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  1. adelaideseo

    So I know this has been asked before.....

    $400 per week is a good budget for rent. You should be able to get a nice place in or close to the city for that.
  2. adelaideseo

    Nurse out there

    Nursing is a great profession to be in all over Australia, a lot of opportunity, work and ever-green!
  3. adelaideseo

    Internet - why is it so hard!

    I believe that most rental agreements include a clause that those sort of connection fees are to be paid by the landlord.
  4. adelaideseo

    Moving to other state

    You can move right away if you have fulfilled the 2 yr period
  5. adelaideseo

    State sponsorship waiting time

    I have a friend who did this and had to wait about 3 months
  6. adelaideseo

    More Tourism News

    wow that's a lot!
  7. adelaideseo

    Christmas day set to be a hot one

    A 14 degree jump in 4 days!
  8. adelaideseo

    Doubt on 887 Visa

    You have to find out which visa is active right now, the bridging visa or the Family visa. Because they might have canceled the 489 while your 887 is being processed. If that is the case, then you cannot travel unless you apply for Bridging Visa B which allows travel, but you have to do this before you fly out.
  9. adelaideseo

    Case officer

    It depends on the queue as well, it can take longer to be assigned a case manager depending on their workload.
  10. Took 4 months for a friend of mine
  11. adelaideseo

    Amazon coming to Australia!

    I think it is launching in Sept 2017. I have friends who have been doing E-commerce and also Amazon for US, they're super excited about Amazon coming to Australia $$$
  12. adelaideseo

    143 contributory parent visa

    I have my parents on vistors visa renewing every 12 months, wish there was a longer option. I'm looking at the contributory parent visa for next year but the costs are quite high!
  13. adelaideseo

    Visa sub 190 - can't seem to find jobs in SA

    A bit of a gray area as to whether it will affect your citizenship application. I would definitely consult a professional before making any decisions.
  14. adelaideseo

    Help with Ahpra and ANMAC

    I have a cousin moving from the US who was able to get the AHPRA reg and the ANMAC cert from overseas. I believe the only condition on the visa was that he has to enter by a certain date.
  15. adelaideseo

    Phone Home

    Skype is great but I also have 300 minutes of international calls on my plan with Vodafone which only costs $40 per month (SIM only), so I dont even need to use Skype for shorter calls.

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