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  1. Count me in ladies, not quite 40 (but will be in a couple of weeks!!) children aged 16 and 11 currently based in McLaren Flat, let me know where and when. Lisa XXX
  2. l1sa

    A post about being back in UK

    When we sold our house in the UK, we had to have whats called an EPC done on the house (Energy Performance Certificate) where they tell you how energy efficient your house is, they also make suggestions on how you can make your house more energy efficient. Well their advice to us was to have solar panels fitted at a cost of £14,000, to make a saving of ........wait for it.............get ready with the maths.................................................£250 a year. Ok that will take 56 YEARS to even get the £14,000 back!!!! Are they serious?!! Apparently they are. I couldn't justify spending £14k on something like that, however down the road from me, there is a large council estate who have all just gone through a multi million pound tart up, and guess what, they have ALLL had solar panels installed in their brand new roofs. I wonder if each of the council tennants had to pay £14,000?? Many solar panels have gone up in the last few years.
  3. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!! hoo hoo, hee hee!!!!
  4. l1sa

    39 sleeps!

    I'm 7 weeks till arriving!! Feel Sick!! Its been in the pipeline for us for 6 years!!! I'll be following all your posts eagerly! Good Luck Lisa
  5. l1sa

    Cheap Parent Visas Part I

    Got a question about Medicals for aged parents. We are planning to emmigrate this July, which will in effect leave OH mother alone as OH sister is already in Oz. But she is currently undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. Alls gone well and looks like its done and dusted, but what are the chances of MIL passing a medical for an aged parent visa, in the future? As she has it in her head that theres no reason to apply as they just won't accept her now.
  6. Just told the parents. Thats what I've done. And that was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Their poor little faces, I feel horrid.
  7. l1sa

    Free PIA UK Pension Transfer Seminar

    Would be interested but unfortunately, not in Oz yet!! Won't be there till June. Maybe catch the next one!! Lisa
  8. Hi folks, Does anyone know the rules are regulations about transferring a private pension from the UK to Australia. It is a private one but it has been on hold for the past 4 years as we were advised by our accountant to stop paying into it as it wasn't gonna pay out enough on retirement. But there is still a substantial fund being held in it and although we are currently not paying into it anymore the company are still taking a cut out of it yearly, so the fund is slowly diminishing!! The sooner we get it out the better! Any ideas? Thanks Lisa
  9. l1sa

    Not sure about Adelaide

    Lol. Pyjamas I can deal with!! No shoes, I can deal with!! unbrushed hair, I can deal with!! Infact might join a couple of them!!! But 6" stilletos and full slap..... no way!!
  10. l1sa

    Not sure about Adelaide

    The laid back, don't give a hoot about face slap mentality is without doubt part of the charm!! (well for me anyway) I am so sick to death of all the playground yummy mummys here, who dress up to the nines just to pick up the littlies! The sort in 'the click', you know the ones, they are in their group of 'best' friends who live the 'best' lives, who are totally unaware of anyone else unless they have something to 'offer' them, or wear the right things, or look the right way. They are shop manaquins, all glamour and absolutely hollow and shallow!!! Boy, I feel better for that!! Didn't realise I was that mad with them!! I love Adelaide, spent 2 months there with rellies, can't wait to get there and get going with the next part of my journey!! Good luck with your journey Lisa X
  11. l1sa

    giving up smoking?

    Good Luck, My OH managed to quit after a lung spot was found on his medical xray! He has found it really hard and I never thought for one minute he'd be able to quit, and its not because I didn't have faith in him, he just loved his fags. But He has now been smoke free for a year this month.. Honestly, if he can do it, anyone can. He used patches and then gum, but if you've got the will power, you will do it. Well done.

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