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  1. Noworries

    Breaking Lease

    Is rental still avail and how mmuch per week thanks
  2. Noworries

    Baby, Child & Family Photographer

    Just wanted to say were having our photos done today. Thanks michelle for being very patient with us. The girls are very exited.
  3. Noworries

    AHPRA registration !!!

    Ive just qualified as a nurse here, and my registration has gone of to the AHPRA - its now three weeks since i applied and still havnt heard anything :-(
  4. Noworries

    Girls clothes aged 5-6

  5. Noworries

    Girls clothes aged 5-6

    I have a huge pile of girls clothes age around 5-6 that are in good condition. Next, george some pumpkin patch clothes in those things. Couple pairs of shoes too size 13 in there too. If anyone wants them they can have them for $40. PM if interested. I wouldnt sell them if they were not in good condition to wear.
  6. Noworries

    Renew passports

    See the following link:- UK in Australia - the British High Commission in Canberra This will give you all the information you want. You need to make an appointment at the Post Office to have your passport renewal done - the only ones I know are Oaklands Park, at Marion SHopping Centre in the South, there are a couple up north, Modbury and one other I think also Adelaide GPO. But the above site gives you links and information.
  7. Noworries

    Air Conditioning experts

    Hello all was hoping someone could help. We have a air conditoning system, and now that the hot weather is here we have come to turn on the button and we can hear the system "purring" but it doesnt fire up (hope that makes sense). Hubby has had a look at unit on the roof, the water is circulating but the fan doesnt appear to be working. If some one can help greatly appreciated.
  8. Noworries

    Cheap Run About

    :)Hi ive sent you a PM, is this car still for sale.
  9. Noworries


    Now I wont bore everyone on this subject, but basically the filters from puratap filter water at 0.45 micron which is the smallest you can get and filters out pretty much everything. The smallest filters that you can get from bunnings is 0.5 micron and this makes a big difference in the amount of chemicals that can then get through the filters. The filter changes for Pura tap are $69 per year and a free service with it as well. Its a relatively small price to pay for filtered water. Works out at $1.28 (or something like that) a week - cheaper than buying bottled water. Oh and no it doesnt come out chilled. Good value though i think
  10. Noworries

    want to re train as a midwife

    Hiya Zoe, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but on the temp visa, your considered to be an international student (no way around it, believe you me), and the fees are around $20000 per year for three year course. Its very very expensive in my opinion. Once you have your PR, then the fees are around $4500 per year.
  11. Noworries


    Hi there does anyone know of any good and reasonably priced gardeners. Were very new to gardening and in need of a garden tidy up and maybe some tips. Thanks in advance.
  12. Noworries


    Thank you for all your replies. Yeah good idea to mention where we are. Were at Seaford so any recommendations please.
  13. Noworries


    Surely someone knows a gardener. Please:goofy:
  14. Noworries

    One year in..........

    Fantastic post guys, you are all a fantastic inspiration. Hope the next twelve months is as eventful as the last 12. Congrats.
  15. Our lovely three bed, two bath rental will becoming available in the next few weeks. Its three bed, with ensuite and family bathroom. Extensive gardens, overlooking the vineyards. Couldnt ask for a better view!!! Great location in walking distance to the local high street, and great schools, public and private. If anyone interested please pm me for more info.
  16. Noworries

    Rental becoming available in McLaren Vale

    If anyone interested in this rental the details are on realesate. Will try post the link shortly.
  17. Noworries

    Horse riding

    $460 per hour, phew thats a lot.

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