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  1. What are the major differencies or benefits in the Contributory Visa (143) and the Aged Parent (1030(20-30 year visa).

  2. Molione

    143 Contributory Parent Visa

    Do we have any update as to the timeline for the 143 visas?
  3. This is a question I must address as to whether I move to Australia or stay in Wales. Look forward to any information.
  4. Molione

    Where to live?

    I'm here on holiday with my family with the intention of moving permanently, I've put in for permanent visa just waiting. Now where to live is the question. I won't have a big budget but would prefer to buy in or near Hallett Cove. Any ideas from anyone? Where are you living and why and do you like it?
  5. Molione

    Shipping stuff

    I am hoping to move next year and will need to bring suit of armour and weapons, anyone know of any problems with that?
  6. Molione

    143 Contributory Parent Visa

    Thank you Allan. I have already had my application in for 12 months so I'm hoping the 36 months applies to those entered after me, and as I have already applied I cannot change it to a different application can I?
  7. The border.co.au website has 34 months for clearing this visa. Does anyone know if this is the norm? I thought the norm was 18 to 24 months and my application has been in for 12, i hope i don't have to wait another 24 months. Does anyone have any advice after going through this process, please?
  8. Molione

    143 contributory parent visa

    Is there any way to check on where an individual application is in the system?
  9. Molione

    143 contributory parent visa

    I have just checked on the border website on the length of time for the processing of the contributory parent visa and they say 34 months, i understood the processing time was to be 18 to 24 months! Does anyone have any news on this? Please,please,please.
  10. Molione

    143 contributory parent visa

    Swansea Jack - How are things going with parents move? I am still waiting!
  11. Molione

    143 contributory parent visa

    Thanks for reply. I would need to be sure of acceptance before I would sell my house - if I have to stay here I want this house! If they ask for Medical checks and police checks is that the time to put the house on the market? Or would it still be a risk? I know the checks would be clear - no great medial problems and security checks are clear -I've been a good girl!
  12. Molione

    143 contributory parent visa

    I am currently going through this. I have sent in the first set of forms and now am just waiting! I'm told it will be 18 to 24 months. I've asked for any comments from others who may have already gone through this. My biggest worry is how to pay the 30000 aud before I sell the house!!
  13. Molione

    Form 143

    Hi. I've just submitted my Form 143 (Contributory Parent Visa) Any information, thoughts, ideas from those who've gone before me?

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