 is from SA..... The question is... if I work for the Aus Branch (Mel-CBD) BUT is required to Work 100% from Shepparton.... is this in-line with the laws and regulations of the 489 taking into consideration my 489 is from SA. Note that my wife and son will be living in SA (which is regional everywhere) and I will be commuting every 2-3 weeks back to Adelaide for a few days. Regards Chris
  3. christopherj

    Clarification on 489

    Sorry about that.. i updated the post now
  4. christopherj

    Clarification on 489

    We received the 489 from SA, my wife is the primary. I work for an IT Company in Sri Lanka and one of our customers is in Tatura and I was in Aus (Living in Shepparton and Working in Tatura) from Dec to Feb on a 400. The above-mentioned customer has extended the contract and for another 3 months, I'm required (on 489) to provide consulting to the customer but I will be still employed by The Lankan Company. Living: Shepparton 3630 Work: Tatura 3616 Once the assignment is completed I’ll head back to Lanka and before heading to SA with my family where we will live with my sister-in-law for a few weeks before renting a home, buy a car…etc. Questions On the "Incoming Passenger Card", which option – “B - Visitor or Temporary entrant” ?? I’m entering through VIC, where should I give as the resident address?? (Shepparton or my Sister-in-Law's address in SA until we rent a house in SA) Get a TFN now? Tks Chris
  5. christopherj

    Live in SA but work in VIC

    Currently the Visa is still in processing... so we dont even know if we'd get it ... but my job offer is more or less confirmed since it's a customer for the company i work for. im in IT Consulting. i dont mind the commute where i goto SA every 2-3 weeks for the weekend and work in VIC.
  6. christopherj

    Live in SA but work in VIC

    Hi All.... i would like to know if the following is possible and if not what would be the alternative. Currently we have applied for State Sponsored Migration to SA and my wife is the primary applicant. In the meantime i have got a job opportunity in VIC. What are our options ? Regards Chris

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