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  1. Advice wanted please.....I have a couple of UK ISA's (one a Cash ISA and one a Stocks and Shares ISA) set up 10 years before I moved to Australia, and I haven't contributed to them since moving here 8 years ago. When the time comes to cash them in/withdraw the funds, do I have to pay Australia income tax on the whole growth over the life of the ISA or just the growth since I moved to Australia - as the funds were set up as tax free whilst I was in the UK? Not sure what's the best thing to do with them?
  2. hoopster

    Removal Boxes Wanted

    Not sure if you managed to get rid of them but we'd love them if they are still available ? cheers colin
  3. Looking for a decent condition,boys bike, age 9 to 12 years if possible.
  4. hoopster

    Freezer wanted

    Hi Donna We have one that we have been thinking about getting rid of for some time. It's quite old but is in good condition and is in good working order - we just don't use it very much so it sits there half empty most of the time! We live in Willunga so you'd need to collect it from here. Let me know if you are interested and I'll go and take a photo and upload it for you. Cheers Colin
  5. hoopster

    Willunga 4/5 bedroom house to rent - 8 Nov 10

    Oh yes! Number one priority of course !! See you soon hopefully!
  6. We're breaking our lease on this great rental house as we've just bought a place. 4 or 5 bedrooms (we use the formal lounge as a bedroom) huge kitchen/ family room, 2 bathrooms, very large covered outdoor area and lovely garden. 10 min walk from centre of Willunga village, farmers market, oval and school. $380 per week. Please PM us if you would like to see photos or more details. Thanks Colin and Helen Bowles
  7. Sounds good to me. Say 8pm on Monday?
  8. Good shout, I (now 40 yrs old and feeling very unfit!) could do with some sort of knock about before we assault the Noarlunga League and take it by storm! Be good to meet the rest of the team as well. Anyone else up for a kick about one evening or maybe weekend? We had a good kick about one afternoon not so long ago in Belair National Park, big oval, BBQs and picnic areas etc, blokes can play footie, kids/wives/supporters can play in the park etc. Or maybe we can stick to what we are good at and just go for a few beers - to talk tactics of course! Colin (QPR - sorry Ben!)
  9. I'm up for it but the season is drawing to a close and I think leagues finishes now at Noarlunga........? Anyhow, count me in, either now or next season!
  10. hoopster

    Real English Pub?

    That sounds good - another one to check out, thanks! I like this thread! I was wondering what to do at the weekend when the weather is not forecast to be so good, seems the answer is right here!!
  11. hoopster

    Real English Pub?

    definitely the Bush Inn in Willunga, great pub, nice people (staff and customers), good live music, cosy fire if its cold, good food, pool table etc etc. Probably best pub I have been in since I got here 9 months ago.......
  12. hoopster

    Mega fish,personal best!

    Nice one Mr Tyke! Brings back memories of the one that got away when we went Snapper hunting!! Great photos!
  13. So by my reckoning thats the following: HG Alex Colin Ben Jim Anyone else? We need another 2 or three to make it work I reckon...........
  14. I would also def be up for a game. Let me know if there is any game this week. I would also be able to commit regularly, bit unfit but willing!!

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