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  1. Had an issue when applying for citizenship in that the acknowledgement letter address was incorrect. After scouring the website and searching up i came to the conclusion you can't do it thorough the account settings. In the end i gave them a call, all sorted in the space of a minute
  2. I commute regularily to work and back, approx 50km's and have done so for over 18 months now. I generally find it pretty safe commuting, the network of bike lanes is reasonable and just as effective as those in the UK at segregating bikes from other traffic. I have experienced only one real incident in the last 18 months. There are plenty of segregated bike paths suitable for the family or general getting about like the Torrens as someone has previously mentioned or the Shriaz Trail down at Willunga. For the more adventurous there are heaps of hills and some reasonable mountain biking too. The quality of the independant bike shops is generally excellent and a few do organised rides. Google for Adelaide Cyclists, there's a group on there that do a specific family ride about once a month. Kids cycling to school is not so big in my experience for many factors, distance, school facilities, sporting activities, working parents. Some do but in general only really short distance. Happy cycling!
  3. cribber

    WANTED.....Newborn equipment/accessories

    We have a Mamma's & Papa's baby change storage unit that we'd be willing to let go. Solid wood and in v good condition. PM me if you're interested. Can supply photos.
  4. cribber


    +1 for Mark Feldman. I pay about $28 gap with my private extras cover.
  5. cribber

    Spa For Sale

    Just bumping up!
  6. cribber

    Spa For Sale

    Heritage Recliner Elite Spa for sale. 5 person spa in Ocean Wave Opal colour. Manufacturer specifications below. Regularily maintained and cleaned. In very good condition and under 3 years old. Yours for $3,700. Steps included. Located in Woodcroft, buyer collects. [TABLE=width: 100%] [TR=class: tables] [TD=width: 35%] Pumps: [/TD] [TD=width: 65%] 1 x2.7 BHP [ Two Speed ] [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD] Jets [/TD] [TD] Total - 29 Water Jets - 14 Air Jets - 15 [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Heater [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] 2.0 KW [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD] Controller [/TD] [TD] Gecko/Digital/Programmable [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Touch Pad [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Temperature Readout [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD] Filtration [/TD] [TD] 50 Sq.ft.Cartridge [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Blower [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] 1100 Watts [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Water Capacity [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] 1000 Litres [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD] Cabinet [/TD] [TD] Western Red Cedar / Insulated lining [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Insulation [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Closed Cell Foam [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD] Frame [/TD] [TD] Non - Rust Galvanised Steel [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Base [/TD] [TD=bgcolor: #ecffff] Non - Rot Moulded Plastic [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables] [TD] Hardcover [/TD] [TD] Key Lockable Hard Cover [/TD] [/TR] [TR=class: tables, bgcolor: #ecffff] [TD] Electrical [/TD] [TD] 15 Amp Plug in [/TD] [/TR] [/TABLE]
  7. I use it frequently when out with the Guys and Grils from Tailwind Cycles on our Moana loop. It's undergoing some rework down at Seaford for the Train line extension but otherwise a good safe way to get around.
  8. cribber


    Wow, they are adorable! If you are looking for new homes for them can you pm us please? Many thanks Sam and Paul
  9. cribber


    Hiya, we would be possibly interested in a puppy when they arrive, can you pm us when they arrive with some info please? Many thanks! Sam
  10. If it's of any use i have a Mama's & Papa's baby change unit and a Bruin cot bed for sale. If you're interested send me a PM and i'll email some photos. Cheers, Paul.
  11. cribber

    e457 v paper 457

    When i did my e457, the grant email tells you that you don't have to get the visa evidenced in your passport but to turn up at your local immi office within a certain period. We travelled out just fine without the visa label.
  12. cribber

    457 and medical

    It's all depdant on where you'll be working. If either/both of you will be working in a hospital or school environment you will be required to undergo both x-ray and a general medical (height, weight, blood pressure, urine etc). If not you'll only require an x-ray. For children the requirements vary with age. Paul.
  13. cribber

    Thurs 18 Feb - coffee anyone?

    Thank you Rachel I would love to come, will be in contact! Looking forward to meeting you. Can I bring my troublesome 3 year old daughter? Would you like me to bring a contribution? Best wishes Sammy
  14. cribber

    Offshore visa's while in Oz

    Hi Jacqui, That's certainly the way i read it. I seem to remember someone else on the forum doing it this way for a different visa. Good luck.
  15. cribber

    Offshore visa's while in Oz

    Jacqui, I'm sure some friends of ours went from a 496 visa to an 857 visa, but they did it over 18 months ago i'll check and get back to you. Is the 496 visa sometimes reffered to as either: Skilled (Provisional) Class VC Skilled (Provisional) Class VF. These are both qualifying visas for the 857. I think your best bet is to ask your case officer if you can swap to a RSMS 119 offshore as there is no requirement for a qualifying visa, but as the excert below from the immi website states you must be offshore at the time of grant. "The offshore RSMS (subclass 119) visa is for applicants who are outside Australia. Note: Applicants who do not hold a qualifying visa can apply for the offshore RSMS visa (subclass 119) and lodge their application in Australia. However, applicants must be outside Australia at the time of visa grant." That of course does mean a little trip to NZ of Fiji for all your family!!!! HTH. Paul.
  16. cribber

    Real Cost of Living in Adelaide

    I agree with Tyke, it's all a bit of give and take. I still find grocery shopping in the main supermarkets expensive and prices vary dramatically dependent on what's in season. We pay about $1200 for rates per annum, whereas in the UK we were paying 1000 pounds on council tax. Fuel is very much cheaper, furniture, houshold goods and second hand cars are more expensive just as an indication. And for those that embrace the outdoor life, generally that's inexpensive or free. Utilities are fractionally cheaper, insurance is similar. If you budget for the same as the UK then you should save a bit once you've initially haemorraged cash setting up again.
  17. Mama's & Papa's Gina Baby Change/Dresser Very good condition. Height - 102cm Width - 88cm Depth - 53cm Price - $80 Bruin Cotbed Good condition, mattress available if required. Photo shows assembled as a bed. Base adjustable in 3 positions. Length - 144cm Width - 77cm Bed height - 60cm Cot height - 93cm Price - $60 Please PM for further detail.
  18. And to add another dimension you'd better check with your insurance company that it doesn't affect your current policy.
  19. cribber

    got word today!!!

    We did 457 to RSMS. Which route are you going? Paul.
  20. Hi Jac, My employer lodged the nomination and due to a number of administrative cock ups on their part the nomination approval took 3 months. It has to go through the State Office for Certification before the Federal Office give the approval. You may find it's quicker in your case. Personally we used the time to process the nomination to get together all the additional information we required and fill in the forms. Our Police checks were still valid from the 457. You will still need to fill in all the required forms even though you probably did them for your 496. Offically you can lodge the visa application at the same time you lodge the nomination but i would worry about the DIMA's ability to match them up and the meds too. We had our meds the same day we submitted the visa application. Even without a TRN the meds and application met up in without a hitch. The visa grant email arrived exactly one week later Paul.
  21. Our paper application made in Adelaide took a week to process and grant the 857 visa! Fingers crossed yours don't take too long. Paul.
  22. We went through the process 12 months ago, changing from a 457 visa and paid the full fee of $2150 plus meds. Some close friends of ours transitioned from a 495 to an 857, paid the full fee and then had about 90% refunded. I guess it's all to do with the similarity in the paperwork between the 2 visas. Chances are if your police clearances for the UK are still valid (not older than 12months) you'll be able to reuse them. We did not need to submit Australian Police clearances as we had been here less than 12months at the time. Hope that helps. Paul.
  23. cribber

    Air con help!

    Hi Colin, If the unit is still switched on it's likely to be one of two things, either the float valve is sticky and the unit is overflowing, or you have a proplem with the dump valve (stuck partially open or leaking past the piston). If the unit is switched off chances are the water valve is stuck open. I'm not an A/C engineer but had to fix my own during the heatwave and learned pretty much all the in's and out's of an Evap system. Hope that helps. Paul.
  24. cribber

    Ideas for a Girlie night wanted!

    My wife does candle parties, selling Partylite products is you're interested. Paul.
  25. cribber


    Hi Claire, Just out of interest does your husband have any aviation experience? Cheers, Paul.

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