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  1. Hi Gill, Don't let it bother you. Your going back, do the stuff you want to. Shopping, I'd defo take my kids to alton towers, chessington, lego land, oh and our fav harry potter. You got 2 weeks, do everything that you want to. Enjoy it and make the most of it, its not just a close trip in the car!!!
  2. It's all about what you want in life. We worked very long hours in the UK. Had both children in childcare full time. I never saw my kids!!! I'd get home from work then the old routine.... bath, dinner, story and bed.. And then repeat the flipping thing day after day. I never had time to spend with the children or my hubbie. It was down right hard. Yes Adelaide is much slower, but that's exactly what we were looking for. I spend so much time with the children now, were in the garden, in the park, have time for church. Have friends round for dinner. Simple things like this was near impossible for us in London. I learnt that in the UK, we lead a very stay at home and watch tv lifestyle, here its so much more then that. Yes we miss family, but its what we get here that counts. I can drop and pick up my kids from school, seeing their faces everyday as I roll up to drop off zone is priceless, this I would never ever have been able to do in the UK. Get the entertainment book, it's packed with discounts and heaps of stuff to do. If you want zoo's we have them, if you want museum's we have them, if you want a theme park go to the gold coast. My son thinks its super cool when we have possums in the tree, and skinks in the back yard. When its hot we head to the beach. There are even free paddling pools at some parks. We go to mount lofty, morialta falls, and waterfall gully, all a stones throw from us. This weekend we took a short drive to summertown and uraidla. When we first got here we made a point of going to all the different parks. Hazelwood park has a flying fox, Kensington park has as my son would call it spiderman park, Bonython park has a huge hamster rolling thing that the kids love, tusmore park has a free padding pool, oh the list is endless. not to mention you can have a bbq in the park!!!
  3. Prema

    Hello...Advice Please

    Hi Lucy and Scott, Great to see you on this forum. It's a great place for support and advice. Times are getting harder here and over the last 4 years I have seen many changes... But if you are prepared to get out of your comfort zone and work hard, you can make it work. Take one step at a time. First sort out the TRA assessment, and go from there. Here working for yourself, take time and the golden word of mouth, pretty much every business is run this way. We came out here as managers (retail and admin), but there is not much work in that field. You do tend to move along as well, and not by your choice. We now totally work for ourselves, and its hard work but we get by. Moving here was the best decision that we made. It's a great place to raise children. I wouldn't look back not ever. Prema
  4. Prema

    Good markets!

    Just wondered if you had been to Brickworks market, on South Rd. There open Thurs - Sun, times 9-5.
  5. Hi, could you let me know if the drawers are still for sale, I pm'd you yesterday. If so I could come and collect today, sat, or sunday. Let me know Prema xx (0435901720)
  6. Prema

    Internet Connection

    We got the whole package with telstra, foxtel, landline, mobiles, internet with bigpond, all in 2 weeks. Everything was up and running within the first week of moving into the rental. It doesn't sound right to have to wait so long. Check again, or shop around.
  7. Prema

    Port Willunga

    Hi All, Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Second warm Christmas for us and loving it!!! Were off to Port Willunga for 1 week, can anyone recommend any good things to do and not to miss. We have the 2 kids with us so something that they can enjoy as well. Thanks Prema x
  8. Prema


    Tarek, You will be very happy here I'm sure. There are plenty of ethic places to eat and buy food, especially of you want halal. I don't eat beef or pork for religious reasons and it is what it is. Everyone accepts that. My place of work is so mixed there are Brazilians, Italians, Vietnamese, me of course and my good Egyptian friend. He does not drink alcohol, and we have no issues, to be fair, people are mostly interested in the difference and what they can learn. Different foods... etc I see plenty of ladies with head scarves, Aussies tend to have issues with the whole burka thing and when you see people preaching that their religion is better then all others. Be respectful to everyones believes and you will be fine. It was divarli for me a few weeks back and I made Indian sweets and took them into work. Everyone came over to ask about the story behind the celebration and tucked into my cakes with coffee. Seriously you will be fine, you may come across someone who doesn't feel the same, but it is what it is, you move on, no different from the UK.
  9. Hi Yvonne, Burnside is a great school, sometimes even now I still get amazed that the teaching levels are so high, and it's a public school. My kids first went to a private school and I was not happy they were very behind, not settling and I put this down to us arriving in another country and it was to be expected. I didn't know the area so well and whilst walking I stumbled across Burnside school. I walked in and met the principal. I didn't even have an appointment he sat with me twice for over an hour and we talked and talked. I felt bad to move the kids again, but with the principles help I found out the children were in a year above what they should have been and hence the struggle. I moved them after 2 weeks and the school prepared for them to arrive. The kids had a morning to be introduced to their classes and school so that they would not feel intimidated. It's a very caring school that gets results. Every child has some form of one on one if they need extra coaching. When you talk about specialties, the school covers every aspect so everything is covered very well. I wouldn't say that there is something that would excel above all others. Their currently building a new double floor building, and it will be the same as the rest of the school very high tech. They just had a new gym built and there are aways improvements happening. They offer before and after school care as well as vacation care, Which is a bonus for me. All in all they take pride in the school and I love that. One other thing the library is just fab!! very modern computers every where, great books. They spend a lot of money on new books I know as I help to cover them when they come in. Even parents can borrow books. The school is zoned, check out the website and you can see the area, class sizes are approx 26 to a class. Dominant nationalities, first I would say Aussie, but there is a very good mix of Italians, Asians, Indians. You'll find that the kids are always kept busy with lots of projects that they choose to bring home, they are so passionate about the work and are always hungry for more, I have to tell my two to slow down and take a break. If I can help further let me know. Prema xx
  10. Both my kids go to Burnside Primary School, not far from Marryatville. It's a fantastic school and both of my children have excelled there. They run a buddy system where little ones, buddy with the older children, and it works so well. Nothing bad at all to say about the schools, teachers go out their way to see and speak to you. I have my son's teachers mobile no and can call her if I need to. I have this understanding with her as I work 4 days out of the week, so don't get much time to speak in school. Let me know if I can help further Prema
  11. Prema


    Hi Tarek, Really I don't feel that racism is an issue here. We have been here for 18 months and I worried about the very same things. OH is Turkish Cypriot and I am Mauritian (both of us born in the UK), of course the kids are mixed race. I was scared that the kids would have problems at school, but nothing of the sort. Everyone seems more interested in my English accent, and they love to hear me talk. I went to the Christmas pageant in the city (big thing here) and there was a group of us from school, they were handing out sweets, and I said quiet loudly oh I'd love a sweetie please, everyone turned around and said I was a true pommy though and though, as they call sweets lollies here, I laughed and said it's in me blood nothing that I can do about it. Just go with the flow and you'll be fine. I feel so at ease here that I kinda forget about the colour of my skin. It's very mixed here, lots of Italians, asians, indian's, aussies etc etc... Wish you all the best if you need any help, just ask away Prema x
  12. Prema

    PSS or Pickfords?

    We used Pickfords, and they were the best in everyway. We had a 40ft container. Goods got here all in one piece. No breakages at all.
  13. Hey all, We have decided to get out and have our first excursion to Melbourne. Were going to visit the King Tut exhibition and as it's leaving early Dec, we need to go in this school break. Since the airfares are stupidly expensive, were going to drive. I'll finish work at 3 on Fri then we'll head down, then come back on Mon. I'll take the shortest route which is inland on dukes highway, thank god for the sat nav!! and we should reach there 11-12pm, in one piece fingers crossed xx Just wondering, as were going interstate, do we need to change anything on the car, like the lights like you do, when you drive from UK to France. Do we need to take our passports and visa's? Will there be 24 hr petrol stations so that I can fill up on the way. We have a 2.2 litre holden zafira, and I'll fill up before we leave, how long will it last before I need to fill up again and is it 110km per hour all the way?? I'm so excited, and I can't wait, hubbie says I'm bonkers but it has to be done!! Has anyone else done this drive and could you share your experiences with me? Thanks Prema x
  14. Wish you all the luck in the world. Your doing the best move ever and just in time for spring/summer!!
  15. Prema

    Help 457 visa medicals!!

    We came on a 457 visa and it was only my daughter that was asked to do a medical. I was really shocked, but found out that it was due to her not starting school yet.

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